Racebaiter Farrakhan Calling For Murders, But Murder of Who? ~ Video

Louis Farrakhan
Louis Farrakhan

Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA -(Ammoland.com)- There are those who are actively trying to raise racial tensions in the United States where none should exist. If such efforts should succeed, ALL of us could be in a dangerous situation, regardless of our skin color.

As American gun owners, we need to stand united against those who are trying to seed hatred amongst us. To fall for the racial goading is to let evil win.

In the video below, who does Farrakhan want murdered? White people, black people, Asians, the police? Are the murders to be religious based, color based, or revenge based? He doesn’t spell it out and it really doesn’t matter. Calling for the cold-blooded murder of anyone is not acceptable and never will be.

In the crazy world we find ourselves living in, we should ALL exercise a higher level of situational awareness as we go about our daily lives.

As John Farnan repeatedly recommends Keep your head up. Maintain your options. Stay dangerous!”


Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right. Visit: www.vcdl.org

  • 15 thoughts on “Racebaiter Farrakhan Calling For Murders, But Murder of Who? ~ Video

    1. “Kill Those Who Kill U.S…” The great vast majority of murdered blacks are killed by other blacks. So he’s calling for … more of the same?

      “Black lives matter” but, apparently, only when killed by the police.

    2. He doesn’t have to pay income tax because he is a ‘man of the cloth’. Think about that. When people ‘vote bible’, and try to push religion into government, this is the kind of ahole who benefits.

    3. This diseased brain moron! I heard this idiot speak a few years back and he said he was Jesus Christ! The man is insane, and he better talk to his porch monkeys about the killings before he talks to anyone else.!!! imho

    4. Think about what Farrakhan is saying…”kill those who kill us”…huummmm…the data suggests that blacks are killing blacks at a rate that is substantially higher then the rates that anyone else is killing blacks so it would seem that Farrakhan is actually suggesting that blacks should continue killing blacks…interesting!

    5. Though Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson are opposite ends of the ‘monochrome’ spectrum, their goal is the same. If you don’t want to end up like the Jews in Hitler’s Germany you better adopt the Boy Scout Motto. Be prepared!

      1. Ha yeah right! All the guns in the world isn’t going to save people! People fail to realize that Whites aren’t the only one with guns!

        1. Oh you must be talking about the Asians. (Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese etc.) They’re tired of the ‘Monochrome Coalition’ too!

      2. Louis Farrakhan is a Muslim. All he does is preach hate. He wants to blame all the problems of the Black people
        on the White people. If a White person made the remarks he has made he would be arrested and charged with a
        hate crime. But a Black Muslim can say say what he wants to! Oh, I forgot, our President is a Black Muslim!!!

        1. You sir are a moron. I suppose you’re a republican conservative huh? Believing everything Newt Gingritch, Mark Call and Rush Limbaugh have to say doesn’t make you intelligent, it makes you uneducated. Just because they say something certainly doesn’t make it true you fool.

    6. To answer the authors question, he wants to blame everything on white folks and kill us. Apparently he thinks we are to blame for every ill that affects Black people in this country. It’s the same technique that Hitler used to rally the Germans against the Jews. There will be some uneducated idiots that will follow him too, which is sad. If he succeeds in touching off a race war, a lot of innocent people, of different races, will die for nothing. All because his hate has clouded his thinking. The real culprit behind all of this is a lack of parenting. If kids don’t grow up with good parenting, they become bad citizens. When you can’t spell your own name, you have no prospect for a job. We’ve have excused parents from raising their children for decades, and we can see the result of that everywhere. Enact laws that say the parents stand in front of a judge every time their kids miss or disrupt class. We can’t force parent to love their children, but we can make them tale responsibility for them.

      1. George: I go along with your comment till you start talking about children missing school. There are times when a child should be out of school while being WITH their parents. There MUST be a legal excuse of absence when parents take the child on a LEARNING EXPOSITION which will NEVER happen in a classroom.

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