Mass Murder in Oklahoma, But Media Could Care Less, No Guns Involved

Still blood covered booking photo of Oklahoma Killer Robert Bever
Still blood covered booking photo of Oklahoma Killer Robert Bever
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Oklahoma –-( That’s right, there was a mass murder in which five people were killed and one other seriously injured in Oklahoma a few days ago that the media is virtually ignoring.

Why is this criminal act being skipped by the national media?

Because no guns were used in the crime.

The young man the police say killed his family did so with a knife. That’s right, no guns, no national interest in a mass murder.

The murders occurred on July 25 2015. A sister survived but is seriously injured. And the police have no motive yet.

Police in Oklahoma say they have turned to social media posts for clues about the motive of a teenager accused in the stabbing deaths of his parents and three siblings during a late-night attack that left bodies strewn through the family’s home.

A booking document filed by police in the Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow accuses Robert Bever, 18, of five counts of first-degree murder and a count of aggravated assault in the attack Wednesday night.

Bever’s 16-year-old brother also was being held. Because he is a juvenile, officers have not released his name or announced charges against him. Broken Arrow Police Cpl. Leon Calhoun said both brothers were cooperating with the investigation.

Calhoun said Friday that the agency was still looking for a motive and was searching social media accounts that they believe belong to Bever. Those include community site Pinterest and a Facebook account.

The dead include his parents, David Bever, 52, and April Bever, 44. The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner’s Office on Friday also identified the three dead siblings as Daniel Bever, 12; Christopher Bever, 7; and Victoria Bever, 5. An unidentified 13-year-old sister was in serious but stable condition in a hospital and an unnamed 2-year-old sister wasn’t harmed and was placed in state custody.

But this story is practically absent from the major scheme of the national media. Why? Because no gun was used and the media can’t push its anti-gun narrative. So this story gets ignored.

  • 20 thoughts on “Mass Murder in Oklahoma, But Media Could Care Less, No Guns Involved

    1. Only a bunch of gun nuts would come up with this paranoia. I hope they do take your guns. You are too zealous & silly to have them. What you need is some medication.

        1. That would be normal for these Marxist sycophants! Their god of self is insatiable, no matter how out of touch they are.

      1. we gun nuts as you call us believe our life is valuable and worth protecting, you will hear of one guy attacking a gun free zone but wont hear about 100 million gun owners that never hurt anybody that day.

      2. Typical. You offer no argument about your opinion and then try to denigrate a group of people just because you do not like their opinion or hobbies. To me it is childish but I have to take it seriously. The irs spied on groups it didn’t like, Snowden remarked the nsa is collecting data on millions and we are supposed to believe you are right and have the solutions. We watch as this gov constantly violates laws, we watch as this gov takes over healthcare, we watched as the gov tries to take over all the water, we watch as this gov lies to us and we watch as this gov indoctrinates children in schools. Maybe you should be paranoid also because once you have been used to finish their goals, you will no longer have a purpose.

    2. The Agenda for the USA Communist Revolution is stalled as long as over 100 million Patriotic Americans can present a wall of armed resistance to the Communist Obama Regime and their Solidarity Muslim Brothers.
      The requirement of rank and file, citizen disarmament is now, the only major hurdle left before the Resolution requirement of;
      “In time, Confiscate Private Property, Private Industry, Private Capital and Private Income.”
      I know, I was in that SDS Regional Council Meeting on Dec 9 -10 1968 where we prepared the Resolution outlining the means to accomplish the goal of creating a USSA.
      We knocked them off track, hard, back then , but, they got back up and now, look how far they have come together with their solidarity Muslim Brothers .

      This President intends to use all means of propaganda that will aid his goal of Disarming the American Citizen.
      This knife killing does not have enough flair for that purpose. If anything, the knife massacre gives more reason for the citizens to be able to protect themselves and their liberties by having a firearm.

      Added Note: The FBI COINTELPRO Infiltrators were not Agent Provocateurs as the Communist have changed US history to portray. Fewer in numbers than believed, the Infiltrators prevented many acts of violence from taking place by penetrating the leadership of these subversive organizations in a strictly legal manor.
      No Thanks to Senator Frank Church, the ability to stop progression of this subversive Communist Resolution resulted in the precarious situation to our freedoms we are witnessing today.

    3. I said something to my wife about this crime and she said she had not heard of this at all. She then made the comment
      of I wonder why I did not see or hear of this? I asked her do you want to know why? She asked why and I told her that there were no guns involved and that this does not push the agenda. She is slowly waking up to how this game is played
      and how you are only showed the stories that will try to shape your opinion.

    4. I googled it, they are saying something about an ammunition delivery that was pending, so it may lead to something else.

    5. It was broadcast in Northern New England when it happened, but not in great detail. Something like, “Six Oklahoma family members stabbed, five dead, two brothers held.”

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