2015 Reciprocity Changes for Minnesota Carry Permit Holders

Minnesota Reciprocity
Minnesota Reciprocity
Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee
Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee

Minnesota – -(Ammoland.com)- In the most recent legislative session, one of the five pro-gun bills that was passed and signed into law simplified the reciprocity process for Minnesota Permit to Carry Holders by changing the standard by which the Minnesota Commissioner of Public Safety used to determine which states had permit to carry laws that were similar to our own.

Each year, in August, the Commissioner publishes an update outlining which state’s permits will not be honored in Minnesota. The list just came out, using the new standard as passed in the most recent legislative session.

States added this year under the new standard include:

  • Delaware
  • Idaho (Enhanced permit only)
  • Illinois
  • New Jersey [in reality NJ does not issue residents permits, ever]
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota (Enhanced permit only)
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina (Enhanced permit only)
  • South Dakota

Four states were removed from the list due to changes in their state statutes, these include:

  • Missouri
  • Texas
  • Wyoming
  • Utah

For additional details on the process involved in this review by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety – and the specific reasons why Missouri, Texas, Wyoming, and Utah permits are no longer valid in Minnesota, please see this memo from MN DPS General Counsel E. Joseph Newton.

This bill passed because of your efforts as a supporter of MNGOPAC. Thanks for all that you did to make this happen!

This is an improvement, but it’s not the solution

This is a good improvement over Minnesota’s previous reciprocity statute – with several new states being recognized, which should lead to additional recognitions for your Minnesota Permit to Carry. However, this isn’t the long-term solution.

We don’t believe that one should have to obtain a permit in order to exercise your right to keep and bear arms. Any law abiding citizen who is eligible to own a firearm should be able to carry it – without restriction, and without a permit.

Constitutional Carry is one of our legislative priorities. You’ll see a renewed push for Constitutional Carry from us in the 2016 legislative session.

Yours in Liberty,
Bryan Strawser
Executive Director

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I just took Minnesota Class and instructor reasoning was those states allow under 21 to carry. And Wisconsin well no class necessary everyone that took firearms safety can have conceal and carry not good enough for Minnesota. I travel to Texas though couple times a year from MN and I can carry in every state except Texas. Where my family is. Lol

frederick herring

It appears that the reason several states have been removed from reciprocity by Minnesota is the allowance for individuals aged under 21 years to carry hand guns (sometimes in special cases such as military veterans). If this is the road block couldn’t legislation be put forth to give reciprocity for those states that otherwise meet Minnesota’s requirements, but ONLY for individuals aged 21 years and older? The goal should be to get more reciprocity, less confusion and make law abiding visitors feel welcome.


I did some research on Minnesota, The way I look at it. all the state that Minnesota accpet is the one that dont take non resident. There is 3 state that accpet non resident that require you to go to their state to take the course. So it make it harder for next door state, whoever carry or have CCW.


Minnesota license accepted in Nebraska but Nebraska not accepted in MN?? NOT COOL MINNESOTA. A shooting test is required in NE but not for Utah-I kinda understand that part. We travel to MN many times a year for recreation and spend our HARD EARNED money there. I will be writing some letters, and very possibly taking our fishing and water recreation money to a state that recognizes Nebraska permits.


Just another reason we need the second amendment to be abide by and seconded with national concealed carry reciprocity legislation.


Why do you need a national concealed carry reciprocity law to give you a right you already have? The entire issue is any and all of these laws are unconstitutional. The state takes your right to bear arms away from you and then gives it back to you in the form a concealed carry license they charge you money to obtain. The problem is “We the People” continue to let these state and local officials violate the Constitution and restrict our God given rights.


Yep. What Jim satd.


You all keep asking the same question.THE WRONG is in all cases Posterior Voids pushing &$ Larger Posterior voids AKA Political beings. Answer as always Vote OUT. Vote TRUMP.


I am truly disappointed that the UT non resident permit is not recognized nor is the WI resident permit.. Wi will recognize the MN permit which is ironic.. With the MN instructor scheme that’s in place paying a 100.00 or more for a class is a bit much from my perspective.. I talked with a “certifying” organization and they want 350 for the class because “you can make a lot of money”.. I wonder if its more about making money or having the means for self defense.. Too bad. I’m considering getting certified and only charging 50.00 a class for… Read more »


And still my state of Oregon doesn’t recognize any but its own. Our state government is so retarded.


The Peoples Republic of New York as well.

Kevin S.

Why would you not recognize CT. One of the harder anti 2nd amendment states in the country and MN laws are different than CT? Curious how different the laws are. Yet MN wants to have permit less carry in 2016? Or push for it anyway. And now stop reciprocity with UT.? What is wrong with this country??

William Wiese

Sadily MN has become a pass through or drive buy state for a lot of drivers I will spend my money in ND and WI where my rights are honored! Such a shame to see a beautiful state going the way of detroit!


Yep. I have a conference to attend in Milwaukee next year. I had already planned to drive around IL. Don’t know what I’m going to do now that WI dropped reciprocity with TX.


Disregard my last comment. Trying to multi-task and got my states mixed up.


This retarded state no longer recognizes Utah’s Non-Resident Permit. Or my home state New Hampshire. We will take or money elsewhere.

Dr. Strangelove

Rather ironic that MN does not recognize my IA permit but does recognize my non-resident UT permit. But you have to consider this is the state that elected Jesse “The Body” Ventura and SNL funny man Al Franken


No, Dr. Strangelove, Look again. They do NOT recognize your Utah permit. They used to, but no longer do.