How LaserLyte Leapt to the Forefront of the Laser Industry

Family-owned and operated, LaserLyte turns a passion for the shooting sports into a life-long commitment to serving their customers with innovative micro-laser technologies.

(left to right) LaserLyte team; Dusty Gibson, new Marketing Manager; Aaron Moore, VP of Sales and Marketing; Larry Moore, CEO and founder of LaserLyte
(left to right) LaserLyte team; Dusty Gibson, new Marketing Manager; Aaron Moore, VP of Sales and Marketing; Larry Moore, CEO and founder of LaserLyte

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USA -( Founded in 1987 by entrepreneur and industry icon, Larry Moore, LaserLyte originally started as a gun accessory company that eventually became TAC Star Industries Inc Under that early banner, Moore introduced the shooting sports market to an innovative new product, the first “laser bore sighter.”

Ten years after his laser product success story, and a corporate merger with Lyte Optronics, LaserLyte was born.

Larry Moore
Larry Moore

As the sands of time keep shifting, so does the make-up of the market our industry calls home. Once a market of predominately middle-aged white males with a passion for hunting, it has now evolved into a mixed market that includes all ethnicities, ages and passions from hunting to 3-gun and of course, a rapidly growing sector of women and first-time gun owners.

In 2013, the National Shooting Sports Foundation published a study on First Time Gun Owners, indicating approximately 25-percent of gun purchases were by first-timers. Of those new gun owners, 45-percent purchased firearms primarily for home-defense and self-protection. As a result, this growing market sector requires a completely new approach from manufacturers in everything from product development, training and how to reach these new consumers.

Aaron Moore
Aaron Moore

Aaron Moore, the son of founder Larry Moore and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for LaserLyte, had the foresight to see many of these new trends before they emerged. The father and son team then created products that met the new demands and flew off store shelves. The younger Moore recognized key market trends early on: the increase of states passing right-to-carry laws, more women taking personal responsibility for self-protection and all ages of people realizing that shooting sports are fun.

These instincts led Aaron and his team to develop laser sights for smaller handguns that could be concealed more easily.

Aaron and the LaserLyte team were also able to peer around the corner and see the direction that firearm training would take.

“When people purchase their first handgun, primarily for self-defense, they will normally take a course, get their permit and put the gun in a safe and that’s the end of it,” Aaron explained.

“But with the addition of a gun laser, people can practice in the safety and privacy of their home. It’s that constant practice that builds muscle memory, develops trigger control and essentially builds user confidence. Now, that individual not only has the self-training and self-confidence in herself or himself with their new firearm, but they also learn the reason why we call it ‘shooting sports.’ They find there is a lot of fun to be had in target shooting and a lot of new friends to be made, all while building focus and concentration skills along the way.”

LaserLyte Plinking Can Kit
LaserLyte Plinking Can Kit

LaserLyte has rapidly moved into the laser training market with an array of training cartridges, Trigger Tyme Laser Trainer Pistols and Laser Trainer targets. Laser training is exciting and multifaceted. It allows for teaching very young shooters how to handle firearms responsibly and it also gives older boomers an outlet for keeping their skills polished.

Laser Training is also increasingly, but not surprisingly, emerging as a training tool in law enforcement departments.

“Ammunition, especially for training purposes, can take a bite out of any budget,” Aaron added. “No one knows this more than law enforcement agencies. We see more and more agencies turning to laser training as a method of curbing costs and keeping officers on top of their shooting skills. Laser training is also being used in more advanced training such as active shooter and first response drills.”

After 28 years, LaserLyte continues to have a precision focus on the wants and needs of shooters. The family owned company also has the uncanny ability to know what’s coming next.

While no one knows exactly what’s coming around the corner, the LaserLyte team continues to develop exciting and innovative laser offerings to keep shooters well trained and on target.

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eh. I prefer laser ammo anyday! I get to support Israel (not China) and get high quality products.