Hunt Multiple Locations with the Tree Stand Buddy

Tree Stand Buddy
Tree Stand Buddy

Tree Stand Buddy

Suffolk County, NY -( What hunter hasn't stepped out of the truck in the pre-dawn darkness to find the wind blowing in the wrong direction or decides at the last minute that he or she wants to hunt a different ridge or oak flat?

The Tree Stand Buddy quick-attach, slide-mount system is revolutionizing the hunting industry by providing an easier and more economical way for hunters to solve this problem. With the Tree Stand Buddy system, hunters have multiple hunting locations ready to use while only having to own one lock-on style tree stand!

The cutting-edge design of Tree Stand Buddy offers a two piece bracket system that safely installs most lock-on tree stands to almost any tree. The stand bracket attaches to most single and double-post lock-on stands. The accompanying tree bracket is installed on the tree at the desired height. Smart hunters can install multiple receivers throughout their hunting areas and then simply move their tree stand to another location whenever weather conditions or game activity dictates.

To use the Tree Stand Buddy, the hunter first attaches the stand bracket to his or her favorite lock-on stand. The bracket is designed to work with most stands available on the market. Then the hunter climbs a tree and affixes the tree bracket with TSB Ultimate Ratchet Straps. Hunters can also choose to add lag bolts for added security. The tough part is deciding which tree to hunt.

Once at the stand location, the hunter only needs to thread a rope through a V-shape loop on the tree bracket. Then, while safely on the ground, connect the rope to the tree stand and simply hoist the stand to just below the bracket on the tree. The Tree Stand Buddy effectively eliminates the need to climb the tree while carrying the stand and greatly reduces the risk of a fall or injury. Next, the hunter ties off the hoisting rope at ground level. After climbing up the tree, it's simply a matter of sliding the stand bracket onto the receiver and affixing the tree stand's straps/chain as per the manufacturer's instructions.

With multiple tree brackets placed at selective stand locations, hunters only need to use just one lock-on stand. Now hunters can afford to buy a nicer, more comfortable (high-end) lock-on stand since they only need one stand to use with the Tree Stand Buddy system. In addition to making stands sturdier and safer to use, TSB assures the same set-up every time you install your stand. And less set-up time means more time for scouting or hunting!

Using the Tree Stand Buddy system now gives hunters the ability to easily remove their stands each and every time they are finished with their hunt. Don't worry about giving away your stand location to other hunters anymore. And, not only will hunters be able to prevent tree stand theft, they will also be able to safeguard their equipment from rodents and adverse weather conditions. The ability to inspect the tree stand before each use is now an added safety feature of the TSB.

Safety and protection are just two of the reasons why hunters love the Tree Stand Buddy. Each TSB Starter Kit comes with a stand bracket, a receiver, and two TSB Ultimate Ratchet Straps. Additional receivers can be added by purchasing a TSB Receiver Two-Pack. The TSB Ultimate Ratchet Straps can also be purchased separately.

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Whether you hunt on private or public land, Tree Stand Buddy provides hunters greater versatility in the woods to react to the prevailing wind conditions as well as changes in deer movement in order to increase their chances for a successful hunt.

“The Tree Stand Buddy is my favorite new product,” says Tom Nelson, host of American Archer. “It will change the way you hunt.”

For more information and to purchase the remarkable Tree Stand Buddy, please visit or call (877) 987-2723.

About Tree Stand Buddy

The Tree Stand Buddy slide-mount system is the fastest, easiest and safest way ever to hang your stand. With Tree Stand Buddy you no longer have to climb a tree carrying your stand. And, it’s rock solid, sturdy and quiet!

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