Olympia Cree XTE WD180 Rechargeable Lantern Review

By Justin Stakes

An Ultra Portable & Brilliant Option for the Outdoor Enthusiast on the Go

Olympia Cree XTE WD180 Rechargeable Lantern Review
Olympia Cree XTE WD180 Rechargeable Lantern Review

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California -(AmmoLand.com)- With autumn upon us, new hunting and camping gear is starting to surface for the fall season, including new camping lanterns.

Lanterns have always been an essential to any camping or outdoor enthusiast’s pack. Finding the right lantern can be a tough and frustrating experience with the surplus of options available on the market today.

What I tend to consider when searching for a new lantern is not just the product’s durability and portability, but mainly it’s key features.

Olympia’s new Cree XTE WD180 Rechargeable Lantern is an excellent little lighting device that can fit in the palm of your hands and is extremely easy to clean. Don’t let its size fool you either, while very tiny the WD180 is packed with a plethora of features for nearly any possible use.

Olympia Cree XTE WD180 Rechargeable Lantern Review

The WD180’s base is magnetic, creating a convenient option to mount the lantern to nearly any metal surface. I found that the addition of the kickstand helps to keep the lantern in any position the user wants, allowing it to be placed upon virtually any surface with ease.

Kicking out the WD180’s feet also helps to angle the light in any direction needed. It even features a built-in clip creating the ability to suspend the lantern from branches and other protruding offshoots from around the immediate area, providing the option to elevate the lantern to almost any position.

Olympia Cree XTE WD180 Rechargeable Lantern w/ magnetic base
Olympia Cree XTE WD180 Rechargeable Lantern w/ magnetic base

From its magnetic base to its kickstand and built-in clip, the WD180 can be used for nearly anything you can think of that requires a lighting source around the campground. It has four different variations of settings from low, medium, high and SOS for when in dire situations.

The WD180 emits a powerful 180 Lumens at its highest capacity for a total of 5 hours, 80 lumens at its median for 12 hours and 20 lumens at its lowest output for 12 hours. Having to constantly purchase new batteries for your lantern is also a thing of the past, thanks to its rechargeable capabilities via the built-in lithium rechargeable battery.

Olympia Cree XTE WD180 Rechargeable Lantern's Built-In_Clip
Olympia Cree XTE WD180 Rechargeable Lantern’s Built-In_Clip

Built to withstand both weather and various traveling conditions. It has a waterproof rating of IPX6, protecting it from high pressure water jets from any direction, so there’s no need to worry about a little rain hitting it. There’s also a two-year warranty included to ease the owner’s mind a bit incase anything does go wrong.

At a $29.99 price point, you won’t be able to find a cheaper nor a comparative lantern on the market with the same features or capabilities as the WD180.

Olympia Cree XTE WD180 Rechargeable Lantern - Beam Distance with RunTime
Olympia Cree XTE WD180 Rechargeable Lantern – Beam Distance with RunTime

Olympia WD180 Lantern Features:

  • 180 Lumens at the highest setting
  • Rechargeable with a built-in micro-USB charging port
  • Includes 1 micro-USB cable
  • Waterproof IPX6*
  • 4 light settings: High-Medium-Low-SOS
  • Built-in hanging clip
  • Magnetic base
  • Adjustable feet provide ability to angle the light
  • 2000mAh built-in Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
  • 2 Year warranty
  • MSRP $29.99

Overall Summary: The Olympia Cree XTE WD180 Rechargeable Lantern is an awesome lightweight and portable lantern with outstanding lighting distribution and features that pack quite a punch for such a small package.

Shop for the Olympia Cree XTE WD180 Rechargeable Lantern on Amazon.

For more information on Olympia’s outdoor products, please visit www.OlympiaProducts.com.

Article by Justin Stakes
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