Obama v. Bibi – Fight to the Finish

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Natanyahu
From Haile Selassie to Bibi Netanyahu – History is Repeating Itself
Pat Buchanan
Pat Buchanan

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- In his desperation to sink the Iran nuclear deal, Bibi Netanyahu is taking a hellish gamble.

Israel depends upon the United States for $3 billion a year in military aid and diplomatic cover in forums where she is often treated like a pariah state. Israel has also been the beneficiary of almost all the U.S. vetoes in the Security Council.

America is indispensable to Israel. The reverse is not true.

Yet, without telling the White House, Bibi had his U.S. ambassador arrange for him to address a joint session of Congress in March — to rip up the president's Iran nuclear deal before it was even completed.

The day the deal was signed, using what The Washington Post calls “stark apocalyptic language,” Bibi accused John Kerry of giving the mullahs a “sure path to a nuclear weapon” and a “cash bonanza of hundreds of billions of dollars … to pursue its aggression and terror.”

Bibi has since inspired and led the campaign to get Congress to kill the deal, the altarpiece of the Obama presidency.

Israel Ambassador Ron Dermer, a former Republican operative now cast in the role of “Citizen Genet,” has intensively lobbied the Hill to get Congress to pass a resolution of rejection.

If that resolution passes, as it appears it will, Obama will veto it.

Then Israel, the Israeli lobby AIPAC, and all its allies and auxiliaries in the think tanks and on op-ed pages will conduct a full-court press to have Congress override the Obama veto and kill his nuclear deal.

Has Bibi, have the Israelis, considered what would happen should they succeed? Certainly, there would be rejoicing in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and Bibi would be crowned King of Capitol Hill.

But they will have humiliated an American president by crushing him by two-to-one in his own legislature. Such a defeat could break the Obama presidency and force the resignation of John Kerry, who would have become a laughing stock in international forums.

The message would go out to the world. In any clash between the United States and Israel over U.S. policy in the Middle East, bet on Bibi. Bet on Israel. America is Israel's poodle now.

With the Gulf nations having joined Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia in backing the deal, Israel is isolated in its opposition. And, two weeks ago, Kerry warned that if Congress rejects the deal, “Israel could end up being more isolated and more blamed.”

Hardly an outrageous remark.

But this is not Israel's deal. It is our deal, and our decision. And Israel is massively interfering in our internal affairs to scuttle a deal the president believes is in the vital interests of the United States.

When the U.S. and Israel disagree over U.S. policy in the Mideast, who decides for America? Them or us?

Why does Barack Obama take this? Why does John Kerry take this?

One can only imagine what President Eisenhower would have done had he seen Bibi at the rostrum of the U.S. House of Representatives, ripping apart his Middle East policy. Or had Ike learned that an Israeli ambassador was working the halls of Congress to kill an arms deal he and John Foster Dulles had just negotiated.

Lest we forget, Ike told his wartime colleague, Prime Minister Anthony Eden, to get his army out of Suez or he would sink the British pound. Ike then told Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion to get his army out of Sinai or face U.S. economic reprisals.

Eden and Ben-Gurion did as they were told.

That was an America respected by friend and foe alike.

When Harry Truman felt that Gen. Douglas MacArthur had been insubordinate in resisting presidential restrictions on his actions in Korea, Truman fired the general and astounded the nation.

Yet this president and John Kerry have been wimpishly seeking for weeks to placate Netanyahu. And Bibi is no Douglas MacArthur.

Time to stop acting like wusses.

The president should declare Dermer persona non grata and send him packing, then tell the Israeli government we will discuss a new arms package when you have a prime minister who understands that no nation interferes in the internal affairs of the United States. None.

That could bring Bibi's government, with its single-vote majority, crashing down. And why not? After all, Bibi was a virtual surrogate for Mitt Romney when Mitt was trying to bring down Obama.

Obama and Kerry are never running again. Deep down, they would surely relish taking Bibi down. And they could do it.

Deal or no deal, it is time America started acted like America again.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

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    1. Why on God’s green earth is ammoland publishing tripe from this anti-semetic paleo-monster?
      Associating with creeps like this cannot be a plus for promoting gun rights or keeping people informed on other non-2A topics.

