Weakness is a Disease

Remedies for Weakness; both Mental and Physcial
Remedies for Weakness; both Mental and Physcial

Student of the GunBiloxi, Mississippi (Ammoland) “Headline Surfers”; that term has come into vogue during the last decade and it particularly applies to our modern era. We have a rather large portion of the population who never get beyond the headline or they simply read the title of a story and base their thoughts on the those few words alone. What is more incredible, is the fact that many will post comments built only upon their perception of what the title inferred.

Before the metaphorical ink was dry on this page, I knew that the headline surfers would grab a hold of the title and formulate an opinion, not based on what follows, but through their prejudice and ignorance. What fosters this type of behavior? Intellectual laziness or a weakness of the mind.

When considering the day to day news stories, the myriad crises facing those who still care about the fate of the United States of America, it is easy to become frustrated and be overcome by a sense of hopelessness. On the surface, it would seem that the numerous threats and problems that we are confronted with will require countless solutions.

Real Problems

For those who have not yet tuned out completely or surrendered their lives to the will and whim of Big Brother, we are faced with a national debt that has surpassed the unbelievable or unimaginable mark. The Federal government has been writing checks on an empty account for at least a decade but the rate and wanton expansion of the debt has accelerated during the last five years. It is not simply the future of our children that has been mortgaged. We are making, or most aptly putting off, decisions that will affect our great-grandchildren, our posterity (as the founders would have said).

The southern border of the United States is porous or hemorrhaging, if you will. Millions of illegal invaders are sucking the public coffers dry, sending tax-free dollars back to their homeland, and in far too many cases, robbing, raping, and murdering U.S. citizens. Diseases, long since eradicated by responsible treatment and vaccination, have returned to haunt our cities. Measles, mumps, and rubella, once thought to be defeated, are coming back at an alarming rate due to our lackadaisical immigration policies.

Rather than having been destroyed, eradicated, or at very least marginalized to an easily manageable number, Muslim terrorists are on the march worldwide. The shame and folly that we laughingly refer to as a war strategy is in any light a failure. We wasted thousands of lives and billions of dollars on the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns only to announce to the enemy that we are going to quit and leave. The power vacuum created by the botched and sophomoric Iraq pullout set the perfect storm for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

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“Hows that hope and change thing coming along for you?”

krypto McDaniel

Well, he did say that he would fundamentally change America. And he has.