Active Duty U.S. Marines Instructed To Back Down From the Fight

By John Farnam

Active Duty U.S. Marines Instructed To Back Down From the Fight
Active Duty U.S. Marines Instructed To Back Down From the Fight
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( A friend on active duty, sent me this today:

It is an “advisory” e-mailed to active-duty, USMC troopers:

“If they are not shooting, do what they say and do not move

Only you can draw the line on what you will do, or not do, to preserve your life and the lives of others

If shooting starts, you need to make you own choice, stay still and hope they don’t shoot, or run for an exit in a zigzag

This is not a recommendation to fight, but a choice to fight when there are no other options”

What dishonorable, sickening, intelligence-insulting drivel!

Marines are told it is okay to “fight,” but only after terrorists start shooting, and even then, they may not fight effectively. Only terrorists get to be armed!

And, Marines are instructed to cooperatively do anything terrorists demand, until the moment they start shooting. However, when you wait until they “start shooting,” you’ve obviously waited too long!

But, it is okay to “hope” they don’t murder you as you cower in a corner!

My friend adds:

“I’m disgusted with what passes as ‘leadership’ in our military today. From the foregoing, you can see that we are under the charge of a cowardly group of ‘uniformed politicians,’ who may qualify as ‘managers,’ but are definitely not leaders!

We have no respect for them, personally nor professionally!”

My comment:

Nor should you!

I’m disgusted too! US Marines are cynically instructed to “draw the line, ” but never given anything with which to draw it! When forcibly disarmed (by your superiors) and facing armed terrorists, how does one “draw the line?” That part of the “plan” is curiously left unexplained of the foregoing advisory!

Once-proud Marines are now instructed not even to wear their uniforms, as it might “provoke” terrorists, and “offend” liberals.

Back in the day, we were all armed, officially or otherwise. Our mantra was:

“We’re US Marines, by God! Everybody fights! Nobody quits!”

Those days are apparently long-gone! Today, we are told:

  • (1) Our enemies and invincible, so resistance is futile.
  • (2) We can’t be trusted with guns, and
  • (3) “Hope” is our official, and only approved, strategy.

Disgusting” hardly does it justice!

“History assures us there are no ‘invincible’ armies.” ~ Joe Stalin


About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc
As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent and unlawful lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance, if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or inactions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit:

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Active-duty Coast Guard have been told not to wear uniforms unless they’re on-base (or boat) and on-duty.
When they go out for a PT run, they’re in civvies.
Traveling to/from work, they’re in civvies.

Rishard Sumney

I emailed this website and asked to have this story about the Marines pulled but I see it has not been done. The wording is directly from The Active Shooter Presentation from the Santa Monica College. Do yourself a favor and go here And see for yourself. This website is not a credible source of information. I am a former Vietnam era Marine and I take it very personal when I see something like this and you draw it to their attention and they do nothing. My guess is if you do not agree with me you are the… Read more »


Obama is out of his league, JV POTUS all the way.

He surrounds himself with Chicago Political Machine cronies, extreme liberals who lack real experience.

We all will pay for his inexperience for the next 50 years.

You can not be the President of the USA by voting ‘Present’. You have to make the right decisions.




Just a thought here, but “what if” ALL military personnel started carrying firearms at all times? What would the administration do? What would the “commanders” do? Are they going to arrest them all? Are they going to kick them all out? What do they have in their “arsenal” that they can use to disarm ALL of the military of their weapons. And, whom among we civilians wouldn’t stand up to help the military retain their arms. I know I would. Screw the administration and all of their puppet “commanders”!


I assume this applies to the Marines who guard Obama and his posse as well? If so when the terrorists strike insure that you do not resist despite any threats to Obama.

Alex T

Pure unadulterated, liberal, socialist, Muslim horsesh*t.


I have warned and warned again….Obama is a muslim!!! he’s the most heavily protected president we’ve ever had….the book says Isreal will stand alone! can anyone see it coming?

Gregg Vandenberg

MOLON LABE my brothers.

J. Callow

This is what comes from letting low information voters and products of the institutes for budding socialists (i.e. colleges) pick our current Apostate in Chief. Armed service members should respond with appropriate overwhelming force in the face of such BS. Marines wear your uniforms – piss on the liberals PC ba*tards.


I am so damn pissed I am light headed… the biggest DISGRACE the USMC has ever been hit with… I am out raged, and F**K every single Marine officer who went along with this starting at the commandant, he should have resigned and took it public for the safety of his Marines before he would be willing to pass an order like this to his Marines, good officers protect their men even if it costs them their careers.. Chesty is spinning like a top in his grave, Chesty we damn sure need you more now than ever before.


