Bring Bulls in for a Fight with the Rowdy Bull Elk Call from Wayne Carlton’s Calls

70174 Rowdy Bull resized

( The new Rowdy Bull Call from Wayne Carlton’s Calls® is an easy-to-blow open reed call that features the new Tone Trough® diaphragm technology for a variety of bull elk sounds. Hunters can sound like a young or old bull to challenge other bulls.

The Rowdy Bull Call includes a single reed Tone Trough diaphragm with bugle tube and lanyard. A Rowdy Bunch replacement reed kit is available that contains double, 2.5 and triple reed diaphragms along with two extra Tone Troughs, allowing hunters to quickly and easily change the call for different sounds.

The Rowdy Bull Call sells for a suggested retail of $29.99, and the Rowdy Bunch replacement reed kit for $11.99.

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About Wayne Carlton Calls:

Wayne Carlton’s Calls features the highest quality elk, bear and moose calls that every level of hunter can count on for success. Designed by Wayne himself, the innovator in diaphragm calls for elk and other game, these calls create the perfect tone that can be reproduced by any level of hunter. A successful Western hunt begins with Wayne Carlton’s Calls. Wayne Carlton’s Calls is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hunters Specialties, Inc.