Gun Guy Radio 174 – Dynamics of a Violent Encounter with Active Self Protection



Gun Guy Radio
Gun Guy Radio

DeKalb, IL –-( Gun Guy Radio (GGR) recently interviewed Active Self Protection (ASP) to discuss their approach towards self-defense training.

ASP was started in 2011 and offers self-defense training that encourages its students to develop more than just firearms skills, such as empty-handed skills, verbal skills, de-escalation skills, and physical conditioning.

In this episode, GGR host Ryan Michad questions ASP about its work analyzing what happens during a violent encounter and the lessons learned that can apply to an individual’s self-defense plans.

Active Self Protection (ASP)
Active Self Protection (ASP)

Some of the lessons discussed include: the most important part of a self-defense plan; a good defensive setup; the use of less than lethal options; and importantly, common tactical errors ASP has discovered while studying violent encounters.

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