Another Oregon Sheriff Says No. To Enforcing Universal Background Checks

I Will Not Comply
I Will Not Comply
Oregon Firearms Federation
Oregon Firearms Federation

Oregon  – -( The latest numbers are in from the State Police, and they once again prove what a massive fraud the background check system is and how much worse things will get when SB 941’s firearms transfer provisions kick in in early August.

While 129 transactions were denied in June (including 95 “felons”, 13 people actively “wanted”and 5 adjudicated mentally ill) the number of arrests was a bit smaller.

Of those 13 people actually “wanted” at the time of their denial exactly 1 was arrested. Of the 5 mentally ill people and 95 felons, the number of arrests was a whopping … zero.

So once again, we see the sham that the anti-gunners numbers are.  Virtually no one is prevented from getting a firearm because of background checks. They are just diverted from that gun at that time and place. But soon this ridiculous system is going to be used against you for transfers that now don’t require the failed intervention of the Oregon State Police.  Keep in mind, the OSP still has a policy of taking a trooper off patrol for every firearm’s transfer denial. What a tragic waste of scarce resources.

Maybe because this system is proving itself each day to be a joke (the shooter in the Charleston murders passed a background check) more and more sheriffs are making it clear they will not enforce the new registration, universal background check bill.

Last Saturday at a firearms event sponsored by the Josephine County Republicans with Rich Wyatt, the new sheriff of the county stated unequivocally that neither he nor his deputies would enforce SB 941. Sheriff Dave Daniel called SB 941 a “waste of time” and a “travesty.”

We will keep working to expose the fraud that SB 941 is. The fight is not over.

About Oregon Firearms Federation:
The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon’s only no compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit:

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YEP… not one real reason for this STUPID Anti-Gun law except outside influence for the the far LEFT…. BLOOMBERG ! ,………….. the folks in Salem seem to live in a sort of smokey atmosphere, out of sight of most Oregonians …… guess what ……. I WILL NOT COMPLY ! …. EVER !
If someone would print up those Snake on the yellow flag with “I will not comply ” on it I’d plaster one Center on my back windshield of my big Gas hog S.U.V.


Sadly, from what I heard from a friend, the recall of Chuck Riley has failed. He is a Bloomberg bribe taking politician who sold out the the people we was supposed to represent when he voted for this bill. But it didn’t fail because of supporters for Riley, but because of apathy. A lot of people just didn’t care. This is what our problem is, as a society. People just do not care anymore. What Lincoln said is becoming true, our destruction will come from the inside. Until the people recognize and vote out corrupt politicians, this will be ongoing.


This is not about crime prevention, it’s about criminalizing gun ownership.


There is one hell of a lot of trash that needs to be in jail,that’s a given ! I’m not talking about these people in Oregon trying to purchase a firearm to protect themselves and their families either. Whoever the liberal,gun-grabbing trash is that drafted SB941 is who I’m talking about ! Whenever LE observes this scum operating a motor vehicle on public roads,blue light their ass, have a little Q&A,hook ’em up,and let ’em take the ride ! When they start their rant just politely say “it just don’t seem fair or legal does it” ? You will get… Read more »