Crossbow Magazine Reviews Fastest Hunting Crossbow Ever

Crossbow Revolution Magazine
Crossbow Revolution Magazine

Kennesaw, Ga.- -( A hunting crossbow that fires arrows at 440 feet per second — far and away the fastest crossbow on the market today — is among new bows reviewed in the current issue of Crossbow Revolution magazine.

“We were impressed that the Ventilator Extreme lived up to its advertising promises,” said John Geiger, editor of Crossbow Revolution, an annual newsstand publication that covers the rapidly changing world of crossbow hunting.

“A lot of bows claim high speeds but need very light arrows to achieve them. Not so with the Extreme.”

Crossbow Revolution Magazine
Crossbow Revolution Magazine

The magazine staff tested nine of the latest bows and reported their results. Other crossbows that earned high marks were the TenPoint Stealth FX4 and Barnett’s Raptor Reverse. Horton’s new Storm RDX also caught the attention of testers, who noted the light trigger and compact width.

Overall, the magazine staff said this year’s crossbows and accessories have turned a corner.

“These bows have finally evolved into hunting tools that do the job effectively and without a lot of fuss and drama. They are easier than ever to use in the field, in a ground blind or in a tree stand,” said Geiger.

“We hope this translates into more people — young and old, men and women — getting outside, practicing with their bows and hunting across this great country.”

The magazine covers all aspects of modern crossbow hunting, from the basics of buying a new crossbow to the latest new gear, extreme hunts, news about liberalized state regulations and a fun article about crossbows’ portrayal in pop culture.

Crossbow Revolution is available at newsstands across the country. Digital editions are available at iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store. The newly redesigned web site at also shows the magazine’s commitment to crossbow hunters and the growing importance of crossbows in recreational hunting.

Crossbows are getting more popular. They went from 15 percent of the total archery sales in 2007 to more than 30 percent just five years later, according to the Archery Trade Association.


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Carl Henderson

I just got the Ravin r9 cross bow. Have shot it out to fifty yds so far with 2″ groups. With a little more practice I know it can do much better.

william Sams

I have a Ten Point Crossbow and Every Hunting Magazine I read has little information on the Crossbow. I bought your Magazine and enjoy every word. Thank You