Dallas Safari Club Statement on Illegal Cecil the Lion Hunt in Zimbabwe

Cecil the lion (left) and Walter Palmer, the US dentist
Cecil the lion (left) and Walter Palmer, the US dentist
Dallas Safari Club Logo
Dallas Safari Club

DALLAS –-(Ammoland.com)- A Zimbabwean landowner and a professional hunter are facing charges for the poaching of a collared lion outside of Hwange National Park.

Their client from the U.S., Walter Palmer, also could face charges if investigators find he was a knowing accomplice in the crime. Dallas Safari Club abhors poaching, commends the swift enforcement efforts of Zimbabwean authorities and supports prosecution of convicted poachers to the fullest extent of the law.

Dallas Safari Club encourages the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to conduct additional investigations into possible violations of American wildlife laws.

Finally, Dallas Safari Club also supports the Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe in actions against its members who violate wildlife laws. Lawful, ethical, vigilant hunters play an important role in public acceptance of sustainable hunting as a vital tool for modern wildlife conservation and management.

None of the individuals or safari companies implicated in this incident are affiliated with Dallas Safari Club. Dallas Safari Club works with government authorities and professional hunting associations, and enforces its own code of conduct, to ensure its members and convention exhibitors are in good standing.

About Dallas Safari Club (DSC)
Formally introduced in 2015 as an official member of the IUCN, the United Nations’ International Union for the Conservation of Nature, DSC is increasingly recognized as an international leader in conservation. DSC’s mission is conserving wildlife and wilderness lands, educating youth and the general public, and promoting and protecting the rights and interests of hunters worldwide. Get involved at www.biggame.org.

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Michael G

Donald Duck Quack Can you please give us your sources for your above statements. I have been to Africa on both the Hunter side and Conservation side. I can assure you that monies do flow into both conservation and anti-poaching units. Quite frankly if it were not from monies from hunting – many of these animals would probably be extinct as they are getting no assistance regarding the ongoing poaching debacle, from the sham government that was once run by Mandela that has driven the country into poverty countrywide. Please tell me you are making your statements because you have… Read more »

Don duck

Retards try to claim that hunting game increases population when in fact it does not. The money(maybe billions in African dollars) does not go towards conservation. The money does not go towards anti poaching units. It goes into pockets. The animals would do a lot better with out hunters, especially male lions who have hard enough time making it to adulthood and you’re going to tell me glam hunting 600/3k male lions is big business foh. Bona-fide losers pay someone to drive them to a baited spot to essentially target practice shoot a big Lion. Does it make them feel… Read more »

William Weber

Mary P – good heavens, the guy’s name is Walter Palmer not Arnold Palmer. Let’s not kill the golfer by mistake.

William Weber

Well Frida, I don’t know whether to agree or disagree with you. Mainly because I don’t know what the heck you are talking about. You speak of paying for a murderers funeral. How many of them were there or did you mean murder’s in the singular. When you speak of murderers again, lean back and remember how many lambs, calves and piglets you have condemned to a short life of agony and then death just to fill your venom sacs. You know what they say about opinions and sphincters. Everyone has one. By the way the word is which not… Read more »

Frida Hackerman

So Dallas Safari Club, or the most intelligent person there. if you’re against shooting wildlife and want to preserve the nature. – Why in Hell are you paying for a murderers funeral. You claim to be responsable but yet you don’t take any action against it in public for real. Do you believe that anyone can trust whatever you say in the future about anything. I Really care for real. I wish that you also care more than it looks. Don’t joke this around. There are several reasons why copycats exist. I’m sure you can figure that out by yourself.… Read more »


WHAT a BUNCH of WHINERS! Trophy hunting is big bucks in Africa, and what was done had nothing to do with the Doctor. He paid a bona fide guide service to put him in a position to kill a lion, in a country, where killing lions is a big business. He did nothing wrong. The guide service made the mistake. The only African official making any noise about this is the Environmental Minister, who wants to outlaw hunting in Zimbabwe. She has NO say in what happens to the hunter, and very limited influence on what happens to the guides.… Read more »


i think we need to step back ,and let the investigation take it’s course,we are to quick to pass judgement ,on ant thing. step back and see what happens

Richard Sturtevant

I don’t know from what I’ve read that the dentist is at fault. He may, but what did he do. The PH is the one who takes a hunter out an points out the pray to be stalked or ambushed. The client (hunter) acts on the PH’s decision. I can see where the PH and his business can be liable but what did the dentist do other than shoot on the PH’s directions.


Too right, Catlady. These people are psychopaths – all of them. They can serial kill with impunity because of their wealth. Ordinary run-of-the-mill serial killers often start on small animals such as cats and dogs and then move onto people!! These guys just move on to the rarer and more endangered to enhance the thrill. They all disgust me to be honest. Don’t forget Arnold Palmer has done this before in the form of poaching a black bear – in his own country – and got away with it. The Safari Club are a band of wealthy murderers and the… Read more »


Seems like you don’t know where your steak or hamburgers come from . Before the supermarket it was an animal too . As far as the wealthy hunts many of these hunts sponsor conservation projects and payroll for game wardens. Some animals like the black rhino was old and spread his gene pool far and was making the gene pool smaller by mating with all the females. The U.S. people hunting in Africa are being lead astray by fake or dubious guides. These guides may be using others to lure game in to hunt areas in order to get “trophy… Read more »


Copied from a CNN Article that mentions Dallas Safari Club member auctionioning off an endangered animal. Shame on You!!!
Perhaps the most perverse part about this is that the rarer and more endangered these species become, the more valuable they are to trophy hunters, as evidenced by the $50,000 price tag of this hunt and the even more egregious $350,000 permit auctioned off earlier this year by a member of the Dallas Safari Club to kill a critically endangered Namibian black rhino.


Thanks to the Dallas Safari Club for your stand. I’m always irritated when good doctors won’t speak out against a bad doc…good cops won’t speak out against a bad cop, etc. Thanks for not defending Palmer just because he claims to be a hunter.

James Marzolf

Now would be a great opportunity to explain the situation with game in Africa as the animal populations are not uniform. The fact is that in every country that has developed a legal big game hunting industry, the populations of lion, elephant, etc. have increased dramatically. In those that have not, many species are almost gone. When licensed big game hunting is an option, land that was converted for other uses is returned to habitat. Most governments arrange for the hunting fees to be split with the local villages and these funds have been used to establish clinics and schools… Read more »


James, thank you for a good post. I will only add that many big game hunts are not hunts but shoots.


Might not be as cut and dried as people think.


I’ll be upfront and say I am absolutely against trophy hunting. However, that is just my opinion and I understand it is legal. I do believe that most hunters hunt responsibly and within the laws governing whatever country or place they hunt. And I believe that most gun owners are responsible. I grew up shooting guns and was taught the importance of using guns responsibly. I am pleased to see a hunting organization asking for an investigation into Dr. Palmer’s actions. I strongly feel he should come out of hiding and fully cooperate with appropriate officials to address this matter… Read more »


Hmmm, are these comments edited? I’ve tried to leave two, this is my third attempt. What’s wrong…are you afraid to post differing opinions? Folks who engage in trophy hunting are compensating for the short comings in their life, as noted by Mr. Kimmel this is a truth known to all except…those (hunters) suffering from ED. That said, we can only hope such a disfunction lessens the opportunity for these people to procreate! And to the poster who cannot focus on the subject…abortion is not a sport engaged in for thrills so you are off base. IP:


These disgusting people are simply throwing one of their own into the flames…they claim to be “conservationists” but in fact are simply thrill killers like the Minn. Dentist Dr. Palmer. Last year they auctioned off a license to kill an endangered Black Rhino! This year they intended to auction off a kill for an elephant but thank the heavens above the asshat who was going to sponsor that kill went bankrupt and had to pull his offer. Disgusting thugs~ IP:

Raymond Miller

I agree that this guy is a jerk and a disgrace to the hunters of the world and he should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. However having said that, I’ll bet that a lot of the people condemning him don’t have a problem with killing an unborn baby, crushing it and selling the body parts.


In reply to Raymond: try to stay focused, the chat board you are looking for is over at Fox News. This is about killing for the thrill of it. Abortion is not a thrill. BTW…are you for social welfare programs or do you vote the hardline GOP/Tea Party ticket? IP:


Please don’t chastise a poster for going off-topic and political – and then do the same thing yourself.


What ever happened to the concept of FAIR CHASE? This reminds me of CDR C_____, Ops Officer at NAS PAXRIV in the mid-Sixties, who bravely whistled for a very tame buck near the runway, and shot it, then was featured as a mighty hunter in the station’s newspaper. The tame buck had been trained to come in for ice cream whenever anyone whistled for it.
Yes – fair chase indeed!


I’m not familiar with all of today’s hunting operations so I won’t generalize. I do know that, growing up, I hunted a lot and it was never assured that I’d get something. Sometimes I thought it was assured that I wouldn’t get anything, but the fun was always being in the field with my brother or friends. Of course it didn’t cost us $55,000 either. I suppose that puts a lot of pressure on to produce and that’s a shame.

John Q. Hunter

I can’t believe you’re coming down on the dentist who shot Theo the Lion. The dentist did nothing wrong!!!!!!!!! It was his PH, Theo Bronkhorst, who lured the lion out to be shot by his client. Dr. Palmer paid $50,000 for a permit to hunt lion. As you well know, the bulk of that permit fee goes towards protecting the Wildlife Management Areas from illegal poaching. Without hunters over $3 billion a year there would be no National parks and no game. There would be no Park Rangers to protect wildlife from mass destruction by illegal poaching. It has been… Read more »