Regal Theaters Checking Purses, Bags to Ensure Law-Abiding Citizens Unarmed

By AWR Hawkins

Regal Theaters & Entertainment Group
Regal Theaters & Entertainment Group: Mike Kalasnik/Flickr
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( In reaction to firearm-related attacks at gun-free theaters in Aurora, Colorado (2012), and Lafayette, Louisiana (2015), Regal Entertainment Group has gone from simply barring law-abiding citizens from carrying guns for self-defense to checking their purses to be sure they are unarmed.

Regal theaters have said, “backpacks and bags of any kind” will be subject to searches for theater goers’ safety. At the same time, The Wrap reports the theater chain admits their policy “is not without flaws.

Of course, those “flaws” will result in law-abiding citizens paying a price for being unarmed—a price that those denying the exercise of Second Amendment rights are largely immune from paying.

But this is the path society goes down when businesses begin denying the natural rights of their patrons. First, they deny the rights of law-abiding citizens and then, when criminals ignore the denial, they punish law-abiding citizens by searching their purses, their bags, and their backpacks.

We’ve seen this mentality around the country, following attacks in gun-free zone after gun-free zone. From Fort Hood (2009), to the Aurora theater, to Sandy Hook Elementary, to the DC Navy Yard, to the military centers in Chattanooga and beyond, law abiding citizens are denied the rights that “shall not be infringed.”

They are then punished with more gun control when criminals take advantage of their unarmed vulnerability. In this way, Regal’s bag search policy is just a microcosm of this liberty-crushing approach to business administration.

In March 2013, Regal theaters sent an email to Second Amendment Check confirming that the theater chain’s ban on guns for self-defense applied to any law-abiding citizens other than law enforcement. Now, they are treating law-abiding citizens like criminals and subjecting them to searches before allowing them to watch a movie.

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So are the people searching bags armed, or Cannon fodder?


Bullet Sponges, cannons are too hard to carry.


f**k ’em…..I carry everywhere


Don’t patronize any Gun Free self defense Bigots. No Sonic, Starbucks, Kay Jewelers, and now Regal Theaters..Just stay away and do business with Pro American retailers. Tell all your friends and family to do the same and explain why. I also will not attend an anti-gun church for good reason. There are many choices for us not to depart with our hard earned cash in Anti-Defense Zones..


Ditto to what txnrl said , just don’t go. It is their business to do this, it is our choice to let them fail


What freedom to protect ourselves the government hasn’t taken away, a business expects its customers to voluntarily give up. Are they going to supply armed security to ensure the safety of their patrons? A dark room, one exit, attention focused away from your surroundings. Sounds like a room full of targets.


What does CCW mean exactly? Carry anyway, ignore the idiots. While they are focusing on the bag, backpack, purse etc. they will ignore the gun under your shirt or coat in a shoulder holster. Then again as others have suggested just do not patronize that business.

Cheers & Tighter Groups: Eaglesnester

Jesse Scott

Haha….dopes…I carry on my ankle.




I don’t believe any one used a bag or purse when the “males” went in the theaters and murdered people. They are not checking for guns they are looking for people that bring in food and drinks in the theater. If my wife or I carry in the theater it’s on our side not in a purse or bag. Are the 16 or 17 year old kids going to be searching, most of them don’t even want to work there let alone care about doing a good job. If a criminal wants to take a gun in they will get… Read more »


Just like the travel industry controlled by the idiots at the TSA, they are doing the customer a favor by letting the customer pay for being unsafe. For some reason I don’t understand, the “feel good, do nothing” safety precautions don’t make me feel good. So I don’t go where my gun can’t unless I have no choice. Unfortunately, most people have been trained to be ignorant when it comes to their own safety.


There’s a simple solution to this issue. Don’t patronize Regal theaters. See, now wasn’t that simple. Oh, and for those that do, well, they are “paying the man and taking their chances”. Isn’t it great that all of the pro-gun web sites are broadcasting this information nation wide so the criminals and whack jobs know exactly where to go for a gun free day? How responsible they are.


Actually, there’s an even better solution. You go to the Regal Theater, buy a ticket for a movie, and then, when you get to the door (where the “NO guns” signs are posted), you demand to see a manager and demand your money back, since you are certainly not going to watch a movie under such unsafe conditions, etc. You will end up having to deal with their armed security guard if you do this, so you need to be polite and not threatening, but it all works out in the end. You can also do this if you are… Read more »


” . . . the primary reason they want to search bags and backpacks, is actually to prevent people from bringing in their own (much cheaper!) food and drinks . . .”

That was my first thought when reading this article, since they were not going so far as to do a pat-down or wand search, as that’s what they would do if they were really trying to prevent people from entering with weapons. What a lame excuse for driving up concession sales.