It is Hard Work Keeping the Anti-Gun Dream Alive

By Rob Morse 

Slow Facts
Slow Facts

California – -(  Some people still believe gun-prohibition works.  That fading idea is like a sick old man on life support.  It takes more and more effort simply to keep that fading fantasy alive.

They try.  These anti-rights lobbyists pump out a heartbeat of press releases paid for with a billionaire’s money.  Yes, I mean Bloomberg, as well as the Joyce, Tides and Heinz foundations.

Here is an example.  The murders at the Charleston, South Carolina church were in a gun free zone.  The billionaires who wants you disarmed said we need more background checks.. while admitting the murderer passed his firearms owner background check.

Well, duhh.

A crazed gunman attacked a Dallas, Texas police station.  The Bloomberg groups blamed a new law allowing open carry of firearms.  They forgot to mention that the open carry law does not go into effect until next year.


Judging these examples, it isn’t easy selling media spin.. even if you have millions of dollars to generate press releases.  I couldn’t do

The dying idea of gun-prohibition has given us failure after failure.  Each failure demands a successively larger media campaign to keep the gun-prohibition fantasy alive.  It becomes harder and harder to sell gun-prohibition to anyone except the liberal medial.  The media spin would be funny except for the number of disarmed victims.

Look for the media to parrot the press release after the next attack in a gun free zone.*

mda told you
(Told you so.  RM)

The idea of gun-prohibition is fading fast.  The number of concealed carry permits in the US more than doubled since President Obama was elected.  Last year the number of permits grew by a record 15%.  The murder rate fell by 25 percent during that same period showing that honest gun owners don’t cause crime.  Today, the national average is that one out of 19 adults has a permit to carry, and in five states the licensed carry rate is more than one in ten adults.

The average gun owner looks like the average American.  Since 2007, permits for women have increased by 270% while permits have only grown by 156% for men.  Evidence suggests that permit holding by minorities is increasing more than twice as fast as for whites.

Bloomberg will have to pump a few more millions into the dead idea of gun-prohibition.

Good riddance to blood money!

*I originally thought I’d hold this article, but then MDA gave me the quote I wanted.  The murderer in Louisiana was a drifter with a long criminal history.. who got a gun anyway.  MDA said we need more gun control.  (head desk)

About Rob Morse: By day, Rob Morse works as a mild mannered engineer for a Southern California defense contractor. By night he writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog.   He is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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The disarming of Australia was not successful. Following Australia’s mandatory 1996 gun “buy-back” fiasco, the actual number of gun-related deaths did [technically] decrease very slightly – although it remains triple the U.S. per capita murder rate – but Australia’s other violent crimes (armed robbery, arson, armed assault, home invasion, rape, etc) have more than quadrupled! So, since the disarming, not quite as many Australians have since been shot to death, but each of that country’s citizens now annually face a government-guaranteed FOUR TIMES the likelihood of being a defenseless victim of violent crimes (compared to before the buy-back program)… which… Read more »

Carol Browne

When did Ammoland turn into Stormfront and allow vicious anti-semitic cartoons and comments?


Vicious ? Are you a fan of Stormfront ? I don’t see the comparison at all between Ammoland and Stormfront. Do you consider calling a Jew a Jew anti-Semitic ? As far as the cartoon,what cartoon ?..,.the cartoon of the gun-grabber on life support with the Jewish shaped nose ? It might be depicting Bloomberg,have you ever seen his profile ? (It’s a fact that a lot of Jews have what’s know as the ‘hook nose’,as do many people of ME descent) ! This is vicious ? Get real !


Let’s confuse the issue some more. Arabs are ‘Semites’ too! There’s been posts about Islamic terrorist acts on Ammoland. Are you upset by “Freedom of Speech” when it involves facts about ethnicity? Things are what they are, and the facts eventually come out.


The only time the liberal biased media,the Obama controlled media,really double downs on gun control is when the shooter is white. Like SC and La. If the shooter is black or a Muslim Islamic terrorist the media will downplay it,blame it on whites,and are reluctant to report it at all. But they have a field day when the shooter is white. Racism is alive and well in the U.S.,but it’s the liberals/media,blacks,and Obama who are the racists. Whites have had it with this bullshit too,and it will come to a head soon. If it was up to blacks and what… Read more »


What’s keeping the “Anti-Gun Dream” alive is a media that groups gun owners with social pariahs like the latest shooters in South Carolina and Louisiana.


Gun-grabbers are complete morons that think their liberal,tyrannical agenda is more important than the U.S. Constitution. Not only are their efforts to deprive law-abiding Americans of their 2A freedoms losing,it failed a long time ago. The traitors like Obama,Bloomberg,Shannon Watts (the Bloomberg minion),Feinstein,etc,..etc.,,are just too stupid to realize that fact. With all their lies,fabricated statistics,,etc….it just makes the pro 2A,pro-gun lobby stronger by the day because Americans are sick and tired of being lied to by this gutter trash !


Bloomberg would be so much happier back in Israel. I know that ‘real Americans’ would be happier with the Bloomberg Jew back in Israel. These damn dual passports need to end as far a Jews go. Disarming through tyranny. On one hand you have an African born Muslim,socialist, racist from Kenya,and on the other all these damn Jews with dual citizenship in the U.S. trying to destroy the U.S. constitution. These damn dual citizenship Jews have no rights or say about nothing concerning the 2A or anything else concerning the U.S.


Bloomberg’s anti-2A views come from his experience as an elitist oligarch and a pretentious urbanite, not his Jewish heritage.


Japan and Australia?


Australia is now allowing their citizens to own guns again, without fanfare of course. This is because the violent crime rate “shot through the roof” when self defense was removed from the people. Japan is not a western country and should not be compared to us.

Mark Koernke

The “Land Down Under” is under CROWN RULE. You know, the asses we shot out of this country in 1783. (they have been trying to lord over us ever since in a replay of Tyranny) So who are LEADERS of the gun grab here in AmeriKa? WHO pushed the 33-34 gun ban? WHO pushed the GCA 68, WHO keeps putting their face in front of the camera??? BLOOMBERG, SHUMMER, FIENSTEIN, METZENBAUM, COHAN, BLOOMBERG…ETC. You know those Protestant rights haters,oh, I mean those Catholic gun grabbers, Oh, I mean those Japanese Shinto Priests, oh, I mean those Hindu, oh, I mean… Read more »