    2. JohnC: No war defending Israel can be deemed ‘unwarranted’. As goes Israel, so goes the USA. And besides, the way things are going the USA will need Israel to defend us; particularly in the Middle East. They refuse to participate in a second Holocaust…

    3. Mama I think the amount is 150 billion not 1.5. I want to ask a serious question without all the crap you guys think you know. Do you want to see a nation nuked? Is that it? One said they worry about N. Korea. N. Korea is China. So you are worried about China. If Israel gets nuked(which it will) you also know Tehran will not survive. Right. The part about Israel taking out Iran’s reactors will not work because they are online, so this is no real option, because if it were, it would have already been done. Are you guys infidels? Do you know what an infidel is? Obama is a muslim which means he can and will lie to infidels. I personally do not want thousands, maybe tens of, maybe hundreds of thousands of lives on my hands. Obama has worked harder for this then anything he has done for our nation. Why? Just explain why. We let this go through and we have nuke the Israelis just as assuredly we nuked the Japanese. After the fact Buchanan and Obama will lean back smile and clap their hands. Will YOU feel so satisfied?

    4. It’s a good thing John F. Kennedy didn’t believe we had no right to tell other nations what they must do. Had he believed this, the Mid-Atlantic states would be the Gulf of D.C. now. Anyone who believes Barack Obama negotiates with the best interests of the citizens of the United States at heart is an idiot. If that deal is put into effect the people of Israel will have to destroy Iran or be destroyed by Iran. Either way, the trigger for Armageddon will have been pulled. The only bright spot I see is that I, along with millions of others, will not have to taste death as this will surely bring about the return of Jesus! “Even so, come, Lord Jesus”.

    5. “No one interferes with U.S congress” yet Obama can send our taxes into Israel to lobby and directly attempt to turn the public against Netanyahu in the last elections. I like your methods, change what you don’t like but God Forbid if someone tries to fix your mistakes.

    6. We would not be having this issue if we had a president not focused on destroying the US. Every act of his, including this ridiculous treaty, has been to destroy sovereignty and the Constitution.
      The 1.5 billion will go a long way to arming terrorist organizations fanatically determined to kill and destroy the US and her citizens as well as the Israelis. The Obama administration is knowingly starting a nuclear race in the mideast and knowingly condemning the state of Israel to destruction. Look at the track record of backing the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab Spring and the results. How can anyone be so naive to think that the Obama regime has America’s interest to heart?

    7. Do you for one second think that iran would hesitate to light up the U.S. if it had nukes. Has anything obamass or kerry done any good for the U.S.? NO!!! Kerry is in there to play the fool and kiss a-s.

    8. Bibi going to congress to scuttle the bad deal Obummer and his side kick Kerry have made doesn’t make America look weak to the rest of the world. It makes a statement that the United Statues is ruled by it’s people and their representatives, not self appointed king Odummy. The President serves the people, no the other way around. No one in our great nation with a brain thinks this deal is good.

      I think Pat has been in the beltway too long and forgets about how government is supposed to work. Bibi is ten times the leader that Mr Hussein O’loser would ever hope to be. If we had Bibi as President, I guarantee we would have secure borders.

    9. Prez Obozo should have been ousted long ago, Kerry more recently. Israel is one of a very FEW allies. Bibi did not come here on his own accord, he was invited. Destroy (read DESTROY) Iran’s capabilities now, then say “sorry” for any “innocent” lives lost.

    10. I think a basic understanding of our government is important in relation to addressing Pat’s position. Disrespect is irrelevant here. We have three “equal” branches of government. I suggest the congress cannot “disrespect” the President or John Kerry by doing their job. They represent the people of our country and to just “rubber stamp” an agreement, if they do not agree with it, would be a “disrespect” to people they represent. I believe you do the right thing and live with the consequences..That is exactly what Truman did even though it was against convention at the time. An aside for a moment…We are negotiating a deal that may or may not directly affect us today however this deal will directly affect the middle east today and certainly in the future and could very well be a life or death decision for many of the countries in the region. If the wrong decision is made it would appear that Israel would suffer the most so why wouldn’t he (Bibi) do everything he could to influence anyone he needed to since Israel’s very existence may be at stake.

