Sportsman Channel’s ‘Razor Dobbs Alive’ Hunts Mule Deer in West Texas

Sportsman Channel’s “Razor Dobbs Alive” Hunts Mule Deer in West Texas on Sunday, August 2 at 10:30 p.m. ET

Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel

New Berlin, Wis. –( Host Razor Dobbs is no stranger to adrenaline. This week, the big game hunter is on a mule deer hunt in the deserts of West Texas. He eyes a shooter on the horizon, but he’s not within range. Dobbs ventures into a bowstand for a better vantage point. While in the stand, instead of a bow, he takes aim with a 10mm automatic handgun. Tune in to Razor Dobbs Alive Sunday, August 2 at 10:30 p.m. ET on Sportsman Channel.

A well-seasoned shooter, Dobbs has one tag left to fill in West Texas, and he is hoping to get a shot at a majestic mule deer. For a different view of the land, Dobbs heads into a bowstand. Contrary to his new location’s name, Dobbs’ bow is nowhere to be seen. He is hoping to harvest a giant muley with a 10mm automatic handgun. When Dobbs eventually zeros in on a muley, he must remain calm and collected. If he successfully harvests a mule deer with his handgun he will be the first hunter to accomplish the feat.

Viewers witness the intensity of the hunt, Dobbs’ passion for the outdoors and why he believes gun use diversity can vastly change and even improve a hunter’s experience.

“If you’re complacent with rifle hunting, bow hunting, whatever it may be – pick up a 10mm and start a whole new way of hunting,” explained Dobbs.  “It will change your life.”

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