Montana’s Apprentice Hunter Rule Approved

2014/15 Hunting Photography Contest, “Sunrise Over Assawoman Bay,” by Scott Lee of Laurel
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks
Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Montana -( Montana’s Fish & Wildlife Commission approved a new rule this week that clears the way for the state’s “apprentice hunter” law to take effect.

The law, enacted earlier this year by the state Legislature, allows youth 10-17 years of age to obtain a certification to purchase some Montana hunting licenses before completing a hunter education course. Apprentice hunters, however, are required to be accompanied by an adult mentor.

The $5 Apprentice Certification will be available beginning Monday, Aug. 10 only at FWP offices.

The new rule approved Thursday defines certain mentor responsibilities and establishes the process for designating and identifying a mentor.

Under the law, apprentice-hunter certification is for two license years only. After two years, the apprentice hunter must complete a hunter safety and education course. Also, to participate in the program, an apprentice hunter must:

  • be between the ages of 10-17 years old;
  • obtain a $5 certification from an FWP office; certification forms are available online;
  • have all appropriate licenses in their possession at all times while in the field.

For a prospective mentor to participate, he or she must be:

  • 21 years old or older;
  • related to the apprentice by blood, adoption, or marriage; or be the apprentice’s legal guardian, or appointed by the apprentice’s legal guardian;
  • have completed hunter education–if born after Jan. 1, 1985;
  • have a current Montana hunting license;
  • agree to supervise and remain within sight of and direct voice contact with the apprentice hunter at all times while in the field;
  • only accompany one apprentice at a time;
  • confirm that the apprentice is psychologically and physically prepared to hunt.

Mentors are also required to complete and sign a form, along with the apprentice, and if applicable, the apprentice’s parent or legal guardian. Mentor forms are free and are also available via FWP’s website.

An apprentice hunter is not eligible to obtain a special bow and arrow license without first completing a bowhunter education course; a resident hound training license for chasing mountain lion; a bighorn sheep license; an elk license if under 15 years of age. Nor can an apprentice hunter participate in any of Montana’s limited-quota hunting license or permit drawings.

Violation of the terms by an apprentice hunter or mentor could result in the loss of hunting privileges for up to one full license season.

The $5 Apprentice Certification will be available beginning Monday, Aug. 10 only at FWP offices.

For more information visit FWP’s website at, then click “Apprentice Hunter Program“.