Meet the Hannibal Lecter of Planned Parent Hood, Dr. Deborah Nucatola

By Michelle Malkin

Hannibal Lecter
Meet the Hannibal Lecter of Planned Parent Hood, Dr. Deborah Nucatola
Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin

Los Angeles, CA – -( Hannibal Lecter ain't got nothing on the profit-maximizing abortion ghoul caught on tape hawking aborted baby parts as she swilled wine and nibbled on a gourmet salad.

In newly released undercover footage from the pro-life Center for Medical Progress, seasoned abortionist Dr. Deborah Nucatola, who serves as national senior director of “medical services” at Planned Parenthood, chitter-chattered eagerly about fulfilling the bloodthirsty demand for “intact hearts,” “lower extremities” and lungs.

Price tag? “You know, I would throw a number out,” she babbled breezily as she twirled her fork. “I would say it's probably anywhere from $30 to $100” per specimen.

Hollywood couldn't conjure monsters this chillingly, banally evil.

Nucatola exulted at how fetal livers have become tres chic: “A LOT of people” want them.

She then spoke of the new hot trends in body-parts trafficking as if she were raving about the latest craze for crop tops or artisanal cheese.

“I was like wow,” she gushed to her potential clients about the market for unborn baby hearts, “I didn't even know!”

Like wow.

This master of murderous euphemism repeatedly referred to an unborn baby's head as a “calvarium” and casually described the tricks and techniques she and her fellow abortionists use to “increase your chance of success.” Rotating the babies so they are delivered breech before being mutilated and slaughtered by the practitioners of Planned Butcherhood works fabulously, in case you were wondering.

Pausing only to swig more luxury libations from her jumbo wine glass, the loquacious death doc explained to investigators posing as fetal tissue company executives how her “providers” use “ultrasound guidance” to target the coveted body parts — “so they'll know where they're putting their forceps.”

In a singsong recitation, this lettuce-chomping Mengele in a silk tank top detailed how the “providers” use ultrasound to become “cognizant of where you put your graspers.”

This method is not employed to reduce the pain and suffering of unborn baby and mother, mind you. It's to get “good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that — so I'm not gonna crush that part. I'm going to basically crush below, I'm gonna crush above, and I'm gonna see if I can get it all intact.”

Think about that. Planned Parenthood has officially declared it “torture” for women to see their unborn children through ultrasound before submitting to abortion. The billion-dollar abortion industry has lobbied vociferously against increasing ultrasound access to pregnant women on the fence about abortion.

But when the same imaging technology is used to help Planned Butcherhood's “providers” place their forceps strategically to protect their precious organ commodities, it's invaluable “guidance.”

Now you know if you didn't already or if you were in abject denial. Planned Parenthood's fetish for late-term abortion stems not from compassion for mothers, but from the cold-blooded drive to drum up cold, hard cash. The practice has continued for at least 15 years, when Planned Parenthood's human harvesters in Kansas were first uncovered.

Can it get any more stomach-turning? Brace yourselves. This video is just the first in a series by the Center for Medical Progress, which has been investigating Planned Butcherhood's illegal, immoral trafficking of aborted fetal parts for almost three years.

The expose comes after years of undercover journalistic work by Lila Grace Rose and Live Action, who have caught government-supported Planned Parenthood officials covering up for sexual predators, promoting gendercide, flouting health regulations and disclosure laws, soliciting money from racist eugenics zealots who want more black babies aborted, and perpetuating a homicidal racket in the name of “reproductive health.”

Nucatola is no rogue underling. She's Planned Parenthood's “senior director” of “medical services” with years of scalpel-wielding, hands-on abortion training. She bragged not only about her own expertise in procurement of baby body parts, but about the everyday trafficking that goes on “behind closed doors” at countless “affiliates.”

When you've recovered from your nausea, ask yourselves this: What kind of country do we live in where law-abiding businesses are fined, threatened and demonized for refusing to bake gay wedding cakes, but barbaric baby butchers are hailed by feminists, Hollywood and a president who asked God to “bless” them?

God help us.

