Haley Heath Endorses Innovative New Synthetic Deer Scents

Monster Buck Scents' Products
Monster Buck Scents’ Products
Monster Buck Scents, LLC
Monster Buck Scents, LLC

Bolingbroke, GA -(AmmoLand.com)- Monster Buck Scents is proud to announce the endorsement of their new line of synthetic deer scents by renowned hunter, Haley Heath.

Coming from a family of hunters, Haley Heath has lived and breathed the outdoors since she was a child. A wife and mother of two, Haley has shared her passion and family values through multiple hit TV series on The Sportsman Channel over the past 10 years, making her a household name and highly respected throughout the outdoor industry.

When asked to endorse Monster Buck Scents, Haley was quick to say that she believes in extensive field testing before adding her name to a product so hunters can be certain the product will perform in the field.

“I have used various scent attractants over the years with little to no success, until now,” Haley says. “After a full season in the woods with Monster Buck Scents, in multiple states, I was astounded with the results and how many big bucks the product lured in time after time.”

Haley Heath
Haley Heath

About Monster Buck Scents, LLC

Monster Buck Scents has been dedicated to the development, testing and perfecting of their synthetic formulations to ensure the product is the very best available. By gathering hunter input and feedback, the scent masters at Monster Buck Scents have created an innovative, no mess, synthetic formulated aerosol gel stream series of deer scents. The scents can spray up to 10 feet, helping to keep your desired scent area uncontaminated. It is 100% active and unlike real doe urine, the pheromones don’t disappear after 48 hours. And being a synthetic, the Monster Buck Scents shelf life is much longer.

For more information, visit: www.MonsterBuckScents.com.

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