Your Gun Safe Doesn’t Hold Enough Guns? Gun Storage Solutions has the Fix

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Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers
Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers
Gun Storage Solutions
Gun Storage Solutions

COOKSVILLE, IL –-( Your gun safe is broken! The stats said it would hold x amount of guns, but it doesn’t hold that many – not even close.

“I should have bought a bigger safe.” This is the #1 complaint of gun safe owners today.

Complain no more. With products like Rifle Rods and Handgun Hangers, space and versatility are no longer an issue. More guns will fit in your safe and accessibility is improved immensely – even from the back!

Rifle Rods replace the traditional notched racking system provided by safe manufacturers.

Installation is a breeze!

Rifle Rods
Rifle Rods

Apply Rifle Rod shelf liner underneath the surface above the guns, slide a Rifle Rod down the bore of your gun and attach the Velcro head to the shelf liner above. Rifle Rods stabilize each individual gun in the upright position rather than leaning it and wasting valuable space. Tactical rifles, shotguns and double barrels work perfectly with the Rifle Rod storage system. The product is versatile and works in any gun safe, closet or cabinet.

Handgun Hangers organize the shelves in your safe to store guns more efficiently. There are multiple styles of the product for storing guns underneath or above the shelf. Slide Handgun Hangers on any standard shelf – no assembly required.

Each gun is easy to access and extra space is opened up for, that’s right, more guns!

Our latest product, Multi-Mag: Magazine and Gun Mounting Magnet , can store semi-automatics and magazines under a shelf, securely lean rifles against the side of a gun safe or fold over and snap together to hold accessories along a metal surface. The Multi-Mags’ soft-grip rubber coating offers more variety and benefits than competing hard shell magnets.

Quickly staple it to wood or snap it to a metal surface. The two tethered magnets can be kept as one unit for uses like storing a semi-automatic under a shelf, or cut in half to separate into two magnets, which are perfect for two magazines.

If you have a bit of a gun accumulation problem, be sure all of your guns will all fit into your secured space with products from Gun Storage Solutions.

You can check them out at or call 855-647-8673

Multi-Mag: Magazine and Gun Mounting Magnet
Multi-Mag: Magazine and Gun Mounting Magnet
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Chill boys, it’s all good! You can never have too many guns, suppressors, ammo, sights, and all of the other toys.


Lighten up TEX, it was OBVIOUSLY a joke.


I’ve had to get larger safes twice. Now I have three safes and plenty of space for all my firearms.


obviously Tex if you have space in your safe you have an insufficient volume of firearms.


Obviously ! How you came to that conclusion only you know. Re-read the post.