Largest Standing Army in the World, Not Who You Expect ~ InfoGraphic

Largest Standing Army in the World is Not Who You'd Expect ~ InfoGraphic
Largest Standing Army in the World is Not Who You'd Expect ~ InfoGraphic
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AmmoLand Gun News

Manasquan, NJ –-( Fall hunting season is almost here and a fun annual topic of discussion around the campfires is always how large the U.S. population of hunters is?

And how does the number of U.S. hunters stack up against the largest standing armies in the world?

Much to the chagrin of anti-hunting forces across the USA, hunting numbers have remained steady over the last decade, even growing as more and more women get behind the gun and out in the field.

Check out our newest info-graphic on how American hunting forces stack up in size against the largest standing armies in the world.

Based on feedback, we have also included USA's own standing army, and yeah we know there may be overlap between those two points of data, as a lot of our brave military is also active hunters, but this is fun facts, not life and death math.

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Largest Standing Army in the World is Not Who You'd Expect ~ InfoGraphic
Largest Standing Army in the World is Not Who You'd Expect ~ InfoGraphic

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  • 76 thoughts on “Largest Standing Army in the World, Not Who You Expect ~ InfoGraphic

    1. Hunters are in NO WAY part of a standing army. A standing army, unlike a reserve army, is a permanent, often professional, army. It is composed of full-time soldiers (who may be either career soldiers or conscripts) and is not disbanded during times of peace. Learn about your subject before you misinform lots of people that would believe you or you’re no better than a LIBERAL.

      1. Yeah Tim, I know I’m a little late to the party but your comment just sparked a reply. I know people in the Army and Navy that do not regularly shoot a gun. I don’t know any hunters that don’t regularly shoot. The biggest difference is that hunters really want to hit their target. Now, how many “professional” armies do you think would be this “Trained”? I’m sure you and your troll friends would like to believe that hunters are nothing to think about but if an invasion were to happen I bet you would befriend a few very quick. Obviously most of us don’t have military grade weapons but we could make due if we had to.

        1. There is a lot more to being a trained army than just engaging dumb, helpless animals that can’t fire back and don’t carry weapons of other types. When you hunt there is no chance the prey is smarter than you or better at detecting you than you are them. Prey can’t lay a trap for you…enemies do. There is a lot more to this than just ‘hitting their target’.

        2. @Rich, easy there brother. With so many foreign and domestic enemies arrayed against us, we should try to get along. Armies need and have many military occupational specialties not all need to be trigger pullers. Armies think as a team and act as a really big team in ways that a group of hunters just could not.
          When my immediate commander wanted to hit his target, he sent three thousand men to do it, and coordinated Divarty and close air support. But it is not just numbers and weapons, it is a way of thinking and specialized techniques. Hunters would fit in well, but would need training.
          On the other hand some have no need of large organizations. The most dangerous thing on even the modern battle field is the single well aimed bullet.
          I hope that the S never HTF, but if it does, I look forward to seeing both of you in formation.
          Sierra 7 Bravo 06 out.

        1. Firstly, I know I am in a website selling ammunition through promotion of information. I do like programs where hunters donate to meat lockers and really like the self-help old school stuff. I have probably read too much about the Gilded Age so please do not take offense. I dismiss ideological debates, and representative politics problems by remembering that I read there were (512,000 elected offices in the United States) that cannot promote a mature discussion between advertisements for vacuum cleaners and dish soap. THAT is dirty and it sucks for everyone. I would like to not see anyone lose what they worked for, nor see anyone in a bad spot. Someone in a bad spot can indirectly effect another without meaning to. Whether the weather changes the whether or not; I do not believe one can be all too accountable for being artful or posturing, nor should they have perceived they were greatly responsible about how they themselves were perceived. I see good things and bad things about firearm ownership in the U.S. The internet is the worst proliferate antagonist we have. I know I have to stop looking at the legitimate stuff. All the YouTube videos about how to do stuff let’s me get a real perspective. That is America. Hornet nesting was fine until the economy got bad, fewer had extra to spend and talk about the weather, food, movies, music, to maybe complete strangers that were pretty pleasant. —The government bureaucracy is inefficient and slow to change because of materials requirements and massiveness as an entity. Natural Resource/Materials-Driven Determinism: the amount of mass altered to create energy for processing and transport with technology, plus effective enough communication to promote discussions about labor organization. Getting information out to consumers about conscientious consuming, informing the impoverished for empowerment of the majority, is everybody’s concern and duty as a citizen whether they can set their arm on fire and assault someone with it or not. I have read too much about A. Hamilton, the War debt with France, France’s War debt with the United Kingdom, the non-Partisan military results, the Federal Reserve, private bank notes backed by entities that gather statistical data through recording transactions, driving is a privileged way of traveling for profit as a legal fiction/corporate entity, IS CURRENCY REPRESENTATIVE OF VOLUME OF MONEY/GOODS/SERVICES MOVING?

