Plano Synergy Holdings Acquires No Limit Archery

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Plano Synergy Holdings Acquires No Limit Archery
Plano Synergy Holdings Acquires No Limit Archery
Plano Synergy
Plano Synergy

Plano, IL -( No Limit Archery designs and manufactures high-performance broadheads and specialty release aids.

It is primarily known for its signature products, Grave Digger Broadheads and The Ringer hand-held release. The addition of No Limit Archery further enhances Plano Synergy’s growth as one of the archery industry’s elite companies.

Plano Synergy brands feature premium, high-quality products that enhance the outdoor experience.

Tom Hurt, President and CEO at Plano Synergy said, “No Limit Archery is an exciting company that shares the Plano Synergy commitment to manufacture the very best products that offer consumers innovative technologies and reliable performance. They’ve enjoyed a fiercely loyal niche consumer base which will grow quickly when partnered with our other archery brands.”

Grave Digger broadhead designs are both patented and unique, combining a fully functional fixed head with expandable blades. They offer both cut-on-contact and chisel-point options, along with the ability to replace all blades, fixed and mechanical.

The Ringer hand-held release aids feature a patent-pending finger trigger system that allows hunters to maintain better control, correct target panic and virtually eliminate accidental fires.

“My vision has always been focused on quality, and producing products that not only work but actually make a hunter more effective,” said Dale Perry, No Limit Archery CEO and creator/designer of the Grave Digger. “I can’t imagine a better fit than with Plano Synergy. Our innovation and commitment to quality are a perfect match, and it’s exciting to think about what the future now holds for No Limit Archery.”

Plano Synergy plans to align the Grave Digger product line under the growing BloodSport brand in an effort to expand the offering to core hunting consumers. No Limit Archery will be rebranded as an all-encompassing general archery company that provides a global shooting experience.

Plano Synergy will relocate No Limit Archery’s administrative and distribution functions to its Clearwater, Florida operation. This reorganization will align with the long term strategic direction of the Bloodsport brand.

Dale Perry will join the Plano Synergy team and lead Product Development for the broadhead and release categories.

No Limit Archery
No Limit Archery

About No Limit Archery

Dale Perry started No Limit Archery after watching a friend’s buck calmly walk out of sight forever after being shot with a small fixed-blade broadhead. He decided there had to be a way to combine the shootability of a fixed-blade head with the devastating cutting diameter of an expandable. “I went home and couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened,” Perry said. “What if he made the same shot with a large-cutting mechanical? But what if the mechanical didn’t open?” Even when told by every manufacturer he talked to that there was no way his idea would work, Perry knew he could do it. It took more than three years, but thanks to his patented locking system, Perry finally came up with a head that met his standards of flyability, durability, reliability and lethality, and the Grave Digger was born.

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