Cecil The Lion Painting To Raise Money For People of Africa #CecilTheHunter

‘Cecil the Hunter’ Painted by Wildlife Artist, Ryan Kirby for Charity

Cecil The Hunter by Ryan Kirby
Cecil The Hunter by Ryan Kirby

Ryan Kirby Art

BOONE, N.C. –-(Ammoland.com)- As the Cecil the lion controversy exploded all over the world, death threats and insults filled up feeds on Facebook and Twitter. Journalists lined up to cover a fiery debate over hunting in Africa.

Forgotten in the Cecil saga it seemed, were the people of Africa, and that didn’t sit well with renowned wildlife artist Ryan Kirby. So Kirby did what he normally does when something inspires him, he began to paint.

By the time he was finished, Cecil was brilliantly immortalized forever.

Wildlife Artist, Ryan Kirby
Wildlife Artist, Ryan Kirby

Cecil The Hunter,” the original oil on canvas painting took Kirby nearly a week to complete and depicts a proud and massive Cecil, standing over a freshly killed kudu.

“I’m a hunter, and proud to say so. I felt that Cecil needed to be painted not as a lethargic cat lying around for tourists to photograph, but as he truly was – Africa’s greatest hunter,” said Kirby.

Kirby, himself a lifelong outdoorsman and conservationist, doesn’t mince words when talking about Cecil.

“Cecil wasn’t a furry little pet, or endangered or helpless,” says Kirby. “He was a wild beast. He killed for food, for territory and for conquest.”

As the hours at his easel passed, Kirby made a big decision.

“I decided to auction the painting on eBay and donate 100 percent of the proceeds to a charity to benefit the people of Africa,” said Kirby.

Kirby chose Wine To Water, a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to remote areas of the world, and whose founder, Doc Hendley, was featured as a CNN Hero in 2009. The proceeds from the auction of “Cecil The Hunter” will be used by Wine To Water in rural Africa.

The auction is currently live and scheduled to end at 7:00 AM on Aug. 22 2015.

To view “Cecil The Hunter” on eBay, click here. Even users who can’t bid are encouraged to share the video and use the hashtag #CecilTheHunter.

“If the money raised from my painting can make a difference in just one life, I believe it can do more for my fellow man than all the hashtags, online petitions and death threats ever will,” says Kirby.

“This is a one-of-a-kind original oil painting of the most famous lion in history and I believe that together with the winning bidder, we have the opportunity to change the world.”

To learn more about wildlife artist Ryan Kirby, visit RyanKirbyArt.com or follow Kirby on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Where is the dentist ?


They are squeezing everything they can out of that damn lion. I would had liked to see a few liberal,tree hugging,save the ozone and global warming,save the beast foundation,pissants offloaded,on foot within 100 meters of Cecil. Once Cecil made eye contact with one of them liberals,started the slow stalk move, well……,by this time Cecil can literally smell the fear,the terror,those liberals are experiencing as he begins his ‘Outdoor Kingdom’ run with that smile only a lion has.

Grey Beard

Wow! That painting scene is a complete fraud! Don’t people know that the Male lion doesn’t hunt, that’s women’s work! Sheesh.


They changed the law a few years back on that. Males were starving. Them lionesses just couldn’t put enough meat on the table.


That law was changed a while back. Cecil demanded it ! Them lionesses just couldn’t put enough meat on the table.


The painter mustn’t have good ventilation around his paint to come up such romantic garbage.


Wait? “The most famous lion” line just caught my attention.

I don’t think so. MGM has a lion for its mascot in its movies.
And let’s not forget “the Cowardly Lion” of Wizard of Oz fame.

Liberals…”just one life”…sheesh. What a B.S. throwaway line. Right up there with “common sense gun control” B.S.


Wait…Cecil KILLED a wildebeest? Cecil is a murderer?
OMG! Does PETA know that Cecil was killing animals on a regular basis?

If they can’t condemn Cecil, then there is no way they can condemn another predator who killed Cecil.
They try, but logically they can’t have it both ways.

Predators kill. It is what they do. And man is a predator by nature.


That’s not cecil. It’s just another fantasy painting of a lion. The entire “cecil” scam was a fraud from the beginning. Did anyone notice that the local and national governments didn’t find anything wrong with the alleged lion hunt until AFTER the victim allegedly came home? Why didn’t they arrest the victim while he was still in country? Oops. Big hole in the story. Days later, we were told that the FBI is going to investigate the lion killing. Big problem. How does an unaffected liberal run controlled corrupt agency investigate something that took place outside the country, with no… Read more »


over breeding 3rd world planet eaters ARE the problem in Africa & every other continent …

D.A. Moran

Oh look, another dummy charity front, money raising scam …


Did Madoff get released ?