The Shankmaster is Back in Action on Sportsman Channel’s ‘Pigman: The Series’

The Shankmaster is Back in Action on “Pigman: The Series” Sunday, August 30 on Sportsman Channel

Pigman: The Series
Pigman: The Series

GROSEBECK, TX ( – Brian “Pigman” Quaca has been through many trials and tribulations in his career – but none quite like the severe car accident that almost took his life on December 26, 2014. With a long road to recovery, Quaca has made his best effort to get back into the hunting fields. But, all those times have been with a gun. On this week’s episode, Quaca retrains his bow skills to accommodate his injuries and takes his first hog with a bow. Tune in to see the “shankmaster” back in action on Pigman: The Series exclusively on Sportsman Channel on Sunday, August 30 at 8 p.m. ET.

Pigman Sportsman Channel
Pigman: The Series

“I modified my Bear Archery bow to move the sight all the way over to the left since I’m right eye dominant and right now, I can’t use that eye,” said Quaca. “While the execution feels different, I feel confident enough to go after a hog and get in a blind and make something bleed.”

With his confidence up, Quaca heads to Loma Alta Outfitters in Brownsville, Texas to go after feral hogs and nilgai antelope. While JT, the owner of the business, is familiar with having shooters on his property, he wants to include bowhunters too – but that takes a different setup and Quaca is more than happy to help. Well, Quaca’s happy to help to a certain point as JT makes Pig help fill all the feeders with corn and other ranch duties – all free labor, of course.

After the work is done, it’s time for the hunt. And while Pig tries his luck in the blind, his dad, Dap, brought his Savage Arms rifle to resolve a ‘dry spell’ he’s been in since the accident. See if both father and son are successful on this southern Texas ranch.

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