Laser Ammo USA Inc. Introduces the Open Range

A Powerful Customizable Training Software Program for Serious Shooters and Law Enforcement Training

Open Range
Laser Ammo USA Inc. Introduces the Open Range
Laser Ammo USA, Inc.

Great Neck, NY -( Laser Ammo USA, Inc. is proud to introduce the Open Range; – a powerful shooting range program that allows you to customize how and where you train.

The Open Range is an add-on feature to our popular Smokeless Range Judgmental Simulator. The Smokeless Range is the first affordable judgmental and marksmanship firearms simulator. Perfect for practicing with your own firearm or AirSoft in the convenience of your own home.

The Open Range is customizable many ways. Create the range you or your agency want to train with. Customize different backgrounds, choose any number and any combination of targets, resize and place them where ever you desire and start training. Not only is it completely customizable, but conveniently portable. Take the Open Range from home to your agency and train whenever, wherever you desire. Build your own range at home for professional firearms and judgement training use or bring into your department.

Use the Open Range with Laser Ammo lasers that fit into your own weapon, AirSoft weapon or even a Bluegun training rifle! The Open Range is extremely versatile. There is nothing like it for the price! Currently used by law enforcement seeking an inexpensive solution to firearms and judgement trainers. The Open Range is a powerful training program for serious shooters, NRA Instructors and law enforcement training, designed to offer you the ability to train the way you want without the prohibitive price.

With the included course editor, the Open Range allows you to create and design your own training courses the way you want them arranged by background setting, target type and target placement. Place, move and resize over 20 pre-loaded targets so they are arranged to your training preference. Add various challenging motions such as pop-up or knock down as well as sounds like steel targets to help make the training all the more real. Shooters can create courses indoors or out – with metal or paper targets – and so much more!

Once you are done training, the built in After Action Review allows you to see your shot placement along with reac tion and split times.

The Smokeless Range and Open Range program give you the best performance and portability for large or small spaces and can be used with a projector on a big screen or on your LCD TV or laptop. All at a great price.

Please see the Open Range video – Click Here and try our free Software Demo – Click Here (Please note the software download is a free 15 day trial. Be advised that this demo is for use with your computer mouse only unless you already own the Smokeless Range.)

The Open Range is affordably priced at $250 and is an add-on to the Smokeless Range Simulator.

About Laser Ammo USA Inc.

Laser Ammo Ltd. develops and sells firearms training products for civilian, law enforcement, and military markets. Owned and operated by former Israeli and US military combat veterans, Laser Ammo is dedicated to providing serious training for serious professionals. Our products, including the SureStrike dry fire training system, electronic targets, and more are used by military, law enforcement agencies, NRA instructors, and firearm owners worldwide. The Laser Ammo family of products allows operators to utilize their specific weapons platform, including Air soft or recoil conversion systems, for dry fire training. From basic reactive target systems through high end Simulators, to fully customizable solutions for Force on Force (MILES) training, Laser Ammo is simply serious training for serious professionals.

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