Resistance to Oregon’s Universal Background Check Law Grows Stronger

Recall Floyd Prozanski
Recall Floyd Prozanski

Oregon Firearms Federation

Salem, Ore. -( If you watch any local TV in Oregon, you have no doubt been hammered with Bloomberg purchased ads promoting the Prozanski/Hoyle gun owner registration law.

The ad features a former Portland Police Chief (and Bloomberg shill) spewing lies before a background of soft-focus child actors playing in a park.

Since the chief sponsors of the bill (Prozanski and Hoyle) are shameless liars, why shouldn’t the ad be a collection of lies?

But why would they feel the need to dump millions into ads for a bill they have already passed?

Is it because they are fearful that as people start finding out exactly how bad this bill is there will be a backlash?

Well there is a backlash and it’s been building.

Today we received a new county resolution opposing SB 941. Douglas County has added itself to the growing list of Counties and Sheriffs going on record against SB 941. We thank the commissioners for their courage and for standing up to the attacks on their constituents.

Of course, the liars who supported this attack on your rights continue to claim that almost 90% of Oregonians are eager to have their privacy invaded, their safety compromised and their property tracked for future confiscation. (Except Val Hoyle who recently dropped the number to “almost 80%”.)

With most counties on record opposing 941 and some saying they simply will not enforce it, it must be getting harder and harder for the Bloomberg stooges to trot out their fiction with a straight face. But if you have unlimited funds you can at least run an endless series of ads.

With Douglas County on board, and Lane County having also rejected SB 941, bill sponsor and chief gun grabber, Floyd Prozanski is in an uncomfortable position. You see, Prozanski’s district covers parts of both Lane and Douglas Counties. That means that the commissions in both his counties have stood up to his lies and shady maneuvers. But more importantly, it is those very commissioners who will be choosing Prozanski’s replacement should he lose his recall election.

The Recall Prozanski Campaign is going strong and there is still time to sign the petition to send Floyd back to his day job “prosecuting” traffic tickets. If you live in his district, or know people who do, please visit the recall website to sign a petition. And please consider any support you can give OFFPAC to fund this effort.

Meanwhile, in Coos County, pro-rights activists have bypassed their county commission, which refused to stand up for residents, and have placed a pro-Second Amendment ordinance on the ballot for the November election. This is the kind of action that grass roots activists can take when their elected representatives are too cowardly or too lazy to act on their own.

This battle is far from over. The people are stepping up. We have a long way to go, but with each passing day the resistance to the tyranny of the Bloomberg flunkies is growing.

The Oregon Firearms Federation has proven itself to be Oregon’s only no compromise lobbying group, OFF takes the same tough stands and serves as a vehicle for educating gun owners, promoting their rights and when necessary, fighting the freedom haters in court. Visit:

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Somebody needs to edit the Wikipedia so it includes these draconian laws and policies Floyd Prozanski has supported. Wiki makes it sound like Floyd Prozanski is about to be sainted. No flaming. Just some truth. “Floyd Prozanski sponsored gun registration with the backing of the Bloomberg machine and has cause a firestorm of opposition. ” or something like that. Newspaper quotes would be good because they can be footnoted.


Has Prozanski ever been prescribed Prozac? He’s got ‘Prozac Eyes’ in the accompanying picture. LOL


“Mental illness” is a backdoor policy. The DSM 5, under the pressure of the Federal government, has conveniently expanded the definitions of “illnesses”. EVERYONE who isn’t a friggin’ robot will eventually be labeled “borderline” mentally ill….NOBODY will qualify for firearm ownership under this “common sense” policy. I’m guessing there’s a whole lot of other rights you won’t qualify for either. Have you ever…. ….yelled at someone? …..been depressed about your situation? ……gotten in a fight? …..broken the law? ……had too much of a mind influencing substance? …..made a stupid, possibly impulsive decision? ……criticized your teacher, boss, or goverment? ALL would… Read more »


“What part of NO do they not understand?”

That was rhetorical. They DO understand, they just don’t care.

Such is the politics of statism.


That’s the FALLACY in the Firearm Purchase. A Gun Store Owner, Unsold Firearms are Registered by the Store’s Insurance Carrier, until that Firearm is SOLD. Your Name is NOW on that Firearm and a Recorded Register to the Insurance Company that the Firearm was in fact Sold. There’s also the “Gun Barrel Proofing Act” of 1868. Where a Barrel Proof was made one EVERY Gun Manufactured in the United States. By Law, the Manufacturer is require to send a “Proof Sample” to a Proofing House within 28-days of the Gun Manufacture. So even if you buy a Firearm at a… Read more »


None of my firearms are “registered” with an insurance company. Why would they be, except for theft, when none are “collectable”? They are about as collectable as garden shovels leaning against the back of the house. Since they were all private-party in-State purchased, they didn’t need a “background approval” to enforce my rights.

Black Guns Matter!




YOUR’S might not be, BUT it probably STILL IS by the Original Insurer for at least 17-years. When the Statute of Limitations Expire’s…



If your Firearms are Insured against THEFT, then their REGISTERED. “You Can’t Have One, Without the Other”…


What a bunch of bull sh*t. I hold a 007 FFL and no information is transmitted to ATF. The “Proof Mark” is stamped into the barrel.


I’ll NEVER register any of my guns PROZANSKI… every person in this State should do the same …….. so much for your law ! As for the counties standing up and telling you NO…. NO MEANS NO !


Never will I “REGISTER” or use the new State Police form to transfer MY GUNS…. Hey Prozanski take note …. NONE of my firearms are in the data base and NEVER will be…. does this point out the flaw in your scheme to ” reduce crime” in oregon ? Why is their so little focus on mental illness and so much on “recreational pot “… 90% of the Oregon population did not want this nor do we need this law for any reason… not the other way folks ! LISTEN to the residents of this State not BLOOMBERG, ……………….. we… Read more »



You already ARE Registered, but just don’t know it. Everytime you buy a Gun (ANYWHERE) your Registered. A “Proof Test Charge” is performed to Every Gun Sold ANYWHERE, called The Gun Barrel Proof Act of 1868. Companies by law are required to Submit a “Proof” of that particular gun to a Proofing House within 28-days of the Manufacture of that GUN. Regardless of Who and Where You By It, YOUR REGISTERED TO THAT GUN!


That is a UK law, not a U.S. or Oregon law.


Really, ‘This Side^’?
You quote a ENGLISH law and think it’s a U.S. law?

Manufacturer’s here do their own ‘proofing’ and the U.S. government has nothing to do with it. or even care if it’s done as there is NO LAW requiring it.

Geez, do some simple due diligence research first



Regardless on WHO makes the Gun, WHERE it was Manufactured, WHAT the Country of Origin IS, or WHO SOLD IT. The Information is Passed On to a Proofing House.


What an idiot! My firearms have passed through dozens of hands before I bought them, all privately. My name is in no way registered to any of them.


We have the best politicians that money can buy. I’d never want to know what it felt like to be somebody’s bitch, especially to Bloomberg, but I guess this guy likes it. I can only hope the recall passes!


You go Oregon! And when you succeed, cross the border to the north and inject some backbone into my fellow Washingtonians who would rather respond with apathy than outrage. Or maybe the weed is making them apathetic.