One-Year Anniversary of TRU-DOT RDS in the United States



Farmingdale, NY -( The Mako Group, the exclusive U.S. importer of Meprolight optics and night sights is proud to announce the one-year anniversary of their most popular all-purpose red dot reflex optic, the Meprolight TRU-DOT RDS.

Last year, the sight rapidly increased in popularity and was one of the most sought after optics on the market; production was increased substantially in Israel to meet stateside demands. Battle tested Israeli engineers recognized the value of a large field of view so they designed the RDS with a 30mm FOV. The large display window allows shooters to keep both eyes open, allowing for faster target acquisition.

Four distinct reticle brightness allows the 1.8 MOA red dot to be seen under any shooting scenario. TRU-DOT RDS is compatible with magnifying scopes Gen II and III NVGs for nighttime shooting situations.

The energy efficient, compact combat optic was designed to use a single AA battery. Through the utilization of a specially designed internal automatic mechanism, the battery will last for thousands of hours of use. The RDS will turn off while the weapon is stationary; it turns on immediately when the gun is moved allowing for instant target acquisition.

A shooter can benefit from the battle-tested experience of top Israeli defense experience for an unbelievable MSRP of $399. Often superior quality cannot be obtained at such a low price.

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About The Mako Group:

The Mako Group is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the best tactical equipment and weapon accessories that have been proven in combat. Products designed for the Israeli Defense Forces, Israeli Security and Israeli Police by Meprolight, FAB Defense, E-Lander Magazines, Front Line Holsters and RTS Target Systems, are fully available to the U.S. market. Please “like” The Mako Group on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest news and products.

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