Taking Down The Donald

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Pat Buchanan
Pat Buchanan

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- If his Republican opponents will not take down Donald Trump, Fox News will not only show them how it is done. Fox News will do the job for them.

That is the message that came out loud and clear from last Thursday's debate in Cleveland, which was viewed by the largest cable audience ever to watch a political event — 24 million Americans.

As political theater, it was exciting and entertaining.

But what was supposed to be a debate among the top-10 Republican candidates turned into a bear-baiting of Donald Trump.

Make no mistake. The issues Fox News raised were legitimate.

Trump's threat to run third party, his remarks about women who have affronted him, the bankruptcies that four of his companies went through as he built his real estate empire — these are all fair game.

What was wrong here was that it was not his Republican rivals raising these issues or taking on Trump. It was the Fox News “moderators” of what was supposed to be a candidates' debate. They came into the arena to do to Trump what his GOP rivals have been too timid or reluctant to do.

Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly came with their oppo research done and attack questions prepared — to sack Trump in the end zone and send him to the locker room on a stretcher.

When did that become the job of a “moderator” who is supposed to be more of a referee than a middle linebacker?

Who decided to turn the first Republican presidential debate into a two-hour version of “The Kelly File”?

With the exception of Rand Paul on the opening question about Trump bolting to run as a third-party candidate, no Republican chose to follow up the Fox News attacks on Trump that were disguised as questions. They let Fox do the wet work.

The anger of Trump and his followers that he was being singled out and sandbagged is understandable, even if his reaction revealed that Fox News had drawn blood. Indeed, this debate will be recalled in political lore as the night Fox News tried to take down the Donald.

Did they succeed? What do the early returns tell us?

According to an NBC poll, taken in the 48 hours after Cleveland, Trump has held first place and has risen a point to 23 percent. Sen. Ted Cruz had vaulted into second place with 13 percent.

Dr. Ben Carson had risen to No. 3 with 11 percent. Carly Fiorina, who was not in the top 10 a week ago, is now fourth with 9 percent.

Together, these four outsiders can claim the support of well over half of all Republicans, while the beltway favorites — Marco Rubio at No. 5, Jeb Bush at No. 6 and Scott Walker at No. 7 — can together claim less Republican support than Donald Trump alone.

Who won the debate? According to the NBC poll, it was Carson, Trump and Cruz in that order.

With a real opportunity to capture the presidency in 2016, those leading in the race for the GOP nomination seem to be among the least likely to amass 270 electoral votes. But those most acceptable to the establishment seem, as each month passes, to generate less and less enthusiasm.

Yet, what is now clear is that the Republican establishment wants Trump out of this race, and, frustrated at his continuing strong support, is less and less willing to wait for him to implode.

Over the weekend, we heard talk of a Kasich-Rubio ticket, or vice versa. Yet, in that NBC poll, Kasich remains dead in the water after the debate, dropping from 3 to 2 percent, while Rubio is at 9 percent.

A real danger is emerging here of the split inside the GOP deepening and widening. For if it is seen that Trump has not been rejected by the voters, but driven out the race by the establishment and the elites, the value of the nomination will be vastly diminished.

Thus far in this presidential season, the rise of the Republican outsiders, insurgents, nonpoliticians and anti-politicians reveals how far the people of the United States are estranged and alienated from their political leadership.

In the Democratic Party, too, we have seen the rise of outsider-insurgent Socialist Bernie Sanders to within single digits of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, and the fall of Clinton to where she is underwater in the polls on issues of trust and, “Does she care about people like me?”

If there is one lesson to be taken from this run-up year to the presidential campaign of 2016, it is that a huge and growing segment of the nation does not want what the establishment of either party has on offer.

And as insurgent parties spring up all over Europe, and the two-party system disintegrates there, the Europeanization of American politics may be at hand.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

  • 14 thoughts on “Taking Down The Donald

    1. after many years I will no longer watch anything connected to fox news including future debates. I am undecided at this time about who will receive my vote but am leaning toward trump because all professional politicians will lie and sell their mothers soul for your vote. while trump is certainly not perfect he does seem to know our country is in trouble and what needs to be done and I think he can do no worse than what we have experienced in past elections.

    2. Trump’s rhetoric rings true because he is ‘tuned into’ all the things people are tired of experiencing under Liberal Democrats and RINO Republicans. ‘Ivory Tower’ liberals and Republicans who aren’t true Conservatives just don’t make the cut anymore.

    3. I am a Trump supporter, and I like his brashness. I am sick, and tired, of the same ole song and dance political correctness that we have watched for many years. Obama has already trashed the Constitution, and hillary will only continue what he has started. I would rather give Trump a chance as president, than to watch another loser that the RNC approves lose to hillary. Call it what you want. Donald Trump can’t do any worse than obama has done, or what hillary will finish.

    4. Donald Trump is looking out solely for Donald Trump. A 3rd party run would guarantee a Clinton presidency. “It’s not personal, Sonny, it’s just business.” ……and the country be damned.