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    3. Not taken into consideration are the big guns, artillery, mortars, RPG’s, tanks, war planes, naval ships, etc. These are all in the hands of our Military, our government. And we don’t know how many of our military would side with those of us when SHTF.

      For the last 7 plus years I’ve been waiting and hoping for a military coup because what’s happened in those 7 plus years is just not right. That SOB has steered this Country so far to the left that I’m not sure we can get it back on track. But try we must. But we will need a great deal of help from ‘OUR’ military to overthrow the likes of Obama and his ilk and followers.

      Our biggest hurdle, in the beginning, will be to overtake our military bases and take those big guns over and out of the picture, or at least secure then, even if we don’t intend on using them ourselves. This story and graphic shows that we have enough small arms to do this, but it has to be done first and fast. I personally know there are thousand of ‘Militias’ out there, but not enough coordination to be effective.

      Fighting small ‘fire fights’ around the country with our ‘deer rifles’ will be pointless without some kind of coordination and leadership. The 2nd Amendment is a God-given right as declared by our Constitutional Framers. And free men, in their heart of hearts, know this is true and undeniable.

      And so, now that God has given us most of what we need to remain free people (the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights) we must guard those documents and the principles therein with our very lives. He has given us ‘the way’, and like any father to his sons and daughters, He says now go and do the work to preserve your freedoms. Only then will I know of your true desires.

      “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom” ~ most commonly attributed to Thomas Jefferson.

      1. We as a country will remain strong despite our political and curtural differences. I hope your view of the past has changed but I will stand beside you as we fight those who would threaten our great country.

    4. I am in no way comfortable and nor do I think I would ever be ready to take on anything that comes my way, in fact I prepare for the best and expect the worst. however I would try the best I could to save others and survive and thats all I can do.

    5. I have to agree with you on the .22, a well placed shot in a counter sniper scenario, the .22 can be very effective. Many of us under estimate the old .22 but it has been the preferred caliber of many Hit men and assassins for many years.

    6. I have to disagree with you about Russia, in fact if we ever went to war against our own Government from those in the Russian Military that I have trained with tell me that they train to arm and provide aid to Americans fighting off our own government if it become abusive, As far as technology, it didn’t do much good in the war in Vietnam and in Afghanistan against primitive fighters with homemade ammo and taped together rifles. Technology does help but good old fashioned fighting skills will always win in the end. As far as hunters ?, I don’t hardly hunt anymore because I can afford to eat and only hunt when I need to provide food for the table, however I do shoot at least once a week and compete in shooting competitions and I do through about a thousand rounds a week but as prices keep going up, i will have to cut back soon, but i will always try to keep my shooting and stalking skills up to par.

    7. Yes, the US number is highly subjective / and comforting at the same time; and does not include all gun owners, legal or otherwise. I don’t think we will necessarily be invaded because of the high number of guns in our country. That was the hope and intent of the 2nd amendment. At the time of our founding fathers however, modern technology was non existent. My greatest fear and concern in not an invasion because we do have guns… but the greatest threat and fear is from bombings. Nuclear, atomic, chemical, biological and so on. I believe that this will be how our enemies attack us. Our numbers will be dramatically reduced to the point that if every person left has weapons, we will be greatly out numbered and no amount of weapons will help us. We need to watch for that as well. Our world is a highly volatile place right now with no end in sight. Technology will destroy us.

    8. Canada would hp the US as well. 1.75 million hunters. Canada and the US together have about 14 million hunters. I read that where I live (Canada) the average hunter owns 8 guns. Technically that would mean you could place a gun in the hands of about 10 million people. LOL and the US has about the same. 8 for every gun owner that would be 90 million guns. You Can’t beat that. It would be insanity.

    9. Unfortunately, not all hunters would probably be willing to take arms in defense of their country. IMHO, the actual number of hunters, registered or otherwise, who we can count on to take arms against an invader is probably at least half the number given – around 6-million or more.

    10. The biggest problem with this number is that most hunters have limited ammunition. Maybe a 100 rds or so. Some don’t even have rifles and the rifles they do have are not suited for combat.
      MOST importantly, they do not have a fighting mindset and have NO training whatsoever.

