Active Duty Quietly Carrying On and Off Base

By John Farnam

Military Concealed Carry
Active Duty Quietly Carrying On and Off Base
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( Things are looking up!

Friends on active duty told me this morning that certain officers and S/NCOs are now quietly carrying concealed on base, and off.

No one is admitting it, of course, but some courageous commanders, at great personal risk, have taken it upon themselves to authorize the practice, albeit unofficially.

Real warriors, of which there are still many, don't like being sitting ducks in a shooting war, even when it is obvious that their CIC, and his gaggle of groveling yes-men, contemptuously consider them all cannon-fodder!

“Spartans never ask how many the enemy be, only where they are!”

That’s the Spirit!


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  • 8 thoughts on “Active Duty Quietly Carrying On and Off Base

    1. During my time in the Navy while stationed in Virginia I keep a pistol in my barracks room and I also Concealed Carry On and Off Base and that was during the 2003-2009 time frame when reports of Al Qaeda members were targeting military bases while using the cover of food delivery drivers as their cover. The majority of Officers do not like enlisted personnel to have firearms when back in CONUS because they do not believe that they have earned the right to do so.

      E5 USN

    2. Unbelievable they spend months with their brothers in arms protecting them and their self with weapons. They are probably more proficient and know firearm safety than a lot of Law Enforcement Officers. Yet LEO’s pack loaded firearms on and off duty. The biggest percentage of the military will go into the Law Enforcement positions after they served their duty to our country.
      Come on politicians get your cranium out of your rectum.
      Loaded weapons to all personal for on duty.NOW QUIT PLAYING POLITICS WITH THESE YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN.

    3. Interesting. Seems to be part of the developing “I will not comply!” movement that should – eventually – make an impression on those we elect to govern us.

      The really important aspect is that: As soldiers CC in defiance of DoD policy yet with the tacit encouragement of their immediate officers, the practice becomes an OPEN SECRET. Everyone in the service knows about it; everyone in the general public knows about it. Now, what will the DoD do?

      DoD can order base commanders to do spot checks. Yet, there is nothing to stop the base commanders from letting it leak that spot-check-day is on Tuesday. That day, everyone leaves his heater in its designated hiding place. Spot-checks come out clean. Wednesday is “Carry on” day; and so forth.

      A suggestion: Servicemen carrying ought to acquire a concealable gun in a private sale that can’t be traced to them. Accordingly, in the rare occasion that the SHTF, once the shooting stops the gun is found at the scene of the shoot-out and can’t be traced to any particular soldier. The survivors will likely be in such a state of shock that they will have difficulty recalling details of the event; unimportant things like who shot back. Naturally, care must be taken to ensure that the threat is completely neutralized.

    4. The Marxist and Coward should lead by example and disarm his Secret Service Protection Detail!

    5. Many years ago, it was discovered that a PPK of P230 in an IWB holster was completely un-noticable under cammies. ‘Just sayin.

    6. If our military service members have to take it upon themselves to protect their lives and other service members, great ! There is no power on this earth that can deny anyone the God given right to self defense,esp in times we live in. Our military,our LE,and civilians have become targets during the Obama regime. The liberals and Obama are trying their best to make the entire country a ‘gun free zone’ ! Just what the Islamic Muslim terrorists want with Obamas blessing. When Obama found out all the military victims were white in Chattanooga,just a shoulder shrug and who cares .But did you notice his reaction to that white punk that murdered the 9 blacks in that SC church ? Now tell me who the racist is ? Murder is the worst of the worst crime. With Obama race is everything as far as the shooters race and race of the victims.

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