Evolved Habitats’ Dirt Bag Attractant Draws Deer with Scent and Sight

Evolved Habitats' Dirt Bag Deer Attractant
Evolved Habitats’ Dirt Bag Deer Attractant

Evolved Harvest

Columbus, GA -(AmmoLand.com)- For scouting and hunting, deer attractants can be the deciding factor that brings in that massive buck and gets him to stop in just the right spot.

Evolved Habitats is the leader in whitetail attractants, and their dried molasses Dirt Bag is a proven deer magnet – they can’t resist the sweet smell or taste of the Evolved Habitats’ Dirt Bag Deer Attractant‘s real molasses flavor. Until now, all deer attractants relied on scent alone to get them interested and keep them coming back for more. Evolved Habitats has changed that with Glo-Cote technology, which is incorporated into the Dirt Bag.

Glo-Cote ultraviolet additive was developed to enable deer to “see” scents, attractants or foods.

Evolved Habitats’ patented Glo-Cote is an ultraviolet additive that emits a visible neon-blue “glow” deer can see, night or day, piquing their curiosity and drawing them in.

Standard attractants such as feeds, minerals, powders, sprays, blocks and scents require animals to physically walk downwind in a very narrow scent corridor (as small as 2 degrees) to discover the attractant.

In contrast, products treated with Evolved Habitat’s Glo-Cote emit a 360-degree visual queue (a neon blue glow) that grabs the animal’s attention. Like Pavlov’s dog, upon the discovery of the attractant, whitetails are rewarded with a positive experience, associating the neon glow with food. Deer actively seek out these ultra-visible sites repeatedly.

Get deer hooked on the Dirt Bag in the preseason while also keeping an eye out for bigger bucks. Later, move the Dirt Bag site to a more advantageous hunting location. The scent of the molasses and the sight of the Glo-Cote will pull your buck to just the right spot.

Bullet Points & Features:

  • UV coating is more visible to deer
  • Appeals to deer’s eyes and nose
  • Texture resembles dirt to encourage digging
  • Easy to use: simply pour directly on the ground
  • Sweet-smelling dried molasses

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