Wayne Carlton’s Calls New Tone Trough Line of Diaphragm Elk Calls

Tone Trough Line of Diaphragm Elk Calls
Tone Trough Line of Diaphragm Elk Calls
Hunter’s Specialties
Hunters Specialties

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Wayne Carlton’s Calls new Tone Trough Diaphragm line allows hunters of all skill levels to add diaphragm calls to their elk calling arsenal.

“It’s a revolution in elk diaphragm calling,” says Wayne Carlton.

“The built-in sound chamber, or tone trough, allows hunters to blow the call using less pressure while achieving great sounds. Because less pressure is required, the life of the call and of the reed is prolonged. The unique design of the Tone Trough reduces gagging by not engaging the roof of the mouth. The Tone Trough sound chamber produces the highest pitch bugles, as well as the most authentic nasal cow calls found on the market.”

Tone Trough Diaphragm calls use Hunter’s Specialties’ high quality Infinity Latex, which is easy to blow, as well as being longer lasting than other types of latex on the market. The Premium Flex Frame ensures consistent fit and stretch from call to call.

Wayne Carlton’s Calls Tone Trough Diaphragms come in a number of configurations, including single, double, 1.5, 2.5 and triple reed designs. The Battlin’ Bulls 2-pack includes both single and double reed calls. The Hot Cows 2-pack comes with a Cow & Calf 1.5 reed and Buglin’ 2.5 reed calls. An Elk Arsenal 4-pack is available with single reed, double reed, Cow & Calf 1.5 reed and triple reed calls.

“The Tone Trough is the easiest elk call to blow, and it produces the best sounds I’ve ever heard, along with some that I’ve never heard from a diaphragm call. And that ain’t no bull,” says Wayne Carlton. “The Tone Trough is a great call for pros and beginners alike.”

Prices range from $8.99 for individual calls, to $12.99 for the 2-packs and $22.99 for the 4-pack.

Shop for Wayne Carlton Game Calls online at Amazon: http://tiny.cc/7zk80x

For more information about other Hunters Specialties products, log onto the Hunters Specialties website at www.hunterspec.com, or call a Consumer Service Specialist at 319-395-0321.

About Wayne Carlton Calls:

Wayne Carlton's Calls features the highest quality elk, bear and moose calls that every level of hunter can count on for success. Designed by Wayne himself, the innovator in diaphragm calls for elk and other game, these calls create the perfect tone that can be reproduced by any level of hunter. A successful Western hunt begins with Wayne Carlton's Calls. Wayne Carlton's Calls is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hunters Specialties, Inc.

Wayne Carlton
Wayne Carlton
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