Keeping Your Nose To The Charging Handle

Keep Your Nose To The Charging Handle
Keep Your Nose To The Charging Handle
Burris Optics
Burris Optics

USA – -( Proper firing position on AR’s requires breaking some old habits, at least for those of us taught years ago by our Uncle Bob, and not by our Uncle Sam.

It’s hard to force yourself to push your nose that far down, and to keep squared up with your gun.

But I’m getting there. At least proper scope mounting position is easy: my Burris MTAC is mounted high, and far enough forward that I can still get proper eye-relief.

The AR-PEPR mount ( ) is the trick – specifically designed for this, it pushes the scope 2 inches further out, beyond the rail, and lifts it high enough.

Burris - AR-PEPR Permanent Mount
Burris – AR-PEPR Permanent Mount

P.E.P.R. stands for “Proper Eye Position Ready”, but it’s a lot more fun to just say “pepper.”

There are Quick Detach models, and standard bolt-in. It’s available in your choice of 1”, 30mm or 34 mm.

And the rings give you the option of smooth top, or Picatinny rail top, if you want to keep adding hardware.

There are enough options for everyone and every rifle.

I bought my Burris – AR-PEPR Permanent Mount at Brownells,com :

To view the new Burris website and its wide selection of riflescopes, sights, and mounting accessories, visit

About Burris Company, Inc.

Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Greeley, CO, Burris Company offers a complete line of premium optics, including riflescopes and sights for hunting, competition, and law enforcement; plus handgun scopes, spotting scopes, mounts and accessories.

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In my one short AR experience I got to handle a LEO-only model (front handle, 30-rd mag, no bullet button) when the officer was at the range trying to sight it in (iron sights). Though he was surely 6’2 or so (I’m 5’10ish) I had to draw the adjustable pull all the way back (I wanted another 2-3″ still!) and it still felt awkward trying to duck down far enough to see through the sights.
I must just be too used to standard rifle stocks or is this awkwardness feeling common when first firing an AR?