Sportsman Channel and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Present ‘#PROJECTELK’

Sportsman Channel and Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Documentary “#PROJECTELK” Features Rare Elk Footage and a Hunter’s Quest on August 15 at 7 p.m. ET

Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel

NEW YORK (– Nearly one million elk live in North America today. Most of the population roam in the United States – Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina – as well as westward in Canada beginning from Ontario.  Sportsman Channel and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation bring viewers a rare glimpse into the world of North American elk and one hunter’s quest with the documentary #PROJECTELK on August 15 at 7 p.m. ET exclusively on Sportsman Channel.

#PROJECTELK - Splash Elk

#PROJECTELK is the story of the origins, science and evolution behind conservation, and the question around whether hunters are the Earth’s true conservationists. Featuring interviews with hunters, biologists and wildlife experts, the unique one-hour film offers diverse perspectives on this pivotal topic while also following the trail of Jason Matzinger (Into High Country) as he braves the rugged backcountry locations of North America in search of the bull elk of his dreams. The documentary also enlightens and educates hunters and non-hunters about the level of commitment it takes to pursue a passion.

#PROJECTELK on Sportsman Channel

Matzinger, the host of Sportsman Channel’s popular Into High Country, is a talented, gifted hunter and producer. Matzinger grew up hunting, guiding and filming the best of Montana, and he brings those talents to the forefront in #PROJECTELK. The film is edited from more than 200 hours of footage taken over six hunting seasons. Throughout the changing seasons, viewers will witness everything from the cruelty of winter’s grip to the beauty of the Fall’s rut, and what role hunters as conservationists play in this holistic ecosystem.

#PROJECTELK is a quest that not only delves into my desire to harvest a bull elk but also informs viewers about conservation methods that are in place to help secure the elk population for many years to follow,” informed Matzinger. “This film also offers rare glimpses into the behavior and biology of the elk.”

“This Sportsman Channel documentary provides viewers with compelling adventure, spectacular scenery and an educational message that will resonate,” said Jim Liberatore, President and CEO of Outdoor Sportsman Group – Networks. “It is our hope #PROJECTELK will not only excite viewers watching the hunt but also help shed light on the conservation issues that face this majestic North American mammal. It is critical for Americans to understand the ongoing leading role the hunting community plays in conservation.”

About the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation: Founded over 30 years ago, fueled by hunters and a membership of more than 205,000 strong, RMEF has conserved more than 6.6 million acres for elk and other wildlife. RMEF also works to open and improve public access, fund and advocate for science-based resource management, and ensure the future of America’s hunting heritage. Discover why “Hunting Is Conservation™” at or 800-CALL ELK.

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