Important Lesson Learned From Self-Defense Shooting By Ex-CNN Reporter

Lynne Russell
Lynne Russell
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( A former Cable News Network (CNN) reporter, Chuck de Caro, and his wife, Lynne Russell, who is a former CNN anchor, were involved in an attempted holdup in New Mexico.

The result, as documented in the coverage below, was a violent shootout.  Lynne was not hurt, Chuck was shot, but is expected to survive, and the bad guy is deceased.

Lynne opened their hotel room door to get something from the car, when a man pushed his way through the door, armed with a handgun.  After taking Chuck’s briefcase, the bad guy turned and started shooting.  Chuck returned fire ( he and Lynne are CHP holders).

A full-fledged shootout ensued, with Chuck getting shot THREE TIMES – twice in the abdomen and once in the leg!


As long as you are conscious, keep returning fire and fighting. If Chuck had given up, the bad guy would probably have murdered him and Lynne. As it was, Chuck, though badly wounded, won – the bad guy stumbled into the parking lot and died.

Notice in the CNN piece below, that they make a point of Chuck having been in the Special Forces and Lynne having been a reserve deputy sheriff.  I think CNN simply can’t accept that a regular citizen with a CHP would actually carry a gun, much less survive and win such a gun battle!

I guess they don’t watch the news at CNN.  😉

Here is CNN’s coverage:

and the ABC affiliate in Albuquerque, KOAT:


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  • 11 thoughts on “Important Lesson Learned From Self-Defense Shooting By Ex-CNN Reporter

    1. Look closely she is standing in front of a gun case. No need for glasses or hearing protection. Glad they survived th he shooting.

    2. for all the so called experts….how can the chamber be open with out the slide being back…enough of this amiteur hour second guessing

    3. Jeez,
      As for the photo, the chamber is open and she seems to be in front of a display case, probably getting a feel for the pistol. As for Chuck not allowing himself to be taken out of the fight, it is a fair possibility that he aquired that mindset in SF.

    4. Are they former CNN employees because they carry guns or because they realized the left wing BS peddled by CNN? Maybe all of the above?

    5. The photographer who had Lynne pose is a bloody IDIOT! He/she should have advised her to don safety glasses (she had ear protectors around her neck) and KEEP HER FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER, unless the target was on sight and she had decided to shoot.

      Unfortunately, glory shots sometimes work against our gun rights when safety rules are recorded on film.

      1. Neither of them would be alive if they’d taken the time to don their safety glasses and hearing protectors.

      2. It appears the chamber is open. She doesn’t have her finger on the trigger it is positioned along side it. She is in no firing position. Who can tell if it’s a real weapon?

      3. So using that same logic do you carry your weapon chambered and hammer on an empty cell and safety on????
        In 40 years I have never played the “5 magic rules that will insure safety”
        Sorry carrying an unloaded weapon and placing your finger on then off the trigger is a compromise to satisfy the gun haters.
        Far all we know she was demonstrating proper weapon handling the weapon might have been empty she might have been alone chance no need for eyewear or eyewear and simply demonstrating sound technique as the photo went off as she placed her finger on the trigger to fire. yeah right and as I said I never carry one in the pipe or hammer on an open cell.

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