      1. ANY rifle that is decently accurate is suited for combat, even the lowly .22 LR; the only problem might be the accuracy of the shooter. As to training, it would definitely be nice to have but willingness to do what must be done – the so-called “fighting mindset” – is more important. I personally believe that more than 50% of the armed populace will fight to defend their families and country if it comes to that. And in my not-so-humble opinion, that time IS coming!

    11. Owning a Picasso doesn’t make you an artist. Learn how to maintain and use your weapons, and most important ,WHEN to use them.

    12. “Americans buy enough guns in 3 months to arm both the Russian and Chinese standing armies”

      It’s hard to put into words how proud this statement makes me feel.

    13. with all the respect to all the opinions here, the next war will not be about who have the bigest numbers of guns, but who will be the first to use the unspoken thechnology and I don’t mean nuclear, but a different one which is unknown to most of us. E M F eloctro magnetic frequency, which capable to incapacitat allmost all machines, computers ect.
      and I am afraid that the Russhan will be the one who will lunch it.
      any way, I am glad not to be alone in that battel

    14. All well and good if we are invaded by a foreign enemy, BUT, what about the insidious tyranny of our own government?

      Will the “Largest Standing Army” come to our own defense? Or are we doomed to live under the tyranny of socialism and the power hungry dictators of the police state?

      Sic Semper Tyrannis

    15. SO! What does that Prove? That American Hunters has a 9.071 to 1 parity Over the US Military. In the War of 1812-14, the “Militia” had a 72 parity (~480,000) to 1 US Army (~6,700). And with the Exception of the Baltimore Militia and the Tennessee Militia, RAN FROM EVERY BATTLE against the British, While the US Army Stood It’s Ground.

      1. Most of the time the American Army stood its ground in line and shot at the British line, (Rules of battle and training of the day) anything else would not be sporting in British eyes. The Militia, on the other hand, at least most of them, used guerilla tactics and didn’t fall into that stupid formal form of warfare to stand in line and shoot at each other as if there was some Marquess of Queensberry style rules of engagement in warfare. The guerilla militia was a major factor in winning the revolution with their tactics, including run away to fight a more advantageous day. And, by the way, most of the militia was made up of hunters and regular citizens, not formally trained military personnel.

        1. @ David.

          Also keep in mind that at the end of Hostilities with the British in 1814. That the States and US Congress DISBANDED the Militia for there DISMAL performance in the War of 1812-14.

          1. Where did you read that piece of alleged history? I would like to know the source. Militias were disbanded at the end of every conflict (war) from the President’s and formal military controls. Check out the following, a good dissertation on the militias in general.
            You might also check out the war of 1812 and the thousands of Indians under Tecumsuh’s Confederacy that fought along with the British and no mention of militia running away.

            1. @MIchael…Tecumseh’s Confederacy was an INDIAN formation…not part of the Confederacy of the South. Please, try to learn…never mind, you probably can’t.

    16. You know there probably are hunters in other countries.

      I thought the “rifle behind every blade of grass” was Hitler.
      Was it originally about Switzerland?

    17. It is one thing to drop a deer or elk but another thing to take a human life. Can you do it. Remember when you look through a scope at a human target you see their eyes and watch their movements. They are not a deer but a breathing human like you. They may have a family, wife and children, like you. One thing I learned in USMC Scout Sniper school was don’t let that crap bother you. Put the cross hairs on center mass, squeeze the trigger and kill the SOB. He is the enemy and he wants to kill you so screw him.

      1. It doesn’t matter one way or the other. It’s not a deer, elk, or person. It is a target. Aim small, miss small.

    18. I have not hunted in eight years. I have not done much shooting. But I spent eight years in the Army National Guard and went through basic, AIT along with the regular Army personnel in 1969-1970. And we trained all year with annual qualification yearly. I qualified on the M1, M14, M16 and M60, threw my share of granades and marched many long miles. I am old and overweight now and have two new hips but I can still shoot and follow orders. There are millions like me who no longer hunt so we are not included in the figure of 12.7 million. Conservatively I think you can double that figure to 25 million shooters in the world’s largest army.

    19. In the past I have sent communications to the White House and state politicians with the goal to create a “civilian army” all over the United States. With all of the former service men and women and interested non-service people, i believe a strong group could be formed. This force could be used in a variety of ways such as; medical, transportation, local law enforcement, communication, intelligence, food service and many other areas, you name it and it can be done. With President Obama’s lack of interest in the military, this might present itself to be a viable alternative.

