Sportsman Channel’s ‘Rival Wild’ Returns with Heart-Pounding Adventure on Tuesday

Sportsman Channel’s “Rival Wild” Returns with Heart-Pounding Adventure in Season Premiere on Tuesday, August 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Brothers Chris and Casey Keefer kick off the season with two-part “King of the Roost” special

Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel

DENVER ( – Imagine, two hunters pitted against each other after months of grueling preparation. The hunters must not only fend for themselves in the wild, but their opponent knows their every strength and weakness. Hosted by Chris and Casey Keefer, Rival Wild, a Rusted Rooster production, showcases the duo as they challenge each other as hunters and brothers in a new season. New episodes of Rival Wild begin Tuesday, August 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Sportsman Channel.

Whitetail deer and turkey hunting at their best are exciting endeavors. But the experience becomes increasingly competitive – and entertaining – when the stakes are raised by two brothers attempting to harness their hunting skills and determination to out-hunt the other. The Keefer brothers embark on an adrenaline-filled, no-holds-barred journey to take on a variety of animals from whitetail to bear – and other species – as well as turkey.

Season highlights include a two-part “King of the Roost” special, following the Keefer brothers as they call gobblers in Northern Michigan for the first two weeks of the series. Spring is in the air and turkeys are on the menu for this annual event.

Additionally, viewers will experience the thrill of a Canadian black bear hunt in Saskatchewan and an intense whitetail hunt after a month spent in the Alaska wilds. Later in the season, the brothers confront “Megatron” and “Optimus,” two of the biggest bucks they’ve seen all season. The extreme weather conditions and rough terrain add to the adventure, but the Keefer brothers are determined to hone their hunting skills in pursuit of a variety of species across North America.

“Naturally, Chris and I are pretty competitive with each other and that’s something viewers will continue to get a taste of this season,” commented Casey. “We’ll tackle some rough terrain and test our ability to endure challenging hunts. Through all of that we’ll maybe even learn a thing or two from each other.”

Witness the trials and tribulations of the Keefer brothers as they embark on another season of action-packed adventure, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET only on Sportsman Channel.

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Blade hobgood

I have been watching whitetail hunting shows for over 30 years. All shows usually end with a kill of a good buck and some with 2 or 3 kills. I can’t understand why rival wild sometimes has no kills. Sorry, but tonight with Elvis has left the building episode is going to be my last. I can make a show with people sleeping in the stand and deer walking around in a field. It’s More of a reality show now than a hunting show. I hope I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings, but I think we have gotten off track on… Read more »