Don’t Wait for a Big Buck; Bring Him to You with Flextone Battle Bones

Flextone Battle Bones
Flextone Battle Bones
Flextone Game Calls
Flextone Game Calls

Bogart, GA -( The great thing about the rut is bucks are running around during daylight looking for hot does.

The downside is they’re completely unpredictable. If you’re sitting along a trail waiting for a big old bruiser to come walking by, you could be in for a long wait – a you-could-be-there-until-next-year kind of wait.

If you want to have success during the rut, you need to get a buck’s attention and pull him to you. Nothing does that better than Flextone Battle Bones.

Battle Bones are super-realistic-sounding rattling antlers designed to be easy to use and carry while also producing the best sound. Unlike other synthetic rattling products, Battle Bones produce antler clashes with two full racks, the same way it happens in the wild.

Each bone consists of a comfortable, hex-shaped handle with tines on each end. To recreate the sound of bucks in combat, just grip the handle and clash the ends together. The sound is perfect, and you won’t smash or pinch your fingers.

Battle Bones are light, and thanks to Flextone’s exclusive Bone Core Technology, they sound just like two bucks slugging it out. Antlerized texture adds even more authentic deer sound. In addition, Battle Bones pack tight and are much safer to carry than real whitetail antlers.

When bucks get crazy this fall, don’t put your trust in luck. Get their attention with Flextone Battle Bones and make them think other big bucks have invaded their territory.

Headhunter’s Battle Bones Features:

  • *Two full racks for maximum rattling contact points.
  • *Hex shaped handles for better grip and control.
  • *Recessed handle to reduce finger pinch.
  • *Bone Core Technology for louder, realistic tones.
  • *Antlerized texture for added realism.

I bought Flextone Battle Bones on Amazon.

For more information on the Headhunter’s Battle Bones by Flextone Game Calls go to

Flextone Game Calls
Flextone Game Calls

About Flextone Game Calls:

Flextone Game Calls are designed to more accurately mimic the anatomy of a game animal by using both hard and soft flexible parts. They incorporated a hard plastic or metal tone-board with reed to imitate the soft tissue chambers of the neck and mouth of an animal. The design produces a truer, more natural sound as well as giving the user more control of volume, tone, and inflection just like the animals they were designed to imitate. The design is also nearly silent if accidentally contacting your gun or bow while in the field. Flextone now has a full line of deer, elk, predator, turkey, and waterfowl calls using this patented technology.

For more information, please visit

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