This is the direct result of electing a yellow bitch non man for a president. Refusing to enforce or obey laws made by socialists is the best way to combat this. Fifty plus Colorado Sheriffs refuse to enforce the magazine ban. Let it spread like wildfire.


“If they are not shooting, do what they say and do not move.”

Isn’t that what we used to tell airline passengers: “Do as they say or someone could get hurt.” Have we learned nothing? What will it take before we let our warriors BE warriors?


Get the feeling we are being incrementally undermined and betrayed from within?
Is treason still a crime? Hmmmm


mac, and all, Occam’s razor. Which means: The simplest explanation that accounts for all the known facts is most likely correct. In this case, the appropriate theory would be that Obama is actually participating wholeheartedly in Islam’s jihad. So far, I haven’t seen anything credible to refute this theory, so I’m sticking with it…


Whatever this bullshit is,..a directive,order,recommendation,or just some bullshit, I don’t know or care. I do know our military service members need to stay armed 24/7 ! None of this hiding,hitting the deck playing dead,zig-zagging out a back door,etc.Marines don’t run and hide from trouble,they go to the trouble !!!! As long as Hussein Obama stinks up our White House,….the military,LE,and civilians are all targets ! Stay armed legally,and protect yourself,your family,or anyone needing your help agains’t Islamic Muslim terrorists and criminal thugs wanting to do you harm !


I haven’t seen this order, but I’ve seen the one for Navy and it is very similar. Not a scam, not bogus – just unbelievable.

Tonys Take

Here is what I say to those instructions…
……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
……….”…\………. _.·´


I 2’nd that !

Larry DiChiara

Marines…… Please wear your uniform and carry your weapons….you are the only ones that make me feel safe.


You’re responsible for your own safety. Get your CCW,a handgun,train with it and carry it !


We’ve reached a new low in military leadership. I fint this impossible to believe that this advisory was written by a Marine.

roy p.

the hell with those orders.semper fi.

Clark Kent

RichardH: There has been only one (1) American Revolution. Claiming there have been three (3) makes you look like an uneducated dolt. THINK before you post……..

ASC Chief Retired

Ask a Vietnam Vet that stayed in the Military and retired about some of the orders we were issued in dealing with the American public during the 60’s & 70’s who hated the Vietnam Vets. Hell the VFW wouldn’t even allow us to join. Stick a sock in it. Follow orders or get out. Some of the assholes that treated the U.S. That way are running this country.

Richard Sumney

There is a lot of information missing here and I am calling it BS.

This is where I think the information is coming from.

Here is what I found.
This is a Microsoft Power Point slide show.

Active Shooter Presentation, Santa Monica College

It is taken from a hostage situation on a college campus.

Please prove me wrong.


I have been looking all over the internet and I cannot find any info that backs this claim up. I really have a hard time believing this. Even Obama isn’t that stupid I don’t think. He would never, ever want to be pointed out as issuing such an order if Marines were agai8n killed on American soil. He is “supposedly” Commander in Chief of all the military, although I would love to see the Secret Service grab him by his skinny neck and toss him out into the front lawn of the White House and tell him not to return… Read more »

Richard Sumney

I checked this out and believe it to be bogus. There is not enough information. Shame on this website for posting such garbage.


I would give up my social security to see obummer thrown out of the white house by his own protection detail. Wow, what a Christmas gift that would be.


Tossed out of our White House and put in USP eavenworth after he is convicted.


This may turn out to be only a rumor, but no one should ever underestimate Oblamer’s ability to exceed your wildest dreams of how stupid he can be


When I was in the Corps, this order would never have been issued. Our leaders then would have armed them and allowed them to defend themselves. I’m not even sure this is true. I can’t believe it. Who ever is commanding the Marine Corps right now is a disgrace and needs to either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. Telling Marines this crap is total BS from some jerk who is not deserving to call themselves a Marine. Recruiters, You have a R I G H T to defend yourselves and your fellow Marines. If it… Read more »


ANOTHER Institution and tradition taken down by THIS administration..without a shoot being fired…when the orders come for you to defend these scumbags that hate what you stand for…might you turn on your ‘masters’..and give them the ‘respect ‘that they have shown you….Semper Fi…and not to them….imho


“offend liberals?” Right on! Anytime I can! They need offending!


There’s nothing I enjoy more than pissing off a liberal. I will drive 100 miles out of my way just to piss off a liberal.

