Oath Keepers & The Truth In Ferguson ~ Video

by Jason Van Tatenhove

Joe Biggs
Joe Biggs

Oath Keepers

USA -(Ammoland.com)- Retired Army Staff Sergeant and reporter for infowars.com, Joe Biggs, was in the middle of the controversy that main stream media whipped up earlier this week.

They were shocked to see the Infowars news team escorted into some Ferguson neighborhoods by a highly trained group of the Missouri Oath Keepers.

Joe took the time to speak with me about what really happened in Ferguson. When Biggs goes out on location, he contacts any friends he may have in the area to see what the local climate is like and if there is anything that he may need to be aware of.

In this case, Joe contacted Sam Andrews and the Missouri Oath Keepers who he had met last year when the original Ferguson riots broke out. Sam informed him that a few reporters had been violently attacked the night before, and offered a security detail to provide security as the Oath Keepers already had a good lay of the land.

Please note, the Oath Keepers offered to accompany the Infowars crew completely voluntarily, as opposed to the outright lie that was reported by the main stream media that claimed that the Oath Keepers were hired to provide security for Infowars.

Infowars and the Oath Keepers began to open a dialog with the gathered community, including members of the Black Panthers. The conversations that were held were a calm and peaceful exchange of dialog and ideas ranging from government overreach and taxes, to 2nd amendment issues.

About Oath Keepers:

Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. Our Oath is to the Constitution. www.oathkeepers.org

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    1. I never claimed the group in question had no training. All I asked for (politely, by the way) was a factual, objective and detailed basis for their ‘highly trained’ claim. Still patiently waiting for an answer. IMHO it was not that difficult of a question to answer.

    2. Stewart Rhoades is a liar and a fraud. Like said,examine the dude on the roof and tell me why the ‘highly trained’ assertion is BS !

    3. What is it about the guy on the roof that blows the ‘highly trained’ assertion out of the water ?

    4. CoosaTotahK9: What I do recognize when I see it is a vague, B.S., non answer to my simple question. You brought zero ‘facts’ to the discussion. Nice try blowing smoke. You earn a zero on the ‘cognitive ability to comprehend’ scoreboard. Farmer: ‘Earning bones’ does not count towards defining ‘highly trained’. Now, can we get on with an accurate, detailed, concise answer to my question?

      1. The answer is that OK’s members ‘could have’ some highly trained members but can offer no proof to that. (Just suppose to accept as true and not question,…sound familiar ?) Rhoades is a total fraud any damn way,…’nuff said !

    5. Whoa! Settle down badmouthers! All I asked was DETAILS on the ‘highly trained’ claim. Anyone actually want to address the question or just sling mud like Gene and Throwedoff?

      1. NO! If you have been there it doesn’t need explaining. If it needs to be explained to you then you wouldn’t understand anyway. Brings into question your integrity claiming to be a 33 year veteran of LE and your cognitive ability to comprehend. If you don’t know what it means to be highly trained by now then you were never there to begin with. No badmouthing, no mudslinging. Just the facts. Been there, done that, moving on.

      2. Let’s focus ladies. There are a lot more important issues in this article than who is better than me! Oathkeepers may have its share of non professionals, but we don’t draw membership from the boy scouts or progressive Washington establishment. On a bet, members have earned their bones. Now, can we get on with Ferguson?

    6. Having traversed this planet for almost 80 years and having lived or worked in almost all the coastal states and having multiple relatives that are either active or retired LEO’s and I put more lead down range in a week that they do in a year. I exercise true Gun Control as I usually hit what I place my front sight on,

    7. Clark Kent week after week I read your belittlement of other peoples comments, YOU must be a FU*king TROOL. Go back to the rock you came from. I don’t believe the crap that comes from you. I bet your a arm chair commando

      1. Gene, Clark Kent is not an “arm chair” commando. He’s a computer desk chair commando sitting in his mom’s basement.

    8. I would make the same claim against LE. Most only do their required qualification. which can hardly be termed ‘training’. Like civilian CCW, a very few seek extra training that they pay for out of their own pocket. Most only do the minimum required.

      I speak this as someone who has worked on an LE range and have seen it first-hand.

    9. Well Clark, after serving as a Human Resource Specialist in an infantry unit (which I am assuming is one of the clerk/ typist MOS you are referring too) I can tell you that I received the same training as 11B (Infantry) and was expected to uphold the same standard. The majority of my section was color blind and could not have infantry as a primary MOS so we reclassed secondary MOS as 11B . I cannot recall one time where I actually did Clerk/ typist work. In a section of 8 only 2 were needed to operate the section and the rest of us were sent out to line units. The majority of my time was spent on patrol with infantry squads or conducting convoy security even though I worked in an S Section. I’m not sure what other units do on their deployments but we were all trained to fight and that is exactly what we did. With 33 years of law enforcement experience I am truly surprised that you would underestimate anyone.

    10. I’m surprised Oath Keepers would associate themselves with such a bogus site as infowars.

      1. I used to think infowars was way over the top. I still think the main guy has a screw or two loose when it comes to 9/11.

        But after the revelations of the NSA getting every dumb phone call, email, fax and even some snail mail of AMERICANS, I no longer immediately discount every story that comes from infowars.

    11. Pep: I just retired after a 33 year law enforcement career as a street cop in a large West Coast city. So I ask once again, what is the basis for the ‘highly trained’ statement? Just because you were/are a clerk/typist in the Army does not mean you are ‘highly trained’.

      1. And exactly how much research did you do and what records did you uncover that showed there were a predominance of clerk typists? I was a career LEO with a premier East Coast PD and the firearms training given/required, especially retraining, is abysmal. I’d be very careful before critizing Oath Keepers, of which I also am a member.

      1. Since they’re ex and current military and law enforcement, I would say that makes them highly trained. What branch of the service were you in to question someone else’s training?

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