Benjamin Pro Staffer Wins Second Airgun Hunter of the Year Award

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Bloomfield, NY -( Les “Bear” Chase was recognized as the 2015 Airgun Hunter of the Year by Trophy Game Records of the World at their annual banquet on July 25 in San Antonio.

Chase previously won the award in 2014, the first year compressed air-powered guns were recognized by the Texas-based organization. Among the species that qualified for the award was a massive 421 pound Russian boar taken with the Benjamin Bulldog .357 air rifle. Chase used the rifle to complete the Texas Sheep Slam and secure the 2015 title.

“The Benjamin Bulldog is an exceptionally capable air rifle and the variety of animals that Les has taken with it demonstrates its versatility,” said Chip Hunnicutt, Marketing Manager for Crosman. “The combination of the Bulldog and the 145 grain ammunition by Nosler make this a legitimate big game tool for hunters and land managers.”

Les "Bear" Chase
Les “Bear” Chase

The first half of the TGR season saw Chase having success in Texas with the Benjamin Rogue .357 where he took a Black Hawaiian, Mouflon and Corsican Ram. He wrapped up the Slam using the Bulldog to take a Jacobs Ram and a Texas Dall at the Texas Hunt Lodge in Rancho Viejo.

The 37th annual TGR banquet and presentation took place at the Omni Hotel-Colonnade in San Antonio and Chase, who lives in New Hampshire, took advantage of the opportunity to hunt fallow deer with the Bulldog. Guided by Mark Hoeppner of Texas Hunt Lodge, he put a single Nosler 145-grain round into a beautiful velvet buck at 55 yards in heavy cover. The buck is now the pending TGR World Record for fallow deer and will count towards the 2016 award.

“States that have legalized airguns for big game are reaping the benefits of additional revenue from hunting licenses and hunters are loving the challenge that comes with pursuing trophy game with a Benjamin,” added Hunnicutt. “We congratulate Les on this accomplishment and thank Trophy Game Records of the World for recognizing airguns with its own category.”

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