Old Clockguy

I am so embarrassed to read political cave-in rhetoric such as was posted in this so called “advisory”. It is wrong, unethical, and illegal on so many levels that it is difficult to fathom that it was actually written in serious script and not as a lead-in for a sick stand up comedy routine! I was indignant when, in November 1967, I was hit with eggs and garbage after deplaning in New Jersey after being honorably discharged from my active duties with the USAF. I can only imagine that a few of those gutless cowards are now the same people… Read more »


All part of the BHO strategy, pressure the military brass to order “stand-down” when our troops are threatened; and let the Jihad begin! Time for this “DICKTATER” to GO….


And then obummer attacks them through the VA, up to and including taking away their 2nd Amendment rights.


Let this story burn deep into your hearts. What the f*ck will happen if and when Hillary gets voted in. HOPE the fuck not ,but look what the dumbs whites and the FSA put on us and voted in the Ni**er king. When will the people of this once GREAT NATION wake the hell up, just give me free shit and you can do what ever ya want. If you have to beat the shits out of your family and so called friends that might vote for her. This country can’t keep going like . Make me sick to my… Read more »

John Gregory

To all involved in this abominable idea: YOU FIRST!!! Prove that you have confidence in this plan by being unarmed, without bodyguards, and see if this ludicrous order has any merit. I know, I know, it’s hard to find a terrorist unless you’re not in the “halls of power”, but to tell trained Marines to stand down until and after bullets start flying is BUTT STUPID!!! These men and women have suited up to protect our Nation, unlike you bozos. Let them have the weapons they trained for and watch them do their job!!! To paraphrase a sci-fi ship captain,… Read more »

Street Survivor

Can we expect any thing different. As the Chiefs of Staff, [generals/admirals] of all branches. Take their marching orders from the Council of Foreign Relations. Duty, Honor, Country.Is replaced with being a toady, lackey ,for that collectivist new world order ,globalist cabal.. That wants American citizen’s weapons. And for America to be a vassal state of the United Nations. WE ARE CITIZEN’S OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Not citizen’s of the world. America needs a 2nd American Revolution. Or a military over throw of the country by career junior officers. Who still honor their oath- To Preserve and Protect… Read more »


The 1st American Revolution was prior to 1800, the 2nd was the War of 1812, and the 3rd (if your from the South) was the Civil War. A new revolution would make this the 4th such war. There’s actually always been a “cold-war” in this country. Patriotic Conservatism versus Liberal Socialism (Neo Marxist big government). The current criminal POTUS is the head of this anti-Constitution opposition. These Democraps (a.k.a. Libturds) are destroying this country. I used to be proud to be an American, and one day I hope to be that again. Secret Service, STAND DOWN! Take an all expense… Read more »


I just don’t believe this. Seems like trolling.

john carr

Well said Joe…………………Semper-Fi 1960-1964


I don’t believe this bullshit! What shit-for- brains authored that directive?


Very likely the same S4B in the WH who’s been authoring all those other socialist/tyrannical/destructive directives!!!


What the heck is wrong with our country?! Mothers teach their children to be afraid of men in uniform and the guns they carry, and our leaders tell our military to hide?! Those damned bleeding heart liberals needs to get their heads our of their rears and put them on straight. Those military and police and the guns they carry are the only thing standing between them and a takeover by Putin or ISIS. They are the only people preserving the freedoms they enjoy!

TSgt B

Fortunately, we have several millions of armed citizens. Brush up on your 2nd Amendment, folks. Looks like we’re gonna need it!


This administrative “REGIME” is being ran by an idiotic group of nincumpoops!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Hayes

As a Marine and Vietnam war Veteran,I was always armed and still are. Screw the leadership we have today. Bunch of sniveling cowards whom need directions to use toilet paper, because it’s hard to now which end the shit comes out of.. Take the battle to the enemy, not to wait for them to come to us.

Aim dead on

What has this country become ? Our so called leaders and government has become a bunch of PUSSIES We need to go back to our way of life when this country had the BALLS to let the world know that WE ARE THE SUPER POWER Period. But no more we have to be sensitive to all . Anybody that complains gets what they want .I SAY KILL EM ALL AND LET OUR GOD SORT THEM OUT……….


I was born in Vietnam. My dad is one of American soldier. I came to the U.S. 25 years ago. The reason I love this country and respect it cuz it’s take no shit from nobody. American never let they soldier died and have no answer for them like nowadays. I’m very disappointed in our leader

Dr. Strangelove

Namby pamby PC BS.


The policy is based on the current CIC’s “red line” ideology. And just as effective.


You mean the red line that keeps being moved back forever?


This is exactly whats wrong with the admin. “don’t move and do as they say” screw that that’s how you get carried by 6 , This country and a lack of defend yourself to your full capability , adapt and overcome your adversary .


ZigZag this ii1ii.