Dove Hunting Season Drawing Near in Alabama

Dove Hunting Events
Dove Hunting Events

Montgomery, Ala. -( Hunters, rejoice! The wildly popular dove hunting season is right around the corner in all of Alabama’s Black Belt counties – except Barbour.

The season begins on Sept. 12, ends on Nov. 15 and cranks up again from Dec. 5-29. In Barbour County, which is included in the South Zone, the split season is Sept. 19-27, Oct. 10-25 and Nov. 12-Jan. 15, 2016. Make sure to read all the rules on dove hunting at the link.

You can also see all the hunting season dates for 2015-16 at the link, but here are the dates for some other upcoming hunting seasons that begin soon:

  • Raccoon and opossum – Sept. 1-Feb. 29.
  • Special early Canada goose season – Sept. 1-15.
  • Rail, purple gallinule, common moorhens – Sept. 5-20 and Nov. 28-Jan. 20.
  • Special teal season – Sept. 12-27.
  • Rabbit and squirrel – Sept. 15-Feb. 29.
  • Geese – Sept. 26-Oct. 13, Nov. 27-28 and Dec. 5-Jan. 31.

Check out the Alabama Black Belt Adventures Association website for more information on hunting and fishing in the area at this link and watch the video above to get you in the spirit for hitting the woods and waters of the great Alabama Black Belt!

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