‘Canada in the Rough’ Banned on Canadian TV Because They Are All About Hunting & Guns

This same CRTC that says pornography MUST be aired on Canadian television, says the Beasley Brothers cannot get their Canadian hunting show, a recognized national heritage activity, on the air…

Beasley Brothers
Beasley Brothers
Canadian Shooting Sports Association
Canadian Shooting Sports Association

Canada – -(Ammoland.com)- Many Canadians know the Beasley Brothers, creators of the television show Canada in the Rough, as decent, hardworking farm boys from Ontario.

What many don’t know is this: while their show is aired in 27 countries overseas and nationally in the United States, these home-grown Canadian boys cannot find a major Canadian television network willing to sell them airtime for their immensely popular show.

Their show ran on Global TV for eight years until the day Keith Beasley received a telephone call from a Global network executive telling him that the network would no longer sell him airtime for Canada in the Rough. Despite outranking its closest competitor by orders of magnitude, the show would no longer air on that network.

Why you ask? The answer is simple: Canada in the Rough shows hunting and firearms ownership in a positive light.

It took some time, but eventually Keith and his brothers learned why:

“It had nothing to do with ratings, and it had nothing to do with what we were. It had everything to do with our content. Our content was guns and hunting. And just like that, the Canadian hunting landscape changed on a dime, and we’ve never recovered from it.”

According to the head honchos at the big Canadian network, hunting is politically incorrect, and Global TV no longer had the courage to continue televising this Canadian outdoor heritage activity.

You can imagine the Beasley Brothers’ shock and dismay. One day they are the producers of an immensely popular television show; the next day, they are seemingly bums on the street without a home. And all of this happened because they dare to show hunting in a positive and ethical light on television.

For many that would be the end of the road. Your passion crushed, you would move on to the next phase of life – whatever that might be. Thankfully, the Beasley Brothers aren’t those kind of people.

Instead, they were determined that Global TV’s short-sightedness and cowardice would not be the end of their dreams. They were equally determined that this would not be the end of their promotion of hunting – a proud tradition in Canada and part of our national heritage.

Canada in the Rough Beasley Brothers
Canada in the Rough Beasley Brothers

Keith Beasley: “Sun [News Network] … when that happened, reached out to us and offered us a helping hand to get us up and without Sun, I don’t know if we would have made it, to be honest. But Sun is no longer here, and we’re back in a fight to find networks that will air hunting and guns.”

The Beasley Brothers became more determined than ever to keep their vision and their promotion of our Canadian heritage activities alive. They found distributors in Europe. They found distributors in Australia. They even landed a distributor in the United States where Ontario Tourism is one of the major sponsors!

Despite the valued assistance of Brian Burk, President of Hockey Operations for the Calgary Flames, the Beasley Brothers still cannot find a Canadian television network willing to sell them airtime for their 100% Canadian content television show.

Keith Beasley: “I met with TSN this year, I met with SportsNet. Two obvious national carriers that should … represent us, that should let us air nationally. They won’t touch us. Why won’t they touch us? I mean soccer’s pretty dang boring, but it’s bigger than us. I get that. But darts is there. Everything outdoors is there. Fishing is even there, but they won’t touch hunting. Why? Because they’re afraid.

Why won’t Tim Hortons sponsor my show? Because every hunter on his way to the duck blind … what does he do? Find me a hunter that doesn’t stop at Tim Hortons at 4 a.m. in the morning on the way to the duck blind in November. Why won’t they sponsor me? One reason: because they’re afraid of the public reaction.”

Keith Beasley makes a very valid point, both for the networks and Tim Hortons. They are both natural fits for his show, yet they will not touch him even with the proverbial ten-foot pole.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) dropped the Canadian content requirement for television stations to operate in Canada, further hurting their chances. In March of 2015, the CRTC announced it had dropped the Canadian content requirement for non-prime-time hours from 55 percent to zero. That’s right: ZERO.

This same CRTC that says pornography MUST be aired on Canadian television, says the Beasley Brothers cannot get their Canadian hunting show – a recognized national heritage activity – on the air.