    11. It is one thing for Congress to vote against the Iran nuclear agreement because they think it’s a bad deal based on its specifics, and another thing entirely to vote against it purely to appease Israel and/or humiliate the President.

      I don’t like most of the President’s foreign or domestic agenda (and I have doubts about the Iran agreement in particular), but it’s pretty easy to see how Israel’s running to Congress to scuttle the deal will make American lose even more credibility internationally.

    12. Wake up, JohnC. “Rebellious” Congress? The three parts (Executive, Judicial, and Legislative) of US government exist specifically for maintaining balance, not to be “rubber stamps” for each other’s tyranny.

      President Obozo and Kerry are the only ones who are showing disrespect… for their own offices, and for the American people in general. They ridiculously endanger American citizens by perpetrating a worthless and unenforceable treaty, in order to brag that they “did something!” Neither asinine waste-of-human-skin understands that they are charged with doing the RIGHT thing… not just any convenient “something.”

      You are vaguely correct that “We as a nation do not have the right to tell other nations what they must do.” But we damned-well have the right to self-protection, and to do ANYTHING necessary to prevent the wholesale slaughter of our citizens! Which is exactly and precisely what will (not might, or could, or may… but WILL) happen if the Iran government is not stopped – pre-emptively stopped! – from getting the (nuclear) weaponry they deceitfully seek. That excuse for a treaty will not prevent, and will in fact actually enhance, Iran’s war against the US and Israel.

      Do you truly value some seemingly moral aversion to “pre-emptive” self-protection over American lives? Because that is the only choice we now have… thanks to that idiot occupying the White House.

      1. Mr Sooner, maybe the only thing that we will agree on is that it is great that we have the freedom to have this discourse. I do not believe that we should do ANYTHING as you put to prevent wholesale slaughter. If we are attacked we take them out. I am much more concerned about the maniacs in North Korea, but that does not give me or us the right to attack them.
        Our congress continues to undermine the power of the presidency without regard for consequences. And you sir might learn a little respect for people

    13. Mr Buchanan thank you for a brilliant article. Israel seems to be important to many Americans. It must be the religious history for there is little else they do for us. If the deal with Iran is cancelled by our rebellious congress it will do much more than disrespect our President and Secretary Kerry it will be turning our backs on the several other countries, who are important allies to us. The money “given” to the Iranians was theirs already. We as a nation do not have the right to tell other nations what they must do. Take the deal and be proud that we can at least talk to the crazy Iranians. I personally do not believe in pre-emptive war. Our soldiers should not be endangered in a unwarranted war defending Israel.

    14. Pat’s article makes no mention of Absolute right or wrong, but focuses on what is politically possible. Catholics like Buchanon do not understand Biblical end times. Any real Christian can see Bibi is on the side of right although every decision is not perfect. The biblical description of Persia’s is not pretty. Pat seems to be arguing for the stated enemy of God himself and that puts Pat on the side of wrong.

        1. IF and ONLY IF, the bible is not the Word of God. The Bible used to be a guiding rod for USA policy. After we abandoned it, we find ourselves a financially bankrupt, questionable military power, and largely immoral people. Values do determine our future.

    15. Obozo versus Bibi? I bet on Bibi. By the way, Bibi was never a U.S. Government employee, so the Truman/MacArthur comparison is bogus. Better idea: declare Obozo persona non grata and send HIM packing……….

    16. I think Israel,it’s people,and Mr. Netanyahu are realizing that Hussein Obama wants ‘Israel wiped off the face of the Earth’ just as much as Iran,Syria and all ME terrorists do. The U.S.,because of Hussein Obama, are having to deal with ISIS,Islamic muslim terrorists,Mexican drug cartels,etc. on our own soil because the African born muslim terrorist is literally bringing them to the US,plus wide open borders ! Israel was helping keep this terrorists scum presence in the US to a minimum,but are unable to do this any longer. Israel is not bound by any US agreement with Iran,or any country is for that matter. Israel needs to make a decision right now on those Iranian nuclear reactors plants,…hit them,destroy them NOW ! …..Without hesitation !

    17. what would eisenhower have done? he sure has hell wouldnt have been rolled by the Mullas.. this article is rediculous. if bibi kills this he is a hero. kerry needs to resign, and americas nightmare needs to end.

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