Terrorist Kills 4 Unarmed Marines in TN, Trump Promises to Re-Arm Servicemen

Terrorist Kills 4 Unarmed U.S. Marines in TN, Trump Promise to Re-Arm Servicemen
Terrorist Kills 4 Unarmed U.S. Marines in TN, Trump Promise to Re-Arm Servicemen
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Chattanooga, TN – -(Ammoland.com)- Only days after AmmoLand Shooting Sports News interviewed with 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump, on the vulnerability of U.S. Servicemen being disarmed by misguided gun control polices, four Marines are cut down by a domestic terrorist.

The terrorist attack started at 10:45am in Chattanooga Tennessee when a well armed gunman, opened fire on a Marine Recruiting location. Then proceeded to the U.S. Naval Reserve Center on Amnicola Highway, about 11am, where the four marines were killed.  The gunman was also killed. No details on who or what his motives were, have yet been released.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump when recently asked about the deadly “Gun Free” policies at our American Military bases he stated;

“As Commander-in-Chief, I would mandate that soldiers remain armed and on alert at our military bases.

President Clinton never should have passed a ban on soldiers being able to protect themselves on bases. America’s Armed Forces will be armed.

They will be able to defend themselves against terrorists. Our brave soldiers should not be at risk because of policy created by civilian leadership. Political correctness has no place in this debate.”

These Gun Free Killing zones have left our highly trained war fighters defenseless against mass murderers and terrorist and needs to be changed.

As our friend John Farnam at Defense Training International says “Keep your head up. Maintain your options. Stay dangerous!”

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As a journalist on an Army base, I find it really upsetting that people who report stories can’t get their facts straight, or simply neglect to check their facts. The article states this was a ‘Clinton era’ decision to not allow Soldiers to carry arms on base when in fact it was Bush the first. Bush the second and Clinton didn’t overturn it. Quoting Trump doesn’t lend any creditability considering he never gets his facts straight. The man’s an ass.


I would gladly be a Conservative ass with 9 billion as opposed to being a Democrap Communist


Our armed forces members are American ciitizens. The second amendment guaranties their right to keep and bear arms. they and all of us should be armed at all times and all places for we all are the militia. We all as Americans are responsible for our personal safety and for the safety of our families ad our neighbors. i have heard it said that the Japanese admiral Yama moto said that if they were to invade the united states they would find a rifle behind every blade of grass. If that were the case today, we would not need worry… Read more »


BHO, ISIS, Damn the Constitution, Destroy the Bill of Rights (especially the 2nd Amendment); GET THE PICTURE!

Former GI Joe

When I enlisted in the mid-1970s this policy was in effect. All personal arms were to be locked in either the unit’s arms room or the post Provost Marshal’s arms room. Violations were punishable by court martial. And, it was not Clinton who mandated the more recent on-post/base disarming of military personnel. That was George H.W. Bush.


Bullsh*t,you’re wrong !


Bill Clinton ‘ s MIDNIGHT BASKETBALL really lowered crime LMAO !!

TSgt B

The ONLY solution to this is to authorize all NCOs and commissioned officers, INCLUDING MILITARY RETIRES (after all, we’re still members of the Armed Forces, for LIFE) to carry arms 24/7/365 EVERYWHERE IN THE U.S.


yes retired should have all the same privilege as active does.


My hatred for Islamists and liberal democrats just increased exponentially.

CS Bennett

It doesn’t matter, right now, who initiated this terrible policy. The fact remains that any president after it was passed could have reversed it and armed our fine soldiers, Marines, airmen, and sailors. Can you imagine going back in time to Rome or Sparta and learn that their warriors cannot carry their swords and spears around on base, or even around town? You know, if you watch any western show, or movie, our frontier men carried side arms, both on and off base (or the fort as they called it then). Until we get rid of these liberal kooks and… Read more »

Sandy Shepard

Go Trump
Your the only candidate who isn’t afraid of speaking the truth.

Philip W Marin

way to go American, I feel the same way. Bill Clinton is a ass. And like all of those other fool’s that are trying to destroy this nation, To Hell with them all.

Daniel Pukach

It time we armed our military and allow them to cary weapons on and off duty . and it ‘s time to really tke the war against islm .musliams and isis to the enemy we know who their leaders are, we know where the base camps are We know when and where they group together training so lets nuke the shit out of them once and for all and be done with it and if some lone wolf retaliates we bomp the snot out of this home town ,and if he a american turn coat to confiscate all of this… Read more »


the blame lies wit the POS at the top


It was actually GHW Bush who enacted Department of Defense Directive 5210.56 back in 1992, signed by Donald J. Atwood. I suspect you (collectively) are speaking of Army Regulation 190-14, which was implemented under Clinton, but actually only reinforced DD 5210.56, and didn’t include the Marines, or, the men who were murdered today.The law signed under Clinton only served to enforce weapons control with regard to Army bases and only with regard to the original law. While these murders are wrong, horrifying and were likely preventable, it was not Clinton who changed the gun laws, it was Bush Sr.

mike m



We need Trump and Walker or some combination of the two!


If we don’t get enough outraged people to VOTE in 2016 , welcome to Clinton term 3. We need to talk to and educate our young people because unless they are watching Fox News, they are being brainwashed by the liberal media. The toddlers/adolescents during 9/11 don’t remember it, were probably not taught about the Holocaust, and vote on issues like gay marriage. When I started educating my son’s friends about O’s policy on guns, they were “shocked” and upset… one of them had voted for O in 2008, but did not in 2012. God bless our military and police.


It was that goddamn POS Bill Clinton that turned our military bases,recruitment centers,etc. into ‘gun free zones’ ! This shit pisses me off so bad I can’t hardly type right now ! This Muslim camel jockey terrorist from f*cking Kuwait comes over here and shoots up our Marines because of that goddamn Bill Clinton and them liberal coward pussies. My pain and hurt I feel is for them four Marines who were killed today ! RIP !


GWBush — 8 years as President — didn’t change this policy either.

Your votes for Bush were as wasted as if you had voted Dem.

Brainwashed rubes, all of you.


I was totally unaware of this policy until the first Ft Hood shooting. If there would had been a shooting at a military base in the long 8 years that Bush was in office this policy would had changed,quick !


Dammit this crap pisses me off!. These damn democratic cowards disarming the same people they want to be protected by, can’t protect themselves because of the nanny state politics. I am so disillusioned by what is happening in this so called America. Ugh. How can anybody vote democratically and not see what is happening to us !


It was that pussy Bill Clinton that turned all our military bases into ‘gun free zones’ ! The liberal douche bags in my eyes are almost as culpable as that rag head shooter for these four Marines deaths !


Well, Dubya had 8 years in which to change it and did… nothing. What? No opprobrium for him?

Take off the blinders, son, and recognize that the Republicans are just as bad as Democrats.

Granny Grunch

I hate to expose this……it wasn”t Clinton who disarmed the military but George H W Bush. He did this in Feb 1992 while he was still president. In Nov Clinton took over.


What’s this, like the 3rd attack on unarmed military personnel? Is our military unarmed because ‘Barry’ fears a ‘military coup’?