While millions of Canadians hunt to feed their families each and every year, the Beasley Brothers are ostracized by the Canadian media for showing our birthright in a positive light.

Do you want to do something to help keep our great hunting heritage alive? Write a letter to the following companies expressing your gratitude for their sponsorship of Canada in the Rough. Without the dedicated support of these companies, the Beasley Brothers could not keep their show alive. Even with them, it’s still hard. But it is doable – for now.

As Keith Beasley said to us: “If not you … Who? If not now … When? If not here … Where?”

It’s up to each of us individually to ensure that companies championing our hunting heritage be told we appreciate them and their support. It’s a simple gesture, but a critical one. Supporting these companies is a no-brainer when they defend and promote our proud hunting heritage so faithfully.

Then write a letter to the following television networks and politely request that they carry Canada in the Rough on their network.

Explain that Canada In The Rough is 100% Canadian content and that hunting is designated as a heritage activity in Canada. It’s in their best interests to support Canada’s rich outdoor heritage.

It’s equally critical that Canada’s national television networks know we want to see our outdoor heritage activities on the airwaves. If they hear from enough of us, perhaps they will see the light. Send the message that hunters are not barbarians, but ethical Canadians who feed their families with what we harvest – and that we harvest this food humanely.

  • SportsNet: http://www.sportsnet.ca/contact-us/
  • TSN: http://www.tsn.ca/tsn-ca-help-page-contact-us-1.102493
  • CityTV: http://www.citytv.com/toronto/contact-us/
  • CBC: http://www.cbc.ca/connects/help/?goto=.contact-box
  • CTV: http://www.ctv.ca/About/Corporate-Info/Contact-Us.aspx
  • Global: http://www.globaltv.com/faq/#contact

Hunting is a legitimate outdoor heritage activity. Bill C-501, an Act respecting a National Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Heritage Day, was passed into law in 2014. September 2015 will be the first time Canadians will celebrate our hunting heritage on a national scale.

A big THANK YOU to Keith Beasley for making a presentation at the Canadian Shooting Sports Association’s 2015 Annual General Meeting. He is arguably the most humble, genuine and honest presenter of hunting we’ve ever met.

If you would like to listen to Keith’s entire presentation at the CSSA Annual General Meeting, please visit this link: http://s3.amazonaws.com/CSSA/Audio/CSSA-AGM-Presentation-by-Keith-Beasley-Canada-in-the-Rough-FINAL.mp3

The CSSA is the voice of the sport shooter and firearms enthusiast in Canada. Our national membership supports and promotes Canada’s firearms heritage, traditional target shooting competition, modern action shooting sports, hunting, and archery. We support and sponsor competitions and youth programs that promote these Canadian heritage activities. Website www.cdnshootingsports.org

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If they include sex with the animals before killing them, or include bikini-clad (or full nude) women with them during their hunts, or someone getting a sex change while hunting, they will probably get back in the good graces of the CRTC.


I am a hunter. I am also of native heritage and yes hunting is part of my life. Sport killing however is not part of my heritage and neither is it part of any other Canadians heritage. Hunting for the pleasure of it or bragging rights to your ability to kill animals is not a heritage it is a badly learned behavior common to the violence learned on American Television. I do hunt and I kill a moos every year and maybe a deer too. I take what the creator offers me and am satisfied with that. I eat everything… Read more »


I am so upset that Canada in the Rough has been cancelled. I am a female who loves to hunt and fish . I faithfully watched CITR every Saturday morning, and if I can’t see it, I record it to watch later. Those boys worked really hard to make the show presentable for all to watch, my 10 year old grandson sits and watches it with me and he just loves it and he also loves to be out in the bush hunting with his Dad and Mom. I also watch The Canadian a Tradition a I have noticed that… Read more »


Canada In The Rough was not banned by the CRTC. The individual TV networks have bowed to pressure from their owners and sponsors and cancelled the show. It was not acceptable, by those who have the power, to see the use of various types of hunting skills. All of the harvesting that I have seen have been humane take downs, and I have never seen an animal in the agony of dieing. We, as Canadians, and Americans, need to protect our ability and rights to being able to harvest those animals that can be used for food or warmth. By… Read more »

mike kilganon

yeah, on the internet would be great. could watch every show anytime i want. don’t give up !

