Hillary Clinton: We Must Address the ‘Uncontrollable Use of Guns’ in America

By AWR Hawkins

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- Speaking at a house Party in Ottumwa, Iowa, on July 7 2015, Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton said we must address the “uncontrollable use of guns” in America.

Furthermore, Mrs. Clinton said Democrats need not let fear of the “gun lobby” get in the way of doing this.

According to the Associated Press, Clinton said that “she believes most Americans … support universal background checks,” which is something she will pursue if elected.

She added, “Let’s not be afraid of the gun lobby, which does not even really represent the majority of gun owners in America.”

These statements are in addition to others Clinton made least year at a June 17 townhall meeting, in which she claimed gun owners “terrorize the majority of people.” In that speech, Clinton also renewed her support for an assault weapons ban and a ban on “high capacity” magazines.

Gun control has been a consistent push in Clinton’s campaign. Five days after the heinous attack on Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, she expressed her disappointment that the Senate had failed to expand background checks to cover every gun purchase in America in 2013–be that purchase retail or private. However, she did not mention that alleged Charleston gunman Dylann Roof bought his gun from a gun store and did, in fact, pass a background check to purchase it.

Roof is just the latest in a long line of alleged attackers to prove that background checks do not–and cannot–stop latent criminals.

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I really don’t understand why so many people,pro-gun,pro 2A,pro constitution people, who know what hussein obama has done, and continues to do,to destroy the U.S.A., don’t grasp the fact that states can secede from a tyrannical government like we have at present ! One poster said hussein obama has got us in the crapper, and if this clinton somehow lands in the White House, she would finish off the U.S.A. by flushing the crapper. Individual states can opt out of this by succession. I’ve heard some people say that in order to secede it requires permission from the same tyrannical… Read more »

JB Andrews

Hillary is the most corrupt and dishonest witch on the political landscape !! Only the deepest, darkest and most gullible Democrat could believe her now !! The fact that the Democrat Party stands behind her says volumes about the judgment and the integrity of the Democrat party ! Or you could just look at Detroit ad know the Democrats are dangerous to America !!


This article is a great reminder of the danger our nation faces should this awful woman become our next President….but I can’t stop laughing about that picture of her.


Looks like she said ” pull my finger, whoops that wasn’t a fart it had lumps”.


It’s not the gun lobby the nazicrats need fear. It’s the electorate. Or were they not paying attention in 1994 and 2014? The gun lobby didn’t send them home…..the PEOPLE did.


If Clinton gets elected, she will flush us down the drain, where Obama has already put us.
We have not had a good President in a very long time. All are out of touch with the people, out of touch with reality and disregard the Constitution that they swear to uphold.
We need a National Law on Recalling politicians, including the President, if they fail in their responsibilities, through a National Vote if a recall is called for.


If this woman gets elected President, we are lost as a free people.


So says Hillary that brokered the Stinger missiles in 2012 to Qatar that went to the Taliban , all 400 Stinger missiles. The same Hillary that gave weapons to Libya and now where abouts unknown. The same Hillary that broke Federal record retention laws . Now denies that anything is missing.
Where was the Qatari backround check. Oh aiding the Taliban , thats Treason.


Which story about how Dylann Roof got the gun is correct ? It was previously reported his father purchased the gun.


I think his father gave him the money to purchase the Glock on his 21’st b-day ! He purchased it himself,I think !