Where Do You Put Your Gun? ~ Video


USA – -(Ammoland.com)- For me, at the end of the day, my gun comes off my belt and goes on the nightstand; in its holster ready for me to don again in the morning.

But I know this is not for everyone. Let's hear it. Where do you put your gun when you go to bed?

Kevin Michalowski

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    1. I put mine in a 4 button Gun Vault under my side of the bed. My fiance has a Gun Vault on her side of the bed, with hers in it. The codes are the same on both vaults so we can easily gain access from muscle memory, not conscious thought.
      If I didn’t have 4 kids in the house, I would have it either on my night stand or in the top drawer.

    2. I do not have children so my carry habits are a little more liberal. My carry pistol goes on the top of the refrigerator where it stays until next time out. I do not carry in the house as I find it cumbersome, I compensate for this by having a handgun, neatly tucked away and ready for use, in all the major rooms of my home.

    3. I wear a pistol wherever and whenever I can legally do so (including at home). With young kids at home, I have to keep my guns locked up in the big safe when they are not under my direct control. When I go to bed, my carry gun (a Glock) goes in the big safe. I have a full-size Glock 21 in a biometric single-pistol safe mounted to my metal bed frame. If I need a gun quickly when I’m in bed, it (and a tactical flashlight) is right there.

    4. Kevin
      We like you have no kids or I agree our habits would be far different. Both my wife and I wear and when we remove them they are on the nightstand still holstered. We do have gun safes in our cars since here in FL gun wearing by anyone in a hospital is illegal. Even the Sheriff’s lock away before entering.
      We remove the guns from the holsters and lock them in safes in the car then enter the hospital when we return we unlock and reholster and off we go until we go to bed where they remain holstered and the cycle continues
      Those that lock their guns up holstered are asking for trouble. Sort of like putting the ammo in a different safe then the gun. Why not just use a baseball bat you have faster access!

    5. I invested in a four button Gun Vault. It is on my night stand cabled to the bed frame. My son is eight years old and autistic. We also provide child care for other special needs kids. The kids know about the weapon and have a basic understanding why I carry it. When they have questions or curiosities, we sit down and have lessons. I’ve taken them out to watch me shoot, so they know what it’s capable of. Milk jugs full of water and mellons are very effective demonstrations. Even with hearing protection, they know it gets loud, and autistic kids are very sensitive to sudden loud noises. If my weapon isn’t on my person, it’s in the gun vault. I considered a bio-metric case, but found out that the reason they come with 250+ codes available is the multitude of angles it needs to recognize a print. I acquired extra security cables so I have one in each vehicle, in our RV, and various locations in the house to easily relocate the Gun Vault without jacking around with the cable. Added note, my son can tell you what each of my weapons are used for, this one is for rabbits, that one is for birds, that one is for Coyotes, and the one I carry is for people. Although he’s autistic, I’ve let him shoot air rifles. Starting him with Nerf Guns, he understands how to safely handle firearms, and how to check if a weapon is clear. His aim is getting better. We do tactical drills with the Nerf guns. Our favorite game is what we call Cowboy Poker. I set up targets labeled one through nine. The shooter rolls a pair of dice, picks up the Nerf gun and shoots the targets that adds up to what was rolled. If a six was rolled for example, he could put two darts in the two, and four darts in the four. The targets are spread randomly throughout the room. He simultaneously improves his math skills as well as threat assessment and target acquisition.

      1. Mr. Rymon. Thank you so very much for your information on training your son with the Nerf gun. I will apply that same process with my Grandson (1 year old) when he is few years older. He already has 4 guns in his collection. He will get one/year on his birthday. My soon to arrive Granddaughter will receive the same. I am always ready to see good training ideas for kids. Thanks again.

    6. Full Disclosure – I am a USCCA paying member and am happy with the education USCCA provides in addition to their legal service plans. God forbid you are in a situation that requires the use of lethal force because you go from victim to suspect the moment you present your weapon as a CCW permit holder. USCCA helps you in your defense; but kudos to them for the education they provide responsible weapon owners to avoid such encounters by use of situational awareness and tactics. From magazine publications, to ‘Into the Fray’ videos, to training services, any permit holder can benefit from joining USCCA. No, I am not paid for this write up; I simply believe there is a benefit to being a member. The best way to win a gun fight is to walk away from it; but if you must engage, know what you are doing and the ramifications. USCCA helps educate CCW permit holders as responsible Americans who follow and respect the law. Stay Safe!

    7. Mine is either on the nightstand or under my pillow in its holster. I carry in the house,, at all times.

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