Former Gov. Pataki Says; ‘It Is Illegal To Bring A Gun Across State Lines’..WTF?

George Pataki
George Pataki
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

New York –-( In a recent online interview for a email newsletter called “The Skimm” Former Gov. George Pataki (R-NY), when asked about Gun Control was quoted as saying;

“It is illegal to bring a gun across state lines, and yet it happens all the time, and I don’t understand why the federal government is not doing far more to prevent that.”

The Skimm and Former Gov. George Pataki
The Skimm and Former Gov. George Pataki

What the heck is George talking about? In fact just the opposite it true.

From the NRA Guide To The Interstate Transportation Of Firearms: (found here)

“A provision of the federal law known as the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act, or FOPA, protects those who are transporting firearms for lawful purposes from local restrictions which would otherwise prohibit passage.

Under FOPA, notwithstanding any state or local law, a person is entitled to transport a firearm from any place where he or she may lawfully possess and carry such firearm to any other place where he or she may lawfully possess and carry it, if the firearm is unloaded and locked out of reach. In vehicles without a trunk, the unloaded firearm must be in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console. Ammunition that is either locked out of reach in the trunk or in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console is also covered.

Travelers should be aware that some state and local governments treat this federal provision as an “affirmative defense” that may only be raised after an arrest. All travelers in areas with restrictive laws would be well advised to have copies of any applicable firearm licenses or permits, as well as copies or printouts from the relevant jurisdictions’ official publications or websites documenting pertinent provisions of law (including FOPA itself) or reciprocity information.  In the event of an unexpected or extended delay, travelers should make every effort not to handle any luggage containing firearms unnecessarily and to secure it in a location where they do not have ready access to it.”

It seems New York state’s Mr Pataki needs to sit down with his handlers and bone up on the basic laws surrounding lawful gun ownership before he ‘shoots from the hip’ to the rest of middle America in his quest to be the next Republican president.

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pataki…Really…your that ignorant!?! George, go find yourself a nice retirement home! All that I once thought good of you just evaporated! I am a long time conservative republican ….you are not!

Mike N

Pataki was the best Dem governor NY ever had. Good at selling out like the rest of the corrupt in Albany.


the problem here in NY, is that that downstate city carries more voting power than the rest of the whole state. How can 1 city make decisions for a mostly rural state?


Welcome to NY 🙁

Garry Hoffman

Within the last month the Shooters Committee On Political Education ( has bagged two major victories against the anti-gun politicians and administration in New York. 1. The case of Robinson v Cuomo was decided in favor of the plaintiff, resulting in the NY State Police being forced to reveal the heretofore secret data on the aggregate numbers of people who have registered their so-called assault weapons. As expected, the release showed that only 4% (23.000) of owners statewide complied with the law. Over 30% of registrants live in Westchester County or below (NYC, Long Island.) This release unquestioningly shows this… Read more »


A large number of “evil weapons” left when the 40-55 age group opted out of NY taxation 20 years ago , I would guess me and my friends left with 200 or so firearms. 5 AK’s 3 sks’s 3 AR’s 5 FAL’s ,Uzi, SVD tigr, SVT ,Boys ATR 50bmg , So their math will be flawed no matter how they figure.


I guess this puts the speculation of him running for POTUS out of the question.




The 2nd sentence scares me more than the rest of the statement. Who decides my or your mental health condition? Have you ever yelled at someone? Denied. Ever said homosexuality is wrong. Denied. Ever written your congress critter and said they are wrong and a dumbass? Denied. Ever had to take pain killers for chronic pain? Denied. Ever in the military? Denied. Ever used any kind of racial pejorative? Denied. Ever said that the .Government is just plain wrong? Denied. Do you understand now? That is what a mental health preventative service could be. Ever sounded paranoid on an internet… Read more »

Bob Shell

He is just a typical anti-gun Rino. Didn’t he sign some anti-gun laws when he was governor? In any event he should NOT be considered for president. We don’t need a RINO they are losers.

John Gill

Yes, he sold out NY gun owners as fast as he could grab a pen. He did more damage with one signature than Mario Cuomo did in the previous 12 years. Of course Andrew Cuomo seems to have made up for his fathers lost time at gun grabbing.


This clown is talking out of his ass, his mouth knows better.


Simple solution to New York’s stupidity is just don’t go there. I haven’t been there in many, many years and don’t plan to EVER go back.


Yell all you want, until Congress passes a law with teeth that will have mandatory jail time for any law enforcement officer who violates Federal Law and mandatory fines and monetary reimbursement, to the person arrested, this will continue.


Another moron with Presidential ambitions. LOL


NY will arrest you at the major airports if you try to bring a firearm in your luggage as checked baggage . You must have a NYC pistol permit in their eyes. They arrest you , violating all your Constitutional rights. They do not care. The people of NYC are just sheep feeding a socialist-communist local government. The same most likely applies to all”assault rifles”(their words) . They violate the 2nd ,4th,5th,9th,10th,14th Amendments all the time.
NYS gives more rights to criminals than victims


Any politician or anti-gun group who makes any treasonous statements critical of the 2A with outright lies and their typical MO of distorting the truth with bullshit is guilty of tyranny/terrorism agains’t the US and the Constitution and it has to be dealt with. 10 years in prison and a $100K fine should get their attention real fast.


What a deuchbag ; what Constitution does he believe in ? All these stupid trators need to be given the same autism causing food they’re stuffing down our throats .


What kind of dope are these crazy SOB’s in NY on ? Maybe its something in that NY water ! Its hilarious when these gun-grabbing parasites talk about mental issues. These som bitches are as off the wall nuts as it gets !


“I don’t understand why the federal government is not doing far more to prevent that.”

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” – US Constitution

Pick up a copy of the Constitution for the first time and read it. Understanding will be yours.