2015 NASP World Tournament to be Held at Nashville’s Music City Center

2015 NASP World Tournament
2015 NASP World Tournament
National Archery in the Schools Program
National Archery in the Schools Program

Nashville, TN -(AmmoLand.com)- Nashville, Tennessee, a.ka. Music City USA, home of The Country Music Hall of Fame and The Grand Ole Opry, will be pushing aside it’s cowboy boots and multi-gallon hats to make room for the 2015 NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) World Tournament.

An estimated 5,140 kids who topped the leaderboards at nationals, from five countries, including the USA, Canada, United Kingdom (UK), South Africa, and Namibia, are signed up to attend. Another 1,159 of these students are registered to shoot in the NASP/IBO 3D Indoor World Challenge. In the World NASP tournament, 190 archers will be shooting during each hour-long flight. In 2014, the world tournament entertained 2,425 students from 198 United States’ schools. This year’s student archers hail from 295 schools around the world. The youngsters will break NASP’s world tournament record by more than 2,000 young archers, a 77% increase!

The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) is the hosting agency providing the majority of volunteers for this event including an estimated forty plus lane officials. Like usual for NASP, Morrell Targets will be providing the archery targets. For archers needing to borrow arrows, Easton Technical Products will be providing those approved by NASP. Academy Sports and Outdoors is sponsoring the awards ceremony. Finally, souvenir t-shirts will be provided by Electronic Awards Promos. Other important NASP partners who help make this world event happen include; Mathews Archery, Easton Foundations, National Wild Turkey Federation, Gordon Composites, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and Rinehart Targets.

Events for the world tournament are set to begin on Wednesday evening, July 22 at 6pm lasting through 7pm, July 25. Following the world tournament, 16-student teams from five counties will stay over for 3 days of double elimination match play. The United States all-star team has one each of the past two years’ all-star championship. Other countries are coming on strong though and expect to give the USA Team top-flight competition. The All Star Championship will begin the following day, July 26 at 9AM and conclude Wednesday, July 28 with the awards ceremony. The all-star event will also take place at the beautiful Music City Center.

NASP is a program credited for bringing kids together, building confidence and friendships, all the while, allowing them to excel at a sport they love. In roughly two weeks, kids from different cultures and homelands, will be coming together for with a common goal; to shoot archery.

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