Sportsman Channel’s ‘Sheep Shape’ Makes a Final Mountain Push

Sportsman Channel’s “Sheep Shape” Makes a Final Mountain Push on Thursday, August 20 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT

Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel

DENVER ( – The “Band of Four” on this week’s episode of Sportsman Channel’s Sheep Shape is nearing the end of their high mountain hunting journey. There is still plenty of spotting and stalking to be done. Grizzly bear and caribou have yet to be harvested and the teams aren’t ready to give up hope. Follow along with Chad Hall, Kelsie Burford, Patrick Scrogin and Rick Carone, as they work to stay the course on the final stretch of grueling terrain.  Tune in to Sheep Shape on Thursday, August 20 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT exclusively on Sportsman Channel.

Sheep Shape - Chad Hall
Chad Hall

After bear-proofing their camp in the lowlands, Chad Hall and his guide head to the top of the surrounding mountains to get a glimpse of a caribou. Eventually, the team spots a shooter but he is not visible to the naked eye. With binoculars in hand, Hall determines a pursuit is worth the effort. He and his guide take a long stalk through demanding terrain and rocky rivers. Once Hall’s guide senses they are nearing the caribou, they must proceed with caution or risk spooking the wild animal back into the depths of the forest.

“It’s just been a tremendous experience so far,” said Hall. “After days of glassing and stalking, finally getting a glimpse of a shooter caribou in the distance really takes away the thoughts of fatigue I was experiencing. Those feelings were replaced with sheer thrill and adrenaline – that helps mentally push through making yet another climb up the mountain.”

Meanwhile, the long-awaited plane meant to bring Kelsie Burford to grizzly camp finally arrives. She and her team will glass the area until the next morning. Unfortunately, the inclement weather conditions in sheep country have followed her to the new location. Burford prepares herself for an unforgiving bear hunt. When a bear is finally in sight she will draw from her months of training and preparation to – hopefully – complete the task at hand.

Later in the episode, Patrick Scrogin and Rick Carone find themselves reflecting on their experiences. Scrogin hopes to close the distance on a mature caribou while Rick Carone continues his hunt for grizzly bear and caribou. When he and his guide, Jessica, have yet to find any big game amidst the dense landscape, morale begins to drop. As Carone is feeling fatigued, he receives two letters from his daughters, giving him time to reflect on his experiences in the mountains. The letters rejuvenate his spirits and give him the strength to persevere.

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I think it’s terrible that they continually show hunters carrying out the head and hide, but for all we know the meat is left to waste.