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  • 13 thoughts on “Meet the Hannibal Lecter of Planned Parent Hood, Dr. Deborah Nucatola

    1. It would be nice once in awhile for a journalist to actually know anything about what they are talking about prior to submitting it to the world wide web. Clearly this journalist has no idea regarding abortion procedures or standards of care related to performing safe procedures. However, it appears she does have the flare for the dramatic and is able to stir up more controversy but painting and even more gruesome picture than need be. The fact is that abortion is a necessary part of women’s reproductive health care. Not everyone has to like it, but please stop portraying abortion providers as evil. They are some of the most compassionate physicians that exist and perform a wide array of reproductive health care services aside from abortion. I think it’s safe to say that Michelle Malkin is very ignorant when it comes to these issues.

    2. No where in the Hippocratic Oath does the phrase “Primum non nocere” or “First, do no harm” appear. Not in the 3rd Century Oxyrhyachus Papyri 2547, Pythagorean Medicine version Archived at the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford University or the 12th Century AD, Byzantine Manuscript of the Oath version or even in the Modern AMA version.

      1. So I guess you’re saying its OK to sell dead baby parts because of one sentence that may or may not be in an oath ?

      2. Who gives an aeronautical intercourse about the oath? This is about the premeditated MURDER of unborn, innocent BABIES! You know, like YOU were at one time. There is not a place in Hell hot enough for these monsters.

    3. Kristy Whitehouse RNBS.

      In the original 3rd Century BC, Oxyrhyachus Papyri 2547 and the Modern Day Equivalent. Does the phrase “Primum non nocere” or “First, do no harm”. Appear anywhere in the Hippocratic Oath, Please point it out to me.

      1. So, what are you arguing–that the quotation is apocryphal, as are many from antiquity, and that the ethical dictate is therefore erroneous? This is much akin to stating that Hermann Goering did NOT say, “Whenever I hear the word culture, I remove the safety on my Browning!” which leads you to infer that old Hermann was a pretty nice guy, all things considered, and can be emulated without qualm.

        If the ethical dictate is erroneous, I assume that you believe that it can be ignored, and physicians may wound, main, or kill their patients unjustifiably, without medical necessity, with a clear conscience.

        Or, are you just another mother’s-basement pedant, parsing words to aggrandize yourself in your own eyes?

        By the way, you may have misspelled ‘Oxyrhynchus’, the ancient city in Egypt from whence the ‘Oxyrhynchus’ papyri came. You should also work on your punctuation, and have someone instruct you on proper capitalization.

        1. @ John in AK.

          The Nuremberg Accords of 1946-49. Doesn’t allow for the Experimentation On Human’s. The United States of America, DIDN’T sign those Accords.

    4. the first words in the oath I took was Do No Harm! My last position I worked at a university health center & refused to prescribe plan B, due to my religious beliefs I was able to keep my job & not give the drug, as it was introduced after I was hired. Since I have retired Anyone hired must agree to “provide” This “service. Of course now anyone can buy it over the counter. (Men can purchase it for their girlfriends. ) The only reason there needs to b a plan B pill is to stop a fertilized egg (life). It is nauseating to me to think of what this butcher & others like her are doing & using my tax dollars to do it. I have seen much in my career, this video reduced me to tears & turned my stomach. My greatest thanks to you for your poignant words. I am so sad.

      1. I would expect, or at least hope you are aware of the lie that Michelle Malkin is telling here. Planned Parenthood is doing nothing wrong here. They are DONATING fetal tissue for scientific research. They are receiving only a small sum to cover their costs for this donation.

        The gross comments being repeated are common among medical professionals. Sneak into an operating room or a medical debriefing sometime and listen to the kind of remarks you will hear. You will hear the same kinds of crude language in a firehouse or at a “cops” bar. You may think such language is crude, rude, irreverent, or whatever, but it is simply a way of dealing with highly emotional feelings. It’s a release. Don’t let Michelle Malkin make it into something nasty and uncaring, because IT IS NOT.

        1. “PP is doing nothing wrong here”. REALLY? So you have no problem whatsoever with murdering unborn, innocent BABIES in the womb? You are one SICK bastard!

        2. @ Gene Hull.

          I’m also aware, that back in March 2013. That Donald Trump, ask her (Michelle Malkin) “If She was Born Stupid”

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