Ray Bowden

This is typical of the so called do gooders they don’t know what if anything they are talking about, what is so terrible about watching and learning about why we hunt,or what hunting actually does for the conservation of the animals by controling the populations of the animals that the dumb dumb are hitting with there cars,this was my favorite thing to do on the weekends in the morning to watch the Beasly brothers do what Thomas pigeon started,bless them all and good luck keeping our heritage alive ,,

Mr Know It all

Soccer’s boring but watching three rednecks sitting in a duck blind isn’t?
Sorry boys but most people don’t want to watch you kill innocent animals for shits and giggles.

Aaron Huffman

Is that right I hunt and have been with the same woman for over 17 yes so what I hunt not to kill but to enjoy the outdoors and provide my family with a more healthy organic meat but let me guess you are one of those cowards that goto the store 3veryweek and buy your farmed meat from animaksxtgat have had no life but being penned up mistreated and then butchered for your liking your the coward who would rather have someone else do your dirty work I see pigs being driving to slaughter down the 401 in trailers… Read more »


This . is a period. This , is a comma.
Learn to use them so your sentences don’t become run on.
Also it’s you’re not your.
Just because you’re butthurt doesn’t mean he’s wrong. Watching soccer (football) is boring, so is watching hunting. Nothing you have said has disproved that point.

Perry G Buote

well they should be aired on a Canadian Network. Half of the shows that are viewed on the history network, Cbc , H2, Scifi, like your Duck dynasty , Gold rush , and even Dr Who have funding from Canada in the form of these film funds, yet try to make a Canadian film with Canadian actors and there is not any money. But there is a lot of funding to make a commercial for the PC’s showing their governing powers and they get 32 million dollars to make a 45 second commercial. oh yes and Murdoch Mysteries is only… Read more »


Never seen or heard of the show, but its clear the CRTC banned nothing and the headline is completely false. Wasn’t responsible accurate journalism part of our heritage too.

:”Win an All-Expenses-Paid Dream Bear Hunt with Canada in the Rough!” Maybe this is the problem, Canadians are not trophy hunters, so this show isn’t about the heritage of Canadian hunting, but American style trophy hunting.


Part of the problem is that hunting is seen as old school and completely unnecessary for livelihood in modern times. As a former hunter, I no longer see the thrill in blasting an unsuspecting animal, in order to somehow look like a hero with my peers and take some meat to my deep freeze and put an antler rack on the wall. It was a big deal in my father and grandfather’s day but in most people’s minds, it’s a bit ridiculous now. Kinda’ gone the way of square dancing and wearing buckskin jackets with the frills on the arms.… Read more »

william huard

Hunters make up 5% of the population. Maybe you haven’t been paying attention. While you fake hunters have been picking winners and losers within wildlife populations and generally embarrassing ethical hunters with your wolf bounties and predator hatred….the vast majority of citizens in both Canada and the US do not support trophy hunting and thrill killing for sport. 90% of people in BC do not support allowing SLEAZY American trophy hunters to come into pristine wilderness and cut a grizzlies head and paws off. You have no one to blame but yourselves.


Im sad to heard that… now i will go watch Terminator, and Rambo after the supper…with kids.

Ralph Cole

Ok Folks; it is the time Now to start a campaign to preserve Our Constitutional Rights in regard to Our outdoor activities [hunting and fishing]. No tv network should have to back away from airing a legal and heritage tradition !! The Prime Minister and the Minister of Safety need to intervene and encourage all the networks to seriously air this program. As a life long member of the OFAH, I encourage this organization to lead the campaign ASAP.I can only assume the OFAH will be next if this denial of broadcasting is continued. Numbers count and we are going… Read more »


Television is a dying medium, and it’s decisions like the one Global TV made about Canada In The Rough that are going to put the final nail in the coffin.

