Brady Campaign Wants Gun Dealers To Have Insurance for Bad Acts of Customers

By Tred Law

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Brady Campaign Wants Gun Dealers To Have Insurance for Bad Acts of Customers
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AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has been pushing gun shops to agree to a oppressive list of demands, that they are calling the “Gun Dealer Code Of Conduct” ( ) .

Among the many over reaching and so called “Common Sense” demands on small mom and pop gun shops, is this gem.

6. Maintain insurance for victims who are entitled to compensation.

Most businesses maintain adequate insurance to potentially compensate victims of wrongful conduct who are entitled to compensation. Victims of gun violence whose injury or loss was caused by the irresponsible practices of a gun dealer deserve to be compensated for their injuries. A responsible gun dealer should not keep profits that resulted from its failure to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Gun dealers should therefore secure liability insurance that will insure the dealer against liability for damage to property and for injury to, or death of, any person as a result of the sale, lease or transfer of a firearm or ammunition.

First off, and as expected, the whole tone and premise of this document is that gun shops are irresponsible and money grubbing leaches that apparently sell guns to psycho killers and criminals every chance they get, innocent victims be dammed.

The whole idea that Gun Retailers should pay for extra insurance for the random bad acts of customers is a joke, but for any liberals that may stumble onto this article, let me throw out a few examples to illustrate why.

Brady Campaign for the Prevention of Gun Violence
Brady Campaign for the Prevention of Gun Violence

Applying this same train of thought, should we require car dealerships to carry extra liability insurance for accidents their customers cause with cars they purchase from the dealer? Customers who, by the way, do NOT go through extensive background checks and waiting periods before they take possession of, in many cases, scary black high-power cars.

What about so called “Gun Safety Organizations” shouldn't they have additional liability insurance if someone is killed or injured in one of their much touted “Gun Free” zones. They are clearly at fault for disarming the victim and enabling the shooter with a self defense free space.

Gun Safety Organizations should therefore secure liability insurance that will insure the group against liability for damage to property and for injury to, or death of, any person as a result of the gun free zone. It would be an irresponsible practice not too.

Using Brady Campaign logic this make perfect sense to me. What do you think?

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    1. Riddle me this! Will the Brady Campaign carry sufficient liability insurance for all victims Within this country if the laws they are asking for were to be passed? Are they paying for all the victims in Chicago, and throughout California? We all know the answer. The Brady campaign could not care less for victims from any state, or situation. This is all about the liberal agenda, and power grab. This is just so ignorant of any liberal supporting this crap. Are they really stupid enough to think that all criminals, and gang members, will turn in their guns. They expect that crime will just stop all when guns are deemed illegal to own. To all the liberal supports of gun confiscation, good luck with keeping your family safe.

    2. The best response her, as has been well stated, is to require the pro-crime, anti-self defense, anti-human rights nuts (that would be the “gun-control” nitwits) to play by their own rules and put their own skin-in-the-game so to speak. Members of the anti-gun crowd should be personally responsible for injuries or deaths resulting from their work to prevent normal people from exercising the right to effective self defense. These clowns and our elected “representatives” demonstrating similar behavior should be collectively and individually liable. Remove the ability for people to avoid responsibility for their own actions and watch their attitudes change quickly.

    3. How does the Brady Campaign ignore the 800lb gorilla in the room? That gorilla’s name is Mental Health. A gun didn’t jump up and shoot James Brady and Ronald Reagan that day. It was John Hinckley, Jr., a mentally ill psycho, who did that by misusing the gun. Their push should be for stricter mental health laws, not stricter gun laws. The irony that Ronald Reagan was the one who relaxed those laws isn’t lost on me either. But it must take a massive amount of denial and self-delusion to arrive at the conclusion that controlling guns, and not the mentally ill, is the solution. It also goes on to not recognize that the mentally ill use knives, baseball bats, cars, and myriads of other objects when they run amok too. These people at the Brady Campaign wallow in ignorance.

    4. The Brady Bunch are extreme left wing pacifist and cowards. Their antics are almost whimsical when judged by us gun owners. I am opposed to most of their beliefs, but then I have not been shot in the head by a crazy person. This is a good point in time to accept that we are also extremist in our beliefs in regards to gun ownership. Most people in the US lie somewhere between the Brady Bunch and the Gun Nuts. It is our job to propose reasonable positions that middle of the roaders can live with. Lest the other side wins. “Moderation in all things”.

    5. Hey brady boneheads, it’s called the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. Been around for a decade. Look it up.

    6. All these schemes have one purpose, to deter people from exercising their rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

    7. How about the Brady Campaign has insurance for unarmed victims. Pay for all victims medical bills because they were unable to defend themselves. Lets make this a law.

    8. These people, (Brady Campaign) are about as weird,mentally disturbed as it gets. When an FFL does everything that federal law mandates (as well as compliance to state and local laws,if any) that’s all they can do. If a legitimate business sells guns,knives,cars,baseball bats,or any other inanimate objects that could be used to injure or kill they are not liable,negligent legally or morally if these objects are misused,stolen and used in a criminal act.. The Brady Campaign is not in a position to make demands to anyone for anything. These parasites are continually losing in the courts for filing frivolous lawsuits agains’t law-abiding ammo dealers,firearms dealers,etc.,! The Brady Campaign can go strait to hell !

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