    5. Typical commentary by Buchanan, a died in the wool GOP’er. Nobody likes a troublemaker, especially if it challenges the establishment status quo. I personally like the fight in this dog…Trump dog that is.
      He’s been leading the polls for a very good reason. He says what a good majority of the people think.
      Do I believe he’d make a good POTUS? Probably not! Would I vote for him? That depends! If the only option is another establishment RINO and loser…you’re damned right I would vote for him as a third party candidate.

      My preference is a Cruz/Fiorina ticket. Imagine a staunch Constitutionalist, Ted Cruz, and a free market proponent job creator, the highly successful and experienced Carly Fiorina…who, despite her HP firing, brought HP back to prominence and greatness…by bucking the status quo in corporate politics. I place Cruz, Fiorina, Paul and Walker ahead of Trump in my books.

    6. Me Buchannan again is again spot on. It is a shame that people are actually supporting Trump for President. Surely they realize that he is in it because he enjoys the limelight and snookering people. Four bankruptcies? He cares nothing about those who support him. His campaign manager just left him, whether fired or resigned does not matter. He is smarter than Trump. Supporters like him because he has balls. So what, I’ve got balls but I am not qualified to be President. Nor is he. There may be a Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton among the others, I hope so, we need a great leader again.

      1. Bill Clinton? SHEESH!

        Remeber the The Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994?

        May I remind you…CLINTON: “It depends upon what the meaning of the word is means. If is means is, and never has been, that’s one thing. If it means, there is none, that was a completely true statement.”

        Clinton to Ted Kennedy about Barack Obama: “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.”

    7. Faux news has been irrelevant since ’09 when they provided cover for the Illegal Usurper Fraud in our WH. The unvetted, undocumented Obama who they along with all other corrupt news channels aided/abetted the usurping of the United States of America by a foreign enemy and his ilk. I knew then what Meghan Kelly, Bill O’Reilly & Glenn Beck were. LTC Terry Lakin an 18 yr Army Surgeon with many tours already served in Iraq & Afghanistan refused to deploy to Afghanistan until Obama released all of his records proving he was legal to be Prez. Instead of Obama being arrested, which under the Constitution is what should have happen, corrupt Judge Linn threw Terry Lakin in Leavenworth Prison for 5 mos and stripped him of his Army Career for upholding his oath to protect & defend the U.S.
      Faux news has made attempts to discredit our original birther group & continue the Hawaiian birth fairytale.

      We have the documents that this Illegal dangerous Fraud was born in Mumbasi Hospital in Kenya where he remained until over a year old. His Grandparents put an announcement in the Hawaiian newspaper of his birth so O’Lielly & Kelly snatched onto that as evidence he is Hawaiian born. HE IS NOT THIS IS A LIE FAUX NEWS HAS BETRAYED AMERICA. SO CONSERVATIVES TURN OFF YOUR TV’S

      Trump is the only one who has the %$##s to get this country back to its greatness. I do like Cruz but think he allows the eltie thugs to marginalize him, we need a Pit Bull. This country has run out of time.

      Trump was correct Meghan Kelly is trash. She is a lefty with an agenda & a disgrace . She is NO journalist, as for O’Lielly he also has betrayed America over and over again. People are not aware of the depth this trash will go to
      but during the debate America got to see their arrogance & disdain for Conservative Christian America, while
      putting on the Fake War on Women circus. They are a complete disgrace & CNN & MSNBC applauded them.

    8. In hindsight, When Mr. Trump responded as he did and raised his hand to the question of not supporting the RNC anointed candidate (if it was not him) and/or running Independent, he should have looked at the other men on the stage and said words to the effect: ….”Hey–just a minute–are you here to represent the overwhelming majority of the American People and do the will of those American People or are you here to support the RNC and their anointed, chosen loser? For as it stands right now I am the only candidate on stage who has a chance of beating Hillary. ”
      The RNC needs to ask themselves the same question. The RNC is now more like a National Chamber of Commerce or some kind of private debutante club. They are not seriously trying to win.

    9. Fox bring Trump down? While his controversial popularity is helping them sell tons of advertising? Better think that one over, I heard Trump and Ailes kissed and made up.

    10. Trump always makes adversity and criticism work to his advantage. The ‘establishment GOP douches’ don’t faze Trump with their candy assed tactics,he thrives on it. Trump told the absolute truth when he said he could possibly run as a third party candidate if he fails to get the nomination. He would be under no commitment to support the GOP nominee either. To Trump,it’s him or nothing. Like him or hate him, Trumps in this for keeps. He can treat you with respect or distain,it depends on how you treat him.

      1. I agree Tex I’m a hard right Reaganite and Im only voting for Trump. None of the others in the line up
        can or will get the job done. Trump will fire ppl right and left if he has too and he is not going to tolerate
        this DC good old boy destroy America system. DC needs to be purged entirely with outsiders.

      2. Whatever else he is, the Donald is a winner, and no stranger to street fighting. Both requirements in today’s real world. Both also generators of respect. I’ll vote for him for these reasons, even though I don’t agree with all his positions. At least he has positions, and speaks plainly, without coaches or teleprompters. This is a big step up from all the usual suspects.

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