These boys need to get their show on Netflix, where Canadians who enjoy this national pastime will subscribe to watch their show COMMERCIAL FREE.

Steve Berndt

Canada in the Rough has been one of the best outdoor shows ever produced. Why are people so ashamed of our heritage? Are you not proud of where you are today? Your parents and grandparents and great grandparents must have done something right…for one they survived and you exist. Hunting is one of the oldest traditions and I can’t stand tall enough to say that I’m proud of my ancestors for passing this tradition down to me as I’m doing to my son’s. The Beasley boys have a great show. If they are banned then my subscription with Bell will… Read more »

Bernie Barber

We lost the Sun under the same backwards thinking .We also pay for APTN but they are anti anyone but us hunting.The conservatives did nothing again when it is all Canadian content.Garbage we have to pay to watch that some CBC or Global or Ctv fool in Toronto dictates for us to dumb us down.Wake up Canada urban or rural we are on a slide that only goes deeper into slime of political correctness.They are afraid well hold onto your hat it can and will get worse than loosing a little tv programming.


Are we true Canadians. Those of us who say we hunt and fish, but yet we watch useless tv. And by useless tv I mean any tv. We shuld be out enjoying the god given beauty around us.


Come on CRTC do the right thing and air this programme ..


It’s not up to the CRTC to air the program. Read the article, the program isn’t banned and I have no idea how they came up with that very misleading headline.


Hunting and fishing shows encourage young people and others that have had no exposure to the outdoors to try hunting and fishing. The more people that participate, the more people there are to help defend our “privilege” to hunt against things like the gun registry or incidents like the RCMP stealing people’s firearms in Alberta or closure of public lands to hunting! Our favorite sport has been under attack for as long as I can remember and we need all the help we can get!

Chris Andersen

Very sad we live in a dictatorship today told what we can watch read


It’s on us as a quiet majority to stand up and be counted, rather then bow our head try and be nice, letting others voice their disgust in what they wont, can’t, or choose not to do. In BC, where I’m from, I’ve just started to hunt, and it’s getting harder to even get out. licences, seasons, limits, it’s all changing. Seams that, you meed to be from out of province in order to hunt in BC.We have the RIGHT to watch PORN or not, WE SHOULD have the right to watch HUNTING AND FISHING,IN our own country, FROM our… Read more »


These are private corporations that are refusing to air the show. Do you want more government interference in the profit-generating activities of corporations? You want more government interference in the market? Just curious.

And if you think that you own the networks, you are sadly mistaken. They are private corporations and you no more own them than you own Toyota or General Electric.


Than they better ban duck dynasty and buck commander too.
What a joke I can’t even believe this got past….. I enjoy waking up and watching this show on my days off. I’ve learnt lots of differant things/tricks to take with me when I’m hunting wether by my self or with my kids!!! So what are all our fishing shows gonna be banned next??? Erg…

mike sweet

i looked forward to watching canada in the rough the same as a friends series fishin canda the 2 i never missed this is a crock with all the garbage on the canadian air waves today you would think this would easily fit the criteria of the crtc ive been a avid hunter and fishernan my whole life a hunter safety instructor and past president of the local yacht club not only does the crtc need their heads read so does some that wont sponsor the activities all i can say guys is get ahold of pete bowman or angie… Read more »

Dan jacobson

Boycot the network. Hunters in Canada are a large percentage. Just do not watch the other programming by that network. Hit them in the wallet hard and the will puss out.


Make a youtube series and we will watch. youtube pays too


Are they not on Wild TV…Canada’s national hunting and fishing network?

Glen Maynard

i think that it is a very sad that this country has been is now run by a bunch of spineless jerks . who know nothing about our sport ,it is just sad. they sell vidieo games to kids that are all about killing people and that is fine but hunting is not . B.S
I will watch you and support you every chance i get .


I agree with Jack. Laws by aholes lead directly to living by ahole logic. Those that oppose are no better because they didn’t fight hard enough for the rights.

Alan Braun

I,m a proud Canadian but sometimes it makes it really hard when crap like this happens. I”m a life long hunter and outdoors person, my father took myself and my older brother camping and fishing ever since we were able to tie are own shoe’s and basically take care of are self’s. By that I mean dressing, doing are own dishes and wiping are own bums.(Six years old or there abouts) And took us hunting when we were legally old enough to carry a firearm after very thorough tutorage on firearm safety, 14 years old in B.C. at the time.… Read more »

Richard MacDonald

Tha CRTC is just another left wing propaganda machine, at the public fund trough, that allows CBC, CTV and Global to promote their left wing agenda, without feedback from most Canadians, especially rural citizens, and probably run surveys in ultra urban areas (if at all) to justify their position in regards to Canadian content. You can sure tell that the content of current television is chosen by Toronto based urbanites that never venture outside city limits. They disgust me. I am thankful to Discovery and History Channels for producing and showing programs like Yukon Men, Mountain Men, Alaska The Last… Read more »


I don’t see how the CRTC is at fault. Yes, they lowered their Cancon requirement. But y’all have been howling for the CRTC to butt out for years. So they did. But now you’re upset about it? The only bad thing stated in the article that the CRTC did was the following: “The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) dropped the Canadian content requirement for television stations to operate in Canada, further hurting their chances. In March of 2015, the CRTC announced it had dropped the Canadian content requirement for non-prime-time hours from 55 percent to zero. That’s right: ZERO.”… Read more »


Maybe its time to go after the LIBERALS for harassment of LEGAL gun owners

Fabrizio Tessari

Myself and my family all hunt and fish its part of our family activities .Not airing Canada in the Rough on Canadian TV is like taking away our right to enjoy the great outdoors

Voice of Reason

I like Canada in the Rough. I think of it as a great advertisement for every province in Canada as well as an economic boon to their provincial tourism departments because folks in a free market system get to pick what they will pay for. These banning hypocrites will always have a flippen windmill to joust with but that doesn’t make the straw-man more palatable. God gave us meat & fur to clothe enhance our lives. The CRTC give us a Kardasian boinking another porn star. Time for the CRTC to realize they are not our god nor are our… Read more »


Pornography is allowed but hunting is not , shows just how far the perverts have over taken Canada . Morals have fallen through the floor , It’s time the government stepped in and restored our heritage , Time for people to stand up against the lefties and vote them to non party status

VT Patriot

Maybe if they threw in a little porn, a few flics per show, their show would be more acceptable. Then the greenies would be able to go get snacks during the ‘hunting breaks’.


If tree huggers don`t like hunting shows,don`t watch it !!!


So let me get this straight were allowed to watch porn on Canadian networks but we are not allowed to watch our Canadian heritage involving hunting and guns.


No, you don’t have it straight. You can watch either. The problem is no one wants to broadcast the hunting show, its not a question of no one is allowed to broadcast it.

Tom Hayes

What a bunch of bull sh*t! So what now. More room for a series about people sitting around in a house! I love this show!

I guess I am the minority. Maybe it’s time to move!

Robert Clozza

What is the CPC’s stance on all of this? CBC is a tool of the left to keep Canada left leaning.


It’s not a “tool of the left”. It helps Canada maintain its identity so that it isn’t overrun by American culture, which the current government feels we should be more like. More importantly, it’s a tool to keep politicians from lying to us by doing independent journalism. It’s no wonder why the conservatives don’t like that.


Really? The CBC is a unionized business. It is a left leaning organization that rarely provides balanced reporting. If it truly represented Canadians and provided a broad perspective on Canadian living, it would carry Canada in the Rough. But it chooses not to do so. Why???? I suggest it is because of their “progressive” leanings.

Lillian Hornsby

I’ve always enjoyed this how & I’m not really a hunter !! I totally resent CRTC making a decision like this !!


Your story and title is a bit misleading. The title says the show was banned on Canadian TV and that the CRTC won’t allow it, but neither of those are accurate from the story. It says the CRTC loosened up restrictions, but Canadian Networks don’t want to pick up the show. If privately owned networks don’t want to run the content on their stations, it’s not really fair to blame the television regulators. It’s not banned, the shop owners just don’t want to carry the brand.


I think the commentators here only read the headline, and not the article. If it was banned, why would they suggest you write TV stations to carry the show (If the show was banned by the CRTC, that would be a useless gesture)? If the show actually were banned, would they not suggest to write the CRTC?


Reading this makes me sick! So much for freedom of speech and expression! These guys put out a great tv show and are great advocates for hunting fishing conservation and the outdoors. They put in countless hours at outdoors shows scoring antlers and meeting and talking with fellow sportsman! I hope that at least one of our Canadian networks has the balls to make sure this show stays on tv. Thank god for Wild TV that keeps out hopes alive that our heritage won’t be hidden on some back shelf in Ottawa! Good luck Beasleys! Can’t wait for next season… Read more »


Clearly you don’t understand freedom of expression. The government can’t force anyone to use their private corporation’s resources to air your opinion.

I would love to see the Beasley Brothers back on the air, but do you really want government interference in the market to make that happen?


What’s the world coming to?


What a crock of bull. Hunting and safe ethical gun ownership is part of the Canadian heritage.


The Canadian censors are vegetarians, eh?


The show isn’t censored, read the article. The show couldn’t find any networks interested in picking up the show, nothing to do with the CRTC. It would be the same as the only general store in town not interested in selling Caviar , and the Caviar producers saying in an uptown New York newspaper that the town bans the sale of Caviar.


Another perfect example of what lengths the left will go to punish those they disagree with. Liberals hate guns and hunting so what do they do ????? They prevent people from seeing it by taking it off the air. Liberals are so “tolerant and open-minded” just as long as you agree with them ! God forbid guns and hunting being shown in a positive light ! We can’t have more people becoming interested in those kind of things now can we ? Why don’t we call the left for what they are which is totalitarians ……if you don’t agree with… Read more »


Stated perfectly. I am a US citizen and I am so afraid that we will be in the same situation soon if patriotic citizens do not stand up for what is right.


I grew up hunting & fishing with my dad. I was duck hunting out of a canoe with him when I was 10 yrs old.
He drilled into me, gun safety, (to the point where I actually snapped back at him, LOL), and wildlife preservation!
We didn’t shoot anything we didn’t eat, and we NEVER left the duck swamp, till we had found every bird we had shot!
I spent many a days/hours of quality time with him, a man who taught me the rights and wrongs of one of our national heritages. I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything!


You only read the headline, didn’t you Steve? The article says nothing like the headline does. No networks wanted to pick up the show, nothing to do with the CRTC whatsoever.


Hilariously this has more to do with the Conservative government cracking down on gun ownership than anything the Liberals have ever done.


it was Chrétien, (LIBERAL), who tried, in vain to introduce the infamous ” Long Gun Registry”, spending,, (err, wasting Billions of Canadians’ dollars), all for naught!
It was the Conservatives who cancelled it!


We actually have a right wing government right now and have had for many years. They would be the ones to cut the Canadian content rules that protected Canadian culture for so many years. You can’t blame the left this time, sorry. Also I’m sorry this show isn’t on TV. I love hunting even though I despise our right wing, American style government.

b c

Did anyone ask your opinion about the US govt? Who cares what you despise. Stay in Canada


No one asked Steve’s opinion. Despite this we’ll listen, no matter how wrong it is (Canada has headed by our conservative party for years).

So yeah, I’ll gladly stay in Canada. Ya’ll are crazy. Take a chill pill, free with our healthcare.


Just because you never see a bill doesn’t mean our health care is free. You pay for it in other ways. And pills are certainly not covered either. So you really dropped the ball trying to “burn” an American with this comment.

Paul Yates

Netflix ?

Jeff langevin

make a web series and we will watch


as I was reading the story, that was my first thought. the internet is more powerful than television and is growing. they can reach 10 times the audience as they can with television.


You all hunters are no men .Just disgusting cowards .You losers who cannot keep woman and get off and have huge trill to kill an animals .You primitive rednecks with no education . Only what can you do is kill .you primitive Canadian cowards .

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