Front Line Holsters – A History of Evolution

Front Line Quad Holster
Front Line Quad Holster
Front Line Holsters
Front Line

Farmingdale, NY -( The world has changed a lot since 1961, when holster company Front Line was founded.

Technology has changed. Warfare has changed. And guns have changed. And during that time, Front Line has changed as well, a decades-long evolution prompted by the growing and shifting needs of its customers.

It all began over 50 years ago in Israel, where life is lived on the front line.

“The name says it all!” said General Manager Shmuel Shachar. “We are at the front line, the cutting edge of our industry. Our products were born in action, designed for users living on the front line.”

Innovation, design, and craftsmanship aren’t just key attributes in Front Line’s success story, they are absolute necessities to meet the stringent requirements of its customers, which include the Israeli Defense Forces, the Israeli National Police, The National Prison Service, and other security and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Being around years longer than most competitors has given Front Line the time and experience to develop a wide and detailed selection of holsters, with over 3,000 styles available to date, custom-made to fit most handguns on the market.

Front Line is also at the forefront of innovation, utilizing new materials to provide lightweight, durable, and comfortable options to all shooters, whether they need a tactical, duty, concealment, IWB, OWB, ankle, or shoulder holster. Such materials include Kydex, Cordura, Nylon and Leather, and its proprietary KNG advanced multi-layer material, with a protective inner layer of velvet, plus layers of foamed polyethylene, molded PVC, Cordura, and a tough Kydex external shell for long-lasting retention.

“We offer them all,” said Shachar.


About IDF Holsters:

At IDFHolsters, we are committed to providing our customers with the finest holsters in the world. We have over 3,000 holsters to choose from—more than enough to satisfy any shooter’s specific needs. Our website,, makes it easy to find the ideal holster because you can browse by handgun or material and style. Our holster designs range from classic leather styles to models featuring innovative retention systems and cutting-edge materials. Our ultimate goal is to become your one-stop holster source. And in the future, our website will also feature tactical gear, accessories and much more. So bookmark our site and visit us again soon.

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The Mako Group
The Mako Group

About The Mako Group:

The Mako Group is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the best tactical equipment and weapon accessories that have been proven in combat. Products designed for the Israeli Defense Forces, Israeli Security and Israeli Police by Meprolight, FAB Defense, E-Lander Magazines, Front Line Holsters and RTS Target Systems, are fully available to the U.S. market. Please “like” The Mako Group on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest news and products.

For more information, visit:

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