          1. Whoa there. What obama proposed and some have been trained is young unemployable AH’s into modern Brown Shirts to do his biding. He wanted to build an “obama” army designed to keep Americans in line with whatever Hitler type idea he thought up. The citizen army mentioned in the previous comment, I believe, was intended to assist and support our troops and first responders if needed. They would HELP Americans and obama’s gang would CONTROL Americans. Never trust anything the muslim communist or his DEMOCRAP followers come up with. The AH’s in congress, most every democrap and numerous RINOS have one thing in mind. An unarmed public is a controlled public. Free men and women do not ask permission to enjoy freedom.

            1. Unfortunately, any such “army” would come under the administrations purview, and as such, would be the same Obama-proposed army.

        1. It was election season before he was elected and you know as well as anyone THEY ALL ARE LIARS. They will say anything to get elected. Not only that but it was a story on the internet.

        2. Obama was referring to a public rollout of a mutated TSA, ‘VIPER’ teams and such. They tried that for a while, having machine-gun wielding VIPER teams molesting people getting off of public transportation, and x-ray scanning vehicles on the interstates from mobile van platfoms, but it got a Lot of pushback (by the heavily armed US populace, not to miss the point) and seems to have been stalled for now .. at least until the government blows up another office building or missing-nukes a harbor.

    20. I”ve been saying this for years. The single reason America is still FREE. We are the Largest Standing Army in the world. Thanks to the 2nd amendment.

      1. “Thanks to the 2nd Amendment.”

        The 2nd Amendment had nothing to do with it. It’s a matter of WILL. We won’t be disarmed, no matter what the federal and state governments think about it.

      2. @NJLamer I agree with you completely.
        @PJ It did start with the 2nd Amendment. The framers of the Constitution knew what the 2nd Amendment would mean to us all generations after they were gone. The mindset has become what you stated, and I agree with it. As
        a veteran, I will fight to my death, if needed, for my grandchildren.

    21. There are some of us sleeping Gian`ts left who are quietly training our Grand sons and Great Grandsons on the values and reasons for owning guns.that have not been included in the survey or listed in the statistics. Please keep yourself thoroughly familiar with your guns and practice at least once a week . Love this site.

      1. And don’t forget our DAUGHTERS, GRANDDAUGHTERS, WIVES, GIRLFRIENDS, MOTHERS, COUSINS, and basically everyone. This nation was not built, nor kept Free, by pussies.

    22. Don’t forget about the numerous numbers of gun owners who don’t hunt but will be willing to stand and fight. The NRA has some 5 million active members and former and retired military will add even more! Molon Labe!!!!!!

    23. While many Americans are now becoming more comfortable with the idea of the “militia,” a lot of guys, especially in the states where everyone hunts and owns at least 5 or 6 guns, think that they’re ready for war against whoever comes along. This is true even if they’re not veterans! When you mention the need for “training” of one sort or another in order to be an effective fighting force, they laugh at you! “I can hit a deer/boar/elk/turkey, etc at 300 yards, no problem, what do I need “training” for?” This usually gets asked by someone with a beer in their hand and five more in their gut. Those of us veterans who know what the deal is need to somehow convey the need to get together and go over at least the basics. Even combat experienced veterans need to keep up their shooting skills and shooting at a stationary paper target isn’t going to do it.

      1. LOL

        And that “… “I can hit a deer/boar/elk/turkey, etc at 300 yards, no problem, what do I need “training” for?”.. usually comes from those who may shoot 10 rounds 1 time a year to get a “good enough” site-in on that rifle.

        I’ve watched that and then watched them try to hit one of those deer at 200 yards while using up the last 10 rounds that they bought for the season.

        I would count on maybe 7 – 8,000,000 of those 12.7 as being able to count on – plus there are many hunters who are Libtards and will be happy to give up their guns when the demand comes from .Gov/UN cause its Da Lawwww.

    24. It would be interesting to go farther to breakdown the ration of shotguns to actual battle rifles in these “standing armies. When armies “stand off” at 200 yards or more the standing army of the USA and its majority of shotguns would be lacking.

      1. But this does not take into account that there are more non-hunters like myself who are gun enthusiast. I hunt once in a blue moon and the majority of my weapons are not shotguns. 200 yards? With my eyes closed lol.

      2. Obviously, you’ve never stood in front of an trained hunter using a rifled barrel shotgun shooting Remington Copper Plus Sabot slugs. I have a Mossberg 500 with a 24″ barrel of this type, and it will put 5 rounds on a standard clay pigeon at over 125 yards.

        Additionally, American civilians own well over 200,000,000 rifles, and a large percentage of these are centerfire deer guns. Deer hunters, by choice, are as close to a sniper as you can get. All may not have formal sniper training, but they do know something about camouflage, are good to EXCELLENT long range marksman, and THIS IS OUR BACKYARD. I own several 7.62 x 51mm/.308 Winchester caliber rifles, and believe me, if you are within 500 yards, you are in mortal danger. Even moreso if you’re wearing a U.N. blue target/helmet. To an experienced hunter, with a quality rifle and optics, chambered in an appropriate caliber, you are in the “zone” at 1,000 yards or better.

