Revolver Supply LLC, Announcing the Launch of the 7 shot Moon Clip Unloader

Revolver Supply, Supplies for the Revolver Enthusiasts!

Revolver Supply LLC, 7 Shot Moon Clip Unloader
Revolver Supply LLC, 7 Shot Moon Clip Unloader

LOGO1Mimbres, N.M. ( – Revolver Supply Company is proud to announce the shooting sports first 7 shot moon clip unloader. This 7 Shot Tube Unloader is properly sized to unload all 7 shot moon clips without bending the moon clip.

This tool is designed for the family of 9 MM, 38 Super and 38 Special 7 shot revolvers built on the S&W L frame. The tube is designed to hold all 7 of the bullets while unloading, how easy is that?
Stop bending your moon clips today and try this tool. It is designed to fit the smaller chambers so that your moon clips will NOT bend while being unloaded.

The Revolver Supply Company, LLC

Revolver Supply: The Revolver Supply Company is the perfect place for revolver enthusiasts. They sell, premium moon clips, moon clip, moon clip checkers, moon unloaders, revolver sights, and storage for the products such as plastic containers and dump bags. They design and manufacture their products in house and their premium moon clips are 100% hand tested using gauge blocks to check for flatness to make sure their customers only get top quality moon clips, which work properly right from the start. They have a great team that truly cares and are known to go out of their way to make their customers happy.


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When will the firearm world recognize that Ruger makes a quality revolver? While S&W and Colt fail, Ruger endures. Hard to understand the lack of love for the brand IMO.