          1. Mike, where did you get your M1? And what year did you get? I’ve been looking for years for one that has the same serial number on all the parts and was in the European Theater. You can tell where they were used in the war by the serial number. But …. unfortunately, when the war ended all of the M1’s were taken apart and the parts just thrown into a bin. Now it is very rare to find one that has all the parts of the same gun. In big money collectors showcases.

            Anyway, I would be interested in where you got your M1 and what condition it was in. You can email at [email protected]


      3. Also, keep in mind that the 1903 Springfield, .30-40 Kraig, Mosin-Nagant, Arisaka, and Mauser were “battle rifles”, too.

        In “urban” warfare, a shotgun, properly configured, is quite possibly more useful and effective for CQB. The “lowly” .22 Long Rifle cartridge accounts for many deaths each year, and has several advantages in a “combat” scenario. It is quiet, especially with modern “subsonic” ammo (even moreso with an improvised ” water/soda bottle” suppressor. It is still cheap compared to CF ammo, and it is ACCURATE. ONE well-placed .22 will get you an AR/AK/M-16 or better, sparee magazines/ammo, camo clothing (very useful for infiltrating the enemy), body armor, boots, rations, water/canteen, knife/bayonet and/or other battle tool, gloves, backpack, grenades, flares, first aid kit, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, a RADIO to monitor the enemy.

      4. Most shotguns can lob slugs or buckshot, and most shotgun owners at least have something like a .30-30 lever action or a bolt-action deer rifle. Shotguns are good ambush weapons, and deer rifles can at least match, and usually exceed, the typical combat ranges. In guerrilla warfare, the hunter population is ideally armed. And if modern combat rifles are desired, there will be plenty to scavenge in short order.

      5. With so many power house military forces in Iraq for instance, America, Britain, Australian, Canada, and a few other coalition forces who spent more than 10 years in Iraq trying to disarm 26 million Iraqi citizens in an area the size of Mississippi. They were armed to the teeth with 50 cals not to mention tanks and all that military training and night vision. They still failed to disarm them in fact they quit because in was simply impossible. There is no way in the world any military force can occupy 50 states with the land mass 60 times larger than Iraq while trying to disarm 310 million American citizens. This is just me and my family along. I own 10 acres I’m one of the non registered hunters. I spent 20 years in the military and was an expert shooter before joining.
        I have 6 children all hunters my daughter killed her first deer at 12 years old with mussel loaded at 180 yards. I own a 270 rifle capable of hitting targets at 1000 meters not to mention my AR 15 with red dot site and other optics including my own set of night vision not like that cheap junk the military uses either. I love being an American!!!!!

    25. Most of the North Korean Active Army doesn’t even get bullets for training nor food. They are on starvation rations. Plus most of the equipment is now jury rigged due to not being able to make or get replacement parts.

      On paper they look impressive but in actual combat most would fold like Iraq did not once but twice.

      South Korea can call up to five million trained reservists within 24 hours.

      1. I spent about a year and a half as a civilian contractor in South Korea, and due to my retired military status, got to know a lot of R.O.K. troops. I WOULD NOT WANT TO HAVE TO FIGHT THEM. If lil’ Kim young’un is stupid enough to start something, he’ll be hanging with Daddy again. A lovely country filled with hardworking, family oriented, wonderful people. I’d like to go back just for dinner!

      2. @ anonymous says:

        Keep in mind that the South Korean’s have a Mandatory Conscription for Military Service. We the United States of America, did away from ours in 1973. It ALL Voluntary NOW…

      3. N. Korea isn’t the problem. The south could clobber them easily. Who BACKS N. Korea is the problem. You tangle with the North, you tangle with Mother Russia and hoards of Chinese. I was stationed in S. Korea near the DMZ in the 1987. Our military and the S. Korean would have no problem taking care of Kim Jong. But the human wave attacks that the Chinese are so equipped to deploy, that’s the problem. Sheer numbers.

    26. “as a lot of our brave military is also active hunters, but this is fun facts, not life and death math.”

      You never know…

      1. This number (12, 700,000) is based on the number of hunting licenses issued by state, it doesn’t include all of the hunters (several million) that own their own land and don’t “need” to purchase a license, or those (several million) that don’t get to hunt every year and so don’t purchase a license every year, and doesn’t include all of the juvenile hunters that hunt under their